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Beat The Bobbies Jackpot is a UK Online Slot Game by Eyecon. The game was created after the huge success of the original game Eyecon produced in August 2017, Beat the Bobbies. 

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Beat The Bobbies Jackpot Online Slot UK

Beat the Bobbies Jackpot is a 5 reel online slots game that is packed full of different features. There are 243 ways to win in this slot from Eyecon. A particular bonus feature in this slot grants players up to 320 free spins with additional multipliers. Beat the Bobbies Jackpot can be played on multiple devices, with starting bets placable from between 25p to £50 per spin.

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Beat The Bobbies Jackpot Developer - Eyecon

Founded in 1997 as a computer game company, Eyecon has been creating the online slot and online scratch card games for well over a decade. After releasing their very first slot game: Temple of Iris Online Slot in 2003, the company has gone on to create some of the most memorable online gaming experiences across the globe with no sign of slowing down. If you’ve played any online slot then you will know of the significance of this developer, and the overall impact they’ve had on the industry as a whole. More game Eyecon can try Autumn Gold UK Slot.

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 This is a satirical version of jolly old England with union jacks and murky colours. The jackpot element is something worth talking about. Fixed jackpots are all the range in regular slots, here the jackpot rolls on with each spin, making it only disappear once the player wins it all! Playing beat the Bobbies at will surely heighten their experiences tenfold due to the various other slots that one can experience on top of Beat the Bobbies Jackpot.

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Beat The Bobbies Jackpot UK Slot Features

Like many online slots in the Eyecon catalogue, you can expect wilds and scatters to allow multiple different alternatives to scoring high on the reels. The copper symbol is this games wild, acting as a substitute for the scatter whenever the symbol is matched within a successful pay- line. The cat burglar is this slots scatter and is the key to finding yourself in the free spin zone. Wilds and scatters are basically a requirement and less of a suggestion if players are wanting to successful traverse these crime-ridden reels. Expect a lot of stereotypes going into this slot, as we mentioned previously, this is a very satirical look at England with the graphics and overall design choices being catered to a very specific style. All symbols on this slot take the shape of various different characters, all of which have a different numerical based value depending on the symbol itself and the number of symbols that are included in the winning pay-line. We suggest trying out this slot on a lower bet, thus giving you the advantage of trying out different play-styles until you discover your forte.

Beat the Bobbies Jackpot Bonus Feature

Beat The Bobbies Jackpot Slot Review

Swag bags at the ready, it’s time to play cops and robbers with a couple of London bobbies. There’s cash on the line and plenty of opportunities to make it. Spin the reels, see the flashing lights, and step up your game in this heist-like experience. Anyone who is familiar with the On the Buses cartoon will find similar footing here in terms of look and feel.

Beat The Bobbies Jackpot Review Summary

The urge to “get one over” on authority figures is as old as time itself. That’s why you enjoyed playing “cops and robbers” when you were at school. So did your parents, and their parents before them! “Beat the Bobbies” makes excellent use of that theme and presents it in a cartoonish style, playing up the concept with some classic British imagery and combining that with great gameplay to create a well-loved slot. The original “Beat the Bobbies” is still a big hit at, and so is this jackpot sequel. We’re here in 2021, approaching four years since the slot was released - and it’s still one of the top 20% “most played” slots in our collection.

Having such an attractive theme is almost certainly part of the slot’s appeal, and so “Beat the Bobbies Jackpot” would probably have retained its popularity long after its release anyway, but it’s had the good fortune to be released during a time when online slots with linked progressive jackpots are becoming much more popular. There’s so much demand for slots like this that Eyecon has dug through almost its entire archive to release “jackpot” versions of its most popular slots, delighting online slots players in the process. A quick glance at our list of “jackpot” slots (you’ll find it under the “Slot Games” tab) will demonstrate how many have been released to the market recently. It will also confirm how many of the most popular ones are Eyecon products!

Even taking into account the attractive theme and the popularity of the genre, we still think there's more going on with the persistence of "Beat the Bobbies Jackpot" as a popular slot. We've noticed that when a slot gets a sequel, some of the attention received by the sequel trickles down to the rest of the range. With "Beat the Bobbies" and "Beat the Bobbies Jackpot" both proving to be such a winner with players, it was always likely that Eyecon would return to the theme and come up with another entry in the series. They did that in May 2020 when they released "Beat the Bobbies at the Tower of London," also known by the shorter name "Beat the Bobbies 2." It uses the same theme but sharpens up its visual presentation while also adding an excellent heist-inspired free spins feature. Unsurprisingly, players flocked to the long-anticipated sequel, but some of those players had never played the original. They may well have gone looking for it (and its jackpot companion) out of curiosity, liked what they found, and stuck with it!

As this slot has held onto its top 20% place after four years online, it’s likely to stick around for the long term. Eyecon isn’t in the habit of retiring its slots. Thanks to their clever use of themes, anything made by Eyecon is likely to have a longer shelf life than anything made by most other developers. We’re delighted to be able to offer you such a popular tried-and-tested slot, and if we come back to take another look at it four years from now, we suspect it will still be every bit as popular as it is today!