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BlackJack online casino game is the simple card game that awards a winner when they are either closest to the number 21 or have been dealt 21 exactly, with an Ace and card of 10 value such as a King, and BlackJack is declared.

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BlackJack Online Casino

BlackJack online game appears as if you have just entered a more upscale Las Vegas Casino and have sat down at one of their classic BlackJack tables. The table itself is lawn green in colour with the dealer drawing cards from the upper right-hand side. There are 3 separate places where you can place a bet before you, with you betting chips displayed in front. The swanky and relaxing background music is of a classy piano melody. This continually plays while the sound effects of clinking betting chips and the shuffle of playing cards immerses you into all the details of an actual casino. The lighting of BlackJack casino card game is relatively low to dim, with a brighter focus on the centre of the table, and it is also as if a vignette appears. Your dealt cards appear in the middle before you and to the left or right, the Dealer’s cards appear near the very top right above some BlackJack instructions written on the table. This makes it clear to see all the action that is occurring.

Blackjack Developer - NetEnt

Inviting you to this classy Vegas style casino for a night of BlackJack is popular games developer NetEnt. Aside from their immersive and visually stunning online slot titles you’ll find on Rose Slots, namely ‘Lights online slots game’, ‘Blood Suckers II’, ‘Piggy Riches slot’, and ‘Beach’, you can also play on here another casino classic ‘American Roulette.’ This reflects NetEnt’s broad talent to create all different types of engaging casino games with generous payouts.

Blackjack Basic Gameplay

BlackJack online card game has a simple and straightforward gameplay. Your main goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by getting the closests to the number 21 without going over or busting. The ideal would be an instant win of Blackjack whereby you are dealt an Ace, which has a value of 11 or 1, with either a King, Queen, Jack, or 10 (all having a value of 10) and hence make 21. The number of all other cards, regardless of suit, corresponds to their value.
Before you are 3 separate spaces you can bet on and thus can have a total of 3 active hands per dealer round. Your colourful casino betting chips are right before you and clicking on a specific value and then a spot on one, two, or all three of the tables 3 circles with a hovering mini green arrow place your bet(s). Once you bet, you’ll see the pulsing ‘Deal’ icon that, when clicked, locks your bet for the round. You will see your hand(s) and one of the dealer’s cards with the other turned facedown. Now you have to decide, depending on the total value of your hand and if you think you can beat the dealer, if you want ‘hold’ your current value or ‘hit’ and take a chance to raise your value closer to 21. If you win, you can quickly decide to stay with your wager or place a new one. The instructions on the table also say the dealer must stand or stay on 17 and draw or hit on 16. There is also Insurance (a side bet the dealer has blackjack) that pays 2 to 1 and Blackjack pays 3 to 2. This gives you a great chance for a generous payout and to win real money. A push is for when you tie with the dealer and your bet is retuned. In the top right, you’ll also see the dealers last 10 hands, so you can better determine your performance so far at the table.

Blackjack Betting and Speed

Betting for Blackjack online is very versatile with betting chips ranging from 1 to 500 and allowing you to bet 3 separate hands at once and a chance to double your bet on deals. If you are in a rush or like fast gameplay, you can increase the deal speed or vice versa if you like to savour the casino atmosphere by taking things slow.

Blackjack on Mobile

How about a portable Casino Blackjack table? Well Blackjack online is fully compatible as a mobile casino game, so you can take the casino anywhere you go.