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This classic casino game is back and more European than ever, allow us the pleasure of introducing to you European Roulette from developer Online Table Games.

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European Roulette Online

Something a little European for your tastes perhaps?

For those unaware of roulette here is a slight crash course in the history of this game and what to expect. Roulette has been around for quite a long time, the 18th century to be exact, originating from France, the game has become somewhat of a staple in terms of what it offers players. A lot of folks out there have gone crazy playing this game, too much, it’s a very high stakes game where to the victor goes the spoils.

Online Table Games have quite the reputation for themselves, and with this latest release marks yet another instant classic in terms of what you’re getting for your money. In this table game, you don’t have to worry about human enemies/interaction as this game is played against a CPU which happens to be quite a welcome change indeed. We had the pleasure of playing this game on the UK online slots site Rose Slots, and advise you do the same; many online table games to choose from here.

European Roulette Developer - Online Table Game

Developer Online Table Games offer simply that: a variety of table games that all offer something different in terms of what you want. Seeing as these guys are an online casino developer, it would only be right that these guys specify in a variety of Vegas themed games. With every release comes a wave of interest from players everywhere. If you happen to be a big advocate in online table games then you will no doubt find excitement from these guys. When you consider playing your next online casino game look for the Online Table Game tag, it will save you a lot of time looking, trust us.

Play European Roulette Table Game

Unless the title wasn’t explanation enough, this is a European game meaning the rules here are just a tad different. The wheel in this version is slightly different, offering 37 pockets all numbered between 1 and 36. The other pocket is numbered 0 which is rather self-explanatory. If you’ve seen any movie involving a casino of some kind then you will know what happens next. A digital ball will roll around the digital wheel, should it land on a certain number or colour will depend on what happens to your particular score. What happens next is completely random.

It is of note that one can place as many bets on each spin as they like, so theoretically you could place chips down on most of the number and watch as the money comes pouring in. Although smart players will understand that the less you place on the board, the more likely your smaller choices will be in the long run. In this version of roulette, there are two ways to play. Be sure to familiarise yourself with both versions before deciding on which fits your preference!