Captain Cashfall

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Captain Cashfall slot

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Captain Cashfall is a 5-reels, 20 paylines Online Slot Game by Core Gaming. Captain Cashfall has Free Spins, Scatter symbols, and Wild features with an RTP of 94.86%.

Captain Cashfall Online Slot UK

When you’re looking for a game to make you feel like a million bucks, look no further than Captain Cashfall online slots. Its uniqueness makes it a great choice, as it offers much more than many other slot machine games. The game takes you onto a captain’s ship, where you are surrounded on either side by wood planks. The porthole in the middle of the game screen leaves you with a view of the ocean beyond the ship. You’ll want to play this game in pursuit of the coins that surround you in stacks piled as high as the eye can see. Listen closely for the sound of Captain Cashfall’s footsteps. If you can get the upper hand you’ll get those precious coins he’s protecting.

Captain Cashfall Bonus Round 1

Captain Cashfall Developer - Core Gaming

Core Gaming is the software company behind all of this fun and excitement. and other casino sites often carry games by this company. They do so because Core Gaming software is created using HTML 5 to make your experience with Captain Cashfall slot game as interactive as possible. You never have to worry about sitting back and watching the reels spin, because the game involves so much more than that. If you want more interesting slots from the same developer, you may try out Deep Riches Online Slot and Pharaoh’s Wild UK Slot.

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If you love playing Captain Cashfall for its cash pots, you will probably also love Pot O’ Gold 2, because it also features cash pots. Since Pot O’Gold 2 is an Irish themed game it is easy to figure out where you will find those cash pots (hint; at the end of the rainbow.) Like Captain Cashfall, Pot O’ Gold 2 features fun characters that you’ll want to pal around with. Jumpin Pot Slot is another one to try if you dream of winning a cashpot of your own. Also an Irish themed game, it sends you on a quest to find that valuable cash. Getting started with Captain Cashfall online is the first step in pursuing your own dreams of riches.

Captain Cashfall Bonus Round 2

Captain Cashfall Slot Features

Like most slot machines, this one has several bonus rounds built into it. These are the main reasons to play the game. The bonuses to look out for are Reel Em In, the Fish Bar Challenge, Captain’s Wheel and the progressive feature trails, which is probably the most exciting of all the bonuses. The Captain Cashfall slot will find you want to spin the reels for as long as possible. This is easy to do because you can always access the game in Captain Cashfall demo mode so you can try it out for free. But if you decide you want to play it for real money you have a decent chance of winning one of the game’s cash pots. Any Captain Cashfall slot site will let you choose whether to play the game for free or with real money. However, jackpot bonuses should be a pretty powerful motivation for playing the game with real money. When you give yourself a chance to win progressive jackpots you’re giving Captain Cashfall a run for his money and always keeping him on his toes.

Captain Cashfall Bonus Feature

Captain Cashfall Review Summary

Everything you've just read above this line about Captain Cashfall was written a few years ago. It was March 2017 when "Captain Cashfall" was released. We're writing this in 2021, and the slot is now four years old. That might not seem like long to you, but it's forever within the context of online slots. While a precious few slots become classics and stay online for a decade or more, many are withdrawn a year or two after their release. It only makes sense to keep a slot online for as long as people are playing it, and so when the audience's attention wanders away, old slots quietly disappear.

You'll note that the "Captain Cashfall" slot remains online. That's because the normal rules don't appear to have applied to it. It's still a popular slot, and even now, it remains in or around the "top 20%" mark when it comes to popularity on We have so many slots in our collection that it's difficult for any slot to break into that top 20% bracket, so that's a credit to Core Gaming and their creation. Core Gaming doesn't need us to tell them how well their slot is doing, though. They're more than aware. Just any great movie can spawn a sequel, and any great fictional character can spawn a franchise, any fantastic online slots game can generate a whole series of connected slots and other casino games. That's what's happened with "Captain Cashfall." We've seen Core Gaming follow up on the immense success of the original slot not just once but twice.

The first follow-up came in June 2019 with the release of "Captain Cashfall: Treasures of the Deep." It took the wild old captain away from the relatively dry conditions of the first slot and put him at the bottom of the ocean. That's not a great place for any sea captain to be, but he didn't seem to mind too much. While the RTP got a slight adjustment up from the first slot, there wasn't too much of a difference between "Captain Cashfall" and "Captain Cashfall: Treasures of the Deep." The graphics are a little sharper, and the setting is different, but the range of bonus features on offer was virtually identical.

A more significant change came in April 2020, when "Captain Cashfall Megaways" was released. It seems that every beloved slot of the past few years will become a Megaways slot eventually, and the old captain has adjusted to the new format with aplomb. Amazingly, the addition of the Megaways system didn't result in the removal of everything that made the original so special. All the same bonus features are still there - it's just that, in the Megaways version, players get all the associated benefits, including 117,649 ways to win and a new feature that removes the least valuable symbols from the reels when the bonuses are triggered. The original “Captain Cashfall” stays relevant in 2021 because the series is still relevant. The more sequels are released, the more relevant the original will become as people return to the origin point to find out how it all started. So long as the captain has more stories to tell in the future, we so no reason why the first “Captain Cashfall” will ever fade away.