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Happy Birthday Jackpot is a 5-reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Happy Birthday Jackpot has Free Spins, Gamble, Jackpot and an RTP of 89.9%.

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Happy Birthday Jackpot Online Slot UK

 That time of the year when no one or nothing gets on your nerve is your birthday, it holds memories of a moment you can’t forget even if you choose to. We at Roseslots.com are happy to share these wonderful moments with our operators through the happy birthday jackpot. It is similar to the happy birthday online slots of the Eyecon but fans can now enjoy the same party with a progressive jackpot.

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Happy Birthday Jackpot Developer - Eyecon

Eyecon is an Australian based company which specializes in making land-based and mobile online slots. They have over 100 games in their libraries and some nice 3d animations with mind-blowing gameplay features. They have been in the casino industry since 1997, which gives them a bit of history in the gaming industry dating back to the evolution of the casino industry. Eyecon wants to build more punters in their land-based gaming sector and also on the online slot. The company can be regarded as an indigenous gaming company with expertise working tirelessly on bringing products to multiple playing platforms. The company is not ambitious about being on top in innovation, “they're about us” states that “all our games are standard, based on universally accepted rules and features.” The Australian based organization shows a degree of versatility in the services offered, they also help to design casino online betting sites for organization/clients to use as their own. You may also try out other slots such Hold the Safe Jackpot UK Slot, 99 Time Jackpot and Enchanted Prince Jackpot Online Slot developed by Eyecon.

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Happy Birthday Jackpot Bonus Round 2

This game is designed to give all punters a sense of self-appreciation, with a bold and vibrant scenery that gives you that definition of what a birthday party should look like. One other fascinating effect is the way the colourful balloons compliments the background and the positioning of the ‘happy birthday” on the page. Just as a party does, the game gradually takes you to the jackpot.

Happy Birthday Jackpot Slot Features

The birthday cake symbol is the scatter in this online slot game when you get three of them on the screen at any time that makes for 15 free spins. In the free spin section, all wins are tripled and you can trigger a free spin 15 times in this online slot. It has an auto-spin feature which comes in handy when you get tired of playing and want to host the party. It has a maximum bet coin of 0.50 coins and a minimum value of 0.01 coins. It has an RTP (return to player) value of 95.4%.

Happy Birthday Jackpot Bonus Feature

Shaman’s Dream Jackpot is similar to the happy birthday jackpot in bonus features. The highest paying symbol is the majestic wolf, if you can get 5 lined up you will get (9500x) multiplier with your staking fee. The magical dream catcher act as the scatter symbol in this online slot game, if you see 2, 3, 4, 5, on the screen at the same time then you will win 2x and 450x your staking fee. There are three levels of the jackpot in this online slot, the mega jackpot which is £15,000, the maxi jackpot is £3,500 and the mini which is £750. This online slot gets players feeling nostalgia because of the epic effect.

Happy Birthday Jackpot Review Summary

It's always somebody's birthday, so is that why Eyecon's "Happy Birthday Jackpot" slot remains popular every day of the year at RoseSlots.com? It might be tempting to believe that, but we think there's more to the fact that this big-money slot never loses its position as one of our top 25% most-played online slots. If you win money from online slots regularly, you can make all 365 days of the year feel like your birthday, so do people keep coming back to "Happy Birthday Jackpot" for that birthday feeling, or is there something else keeping it relevant?

It took Eyecon a little over a year to follow up the enormous success of the first "Happy Birthday" slot with this sequel. "Happy Birthday" was released in January 2017, with "Happy Birthday Jackpot" eventually following it in February 2018. We feel like the Australian developer missed a trick by not releasing the "jackpot" version on the first slot's birthday, but that's by the by! Both slots have become popular in their own right. There are many birthday-themed slots out there, but the fun visuals and generous bonuses of these Eyecon creations appeal to more players than most of their competing products. The fact that every win is trebled when free spins are active probably helps a lot with that, as does the "streamer" wild symbol that doubles win values. That can combine to a 6x multiplier when the symbol helps out with wins during free spins. Throw in the brightly-colored theme, and it's no surprise Eyecon has yet another hit on its hands.

Taking a hit in the RTP department is inevitable when you decide to play a "jackpot" slot, but Eyecon penalizes players for chasing big money less than most developers do. The RTP for "Happy Birthday Jackpot" is set at 89.9%. That's some way down on the 95.4% of the original, but not as sharp a drop as you'll find with jackpot-themed slots elsewhere. This is something that Eyecon consistently does well. Have a look at the online slots in our "Jackpots" category, and you'll note that a large number of the most popular ones are made by Eyecon. The "jackpot" category has seen a steady increase in popularity during the past couple of years, and it's Eyecon-made slots that are leading that charge. The developer is already responsible for some of the most popular slots at Rose Slots because of its attractive themes, and now it's working hard to make the jackpot category its own, too.

Maybe there’s a pinch of psychology involved in all of this. People tend to feel lucky when it’s their birthday. You’re more likely to buy a lottery ticket on your birthday, for example, or do something you wouldn’t do on any other day of the year. If you’re the type of superstitious player who believes you have birthday luck behind you when you spin the reels, it’s possible you might want to play a birthday-themed slot for additional effect. As we said earlier, the “Happy Birthday Jackpot” slot is too popular for it to be played only by people who are celebrating a birthday that day, but we suspect that there are quite a few players in that category. Ultimately, what we all want from online slots is a cash gift, and when better to get a gift than on your birthday? "Happy Birthday Jackpot" is a gift that's kept on giving for many an online slots player, and that's as true in 2021 as it was when the slot was brand new.