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20p Roulette is a virtual European Roulette simulator from Inspired Gaming. It has an assumed RTP rate of 97.3%, and was released in 2015. The best place to play 20p Roulette is here with us on Rose Slots, where we also host over five hundred great slot games including Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Great Rhino.

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20p Roulette Online Casino Game

Here at Rose Slots, our mission statement is to bring you the latest and greatest in Online Slots. We're very proud of our wide collection of online slot games, and you can bet that when new online slots are released, we'll already be evaluating them to decide whether they're worthy of adding to our library. We don't stop there though. We know that a visit to a real-world casino might involve more than just spinning the reels on a great slot game. When you think ‘casino,' you usually think ‘roulette' before anything else comes to mind. What good would any virtual casino be, therefore, if it wasn't able to offer you a great roulette game? That's what we believe, and what's what 20p Roulette from Inspired Gaming is here to do.

Play 20p Roulette Mobile Game

20p Roulette is a simple game. It’s a case of what you see is what you get, and therefore so long as you’ve played roulette before you’ll need almost no introduction from us. It’s graphically simple, with limited sound effects, but it looks as close to a real roulette table as anything you’ll see outside of a video slot, or an actual trip out of your house to find a real casino. You may have noticed us emphasize that this is a European Roulette simulator in our introductory paragraph, and that’s an important distinction to make. We’re constantly surprised by the number of people who aren’t aware that there’s a difference between American Roulette and European Roulette. The difference is only a small one, but it can make a significant difference to your wallet and your winnings over the long term.

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In European Roulette, there are 37 possible slots that the ball can land in - 36 standard number plus the green zero. In American Roulette, there are thirty-eight - all of the slots you get in European Roulette plus a second green double zero. That's only one extra slot, so you might not believe it makes much difference. In some ways you're right; the difference is only 2.7%. What you have to bear in mind is that it's 2.7% on every spin. Over the course of fifty spins, that works out quite a lot higher. After thirty-eight spins on both roulette wheels, you're likely to have lost twice as much on an American wheel as you are on a European one. That's why you should always play with a European wheel - and that's why we're offering you a European wheel here at Rose Slots. We treat you right!

20p Roulette Online Bonus Features

20p Roulette Bonus Feature

Most online slots have bonus features. Roulette wheels do not! There are no extra frills to 20p roulette; it doesn’t offer any features or quirks that you wouldn’t find on a real roulette wheel. You play it for the simple convenience of being able to play roulette without leaving the house, and that’s it. Instead of talking about bonus features, then, let’s talk about betting options. You may wonder why this game is called 20p Roulette, and the answer is a simple one. 20p is the minimum stake you can choose to place on any bet. You may bet much higher if you so desire, but the game is designed to be open to players of all budgets, so 20p is as low as it goes - with a few exceptions. There are some bets you can take on a roulette wheel which offer you fairly favorable odds, such as red or black or evens or odds, which are a straight 50/50 gamble. If you prefer to play that way instead of betting on individual numbers or spreads you'll need to bet £1 or more to do so. You have a high chance of making a return, so you have to pay a little bit more to pursue it. That's not unusual - the same strategy is often employed at real casinos.

20p Roulette’s Developer - Inspired Gaming

Inspired Gaming isn't one of the biggest developers of online slots, but they are specialists who operate within a niche. They're well known for making online slot games which are related to sports, and they're equally well known for making HD and 3D video slot games with great graphics. That isn't the case with 20p Roulette, which was designed purely to be a simple roulette simulation, but if you check out some of their more conventional online slots like Centurion, Mike Tyson Knockout and White Knight you'll see what we mean. Inspired have been in operation for over fifteen years, having started as a small business with ten staff in London in 2002. Their initial focus was on mobile entertainment and technology, but they quickly realized that online slots were their true passion. They combined this with an interest in sport to carve out a niche for themselves, and have been focusing on that niche ever since. By 2006 they'd acquired the Virtual Sports graphic design team, and harnessed their abilities to create the Virtual Sports betting platform which is still running today.

From their initial base making UK online slots, by 2010 they had expanded to cover other territories like Italy and China, eventually becoming recognized as the leading provider of Virtual Sports betting software across the world. They finally became active in the United States of America in 2015, meaning that Inspired Gaming products were available in every major gaming territory in the world. Mike Tyson came on board with them the same year, signing a fifteen-year deal to use his image rights for the purpose of making online slot games and similar products. The aforementioned Mike Tyson Knockout was the first product of this new partnership, with more to follow. Having grown to such monumental proportions, Inspired was bought out by Hydra in 2016 and became Inspired Entertainment Inc, although they continue to publish gaming products under the ‘Inspired' brand.

20p Roulette 2021

Six years on from its original release, the popularity of Inspired Gaming's 20p Roulette shows no signs of slowing down. It's in as much demand now as it ever has been. According to our information, it's available on more than seven hundred online slots websites in the UK alone as of the beginning of 2021. That's not to mention the fact that it's equally popular broad, appearing in a further several hundred places across the European continent. For our money, though, there's nowhere better to play it than here at Rose Slots with our excellent package of incentives, promotions, and companion games to go with it. We truly offer a complete online slots and casino experience!

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It’s hard to say what drives the continuing popularity of 20p Roulette. Perhaps it’s the glamor of the game itself. We’ve all seen James Bond play with the spinning wheel in the movies, and it’s the first casino game many of us become familiar with when we step into a casino for the first time. Perhaps that’s because it’s so easy to pick up and play. It’s just you, your choice of bet, and the 37 numbers the ball might land on. What could be easier? 
It’s worth remembering that as this is the European version of the game of roulette, the odds are marginally tipped in your favor compared to the American version, which features one more position thanks to the “double zero” slot. That slot doesn’t appear on European boards. It only makes a difference of 2.7% in terms of the odds of landing it on a single spin, but when you add that percentage up over repeated spins, you’re twice as likely to win something over 28 spins on 20p Roulette than you are on an American variant.

The simplicity of 20p Roulette also likely plays a role in its continuing allure to players. We live in the age of video slots and video roulette, with live dealers. We welcome players who are interested in such things, and we provide plenty of options for those who enjoy them, but we realize that it's not everybody's cup of tea. Not everyone wants to interact with a real human dealer when they log into an online slots website. Not everyone enjoys the flashy distractions, bells, and whistles that come with a fully 3D animated slick modern feature either. 20p Roulette hasn't changed the style of its presentation since the day it was launched in 2015. The graphics are simple, and yet in that simplicity, they remain easy to follow and make for a relaxing gaming experience. It's a classic and traditional way of presenting the digital version of roulette, and there will always be a place for classic and traditional players at Rose Slots. 20p Roulette is halfway to marking a decade online as we begin 2021, and the smart money says that it will still be here when we enter 2026. We also believe that it won’t have changed during that time, either. It will still be the no-frills 20p Roulette game we’ve all come to know and love - and that’s exactly how we like it! 

20p Roulette is an innovative UK online slot developed by Inspired Gaming, which brings a beloved traditional game to the online slots casino. Based on European Roulette, this is one of the most popular slots here at RoseSlots.com, which replicates authentic casino gameplay through high quality development and interactive features. Based on a classical game, this slot offers something completely different to the usual modern online slot. There is strategy and thought involved in this slot, which is a huge hit with those who prefer more advanced slots which implement traditional casino values. 

Inspired’s 20p Roulette has been available to play for six years and remains as a very popular slot in 2021. Known for its combination of modern graphics and classical traditional values, this slot is much more interactive than your usual online slot here at RoseSlots.com. With no reels or betways available, this slot is all about the European Roulette style table. All of the elements of this slot is based on the European Roulette game found in all authentic casinos. This slot is a taste of authentic Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home, made available by Inspired Gaming to be played on all devices. This slot is available with JavaScript and HTML5 compatibility, which means you can play on all mobile and desktop devices. This allows you to take the fun of European Roulette wherever you may go, which is an innovation in modern slot development. 

Since the creation of this online slot, 20p Roulette has made no major changes to this day (2021). There are no areas of improvement in roulette, a game which has been enjoyed in casinos for many years. The only advancements made in this online slot version is through the visuals, which have improved with the ever-changing technology. The graphics are of a much higher quality with HD animated effects added to the slot, which is a serious improvement on the original version of this slot, developed in 2016. Inspired Gaming have managed to keep up with the modern times and keep this slot compatible, exciting and full of colour. 

Inspired Gaming were one of the first developers to get on board with the European Roulette hype, bringing 20p Roulette to RoseSlots.com as one of the first slots of its kind. Since then, there has been a huge development in this style of slot, which plenty of Roulette inspired slots to choose from - all available across all devices. If you love 20p Roulette or are a fan of traditional casino, then you will be thrilled to hear that this is an ever-growing theme. Other leading slots to try within this theme include Quantum Roulette by Eyecon and Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming. These slots also combine traditional casino style with modern features, allowing you to enjoy the magic of European Roulette in multiple forms. This theme continues to grow in 2021, as many more traditional style slots with modern features grace this online slots casino on a daily basis.