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Legend of the 5 Ninjas is a 5 reels, 243 paylines online slot game by Eyecon. Legend of the 5 Ninjas has Wild, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, and Multiplier features and an RTP of 90.2%. The best place to enjoy playing Legend of the 5 Ninjas is here with us at Rose Slots, where we also offer you over 500 of the leading UK online slots including Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Great Rhino.

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Legend of the 5 Ninjas Jackpot Online Slot UK

If you begin to discuss the stereotypes of the Far East - and especially moves that come from the Far East - you probably won't get very far before you mention martial arts. Japanese culture is full of different forms of combat presented as an art form, from judo to karate. The most secretive and shady of all those martial arts, though, is ninjutsu. Any warrior capable of passing a training course in ninjutsu is sworn to secrecy and becomes a ninja. Depending on who you believe and how much faith you place in legend, ninjas are either honorable vigilantes, assassins or simply highly skilled fighters. One thing is for sure though - they fire the imagination. If you don't believe us, you can ask an entire generation of children who grew up watching ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'! Ninja, as you can tell from the title, accounts for the theme of Eyecon’s Legend of the 5 Ninjas, a 2018 release which is a sequel to their earlier 5 Ninjas online slots. We have two versions of the slot available to Rose Slots players, but the only you’re reading about now is the Jackpot version, which is connected to a progressive jackpot.

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Legend of the 5 Ninjas Developer - Eyecon

Australian developer Eyecon has been around since the late 1990s, so it's sometimes puzzling to see that they've released less than one hundred slots in all those years of operation. The simple answer to the puzzle is that they don't need to do any more than they already are. Their slots are so popular with players that on average, across the globe, the reels of Eyecon's slots are collectively spun more than 11,500 times a minute. If you look at that figure in the context of a whole year, that's in excess of six billion spins. It's a massive number, and it's a testament to the enduring popularity of Eyecon's online slot games.

Having started life as a video game developer (if anyone remembers playing ‘Gore’ on the PC in 1997, then you were an Eyecon customer!), Eyecon moved into online slots in 2003 with the release of Temple of Iris UK Slot - an Egyptian-themed slot which is still online today. Three years later they released the cuddly toy-themed Fluffy Favourites Online Slot, and it rapidly became one of the most popular and widely-played online slots of all time. Eyecon have never looked back.

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This is a playful and cartoonish presentation graphically, of the sort we’ve come to associate with Eyecon. They are, after all, the developers who gave the world the adorable Fluffy Favourites slot. Legend of the 5 Ninjas instantly puts you in a Japanese frame of mind with its haunting backing music, and shows you a set of reels set into a wooden frame within a ramshackle Japanese temple. We appear to be deep inside a forest, with thick bamboo shoots growing in the background, and lit torches either side of the reels as either a greeting or a warning.

Legend of the 5 Ninjas Jackpot Bonus Round 2

On the reels, you'll find that every symbol is directly related to the ninja theme. There are several items that a ninja will need to carry out their trade, including daggers, nunchucks, a sword, a pair of sais (a variant of Japanese dagger), and if all else fails, there's a bomb. Above them are five colorful masked ninja characters, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to Shredder from the aforementioned ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' show. As with the majority of Eyecon's slot games, there are bonus features to play with here, and bonus features require bonus symbols. That's why Legend of the 5 Ninjas has a scatter in the shape of a masked ninja wearing a colorful necklace, and a wild in the shape of a set of scrolls. The wild will substitute for everything apart from the scatter, but can only appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth rows.

Legend of the 5 Ninjas Slot Bonus Features

There are two bonus features in Legend of the 5 Ninjas, although only one of them has a specific trigger. The one that doesn’t is the Progressive Jackpot, which can trigger at any time and on any spin, even if you haven’t found a winning line. There are live updates at the top of the screen to keep you informed of the current value of the three jackpots. You may also get the occasional clue as to how long it might be before one of them pays out. Catch this slot on a good day when luck is with you, and you could be playing for more than £10,000! The slot that can be triggered from the base game is an excellent Free Spins feature. You'll need at least three of the scatter symbols to do it, but once you're up and running, you'll have an almost overwhelming number of options to choose from.

Legend of the 5 Ninjas Jackpot Bonus Feature

Regardless of how many scatters trigger the round, the options are the same, and they amount to a question of whether you prefer to have more spins with lower-value potential wins or more spins with potentially higher-value wins. The choices are twenty free spins with an x2 multiplier applied, fifteen at x3, ten at x4, eight at x5 or five at x10. The feature can be re-triggered when it's in progress if you encounter more scatter symbols. This is an atmospheric, stylish and downright cool-looking online slot, with plenty to enjoy and a generous take on free spins. Just remember that if you choose to play this progressive version of the slot as opposed to the original (which you'll find elsewhere in our Rose Slots library), the RTP is only 90.2% instead of 95.2%. The downward adjustment is necessary to provide higher potential rewards.

Legend Of The 5 Ninjas Jackpot Review Summary

Eyecon online slots always remain popular, as they bring some of the biggest and best bonus features accompanied by some excellent visuals. If you enjoy a cartoon style UK slot with plenty of colour, Eyecon slots are the ideal place to start here at Rose Slots Casino. We offer a wide range of Eyecon slots to play on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices varying from fairytale themes to more cultural-focused slots. Whatever your preference, you can find it at this online slots casino.

Legend of The 5 Ninjas Jackpot (2021) is not the only UK slot of this name - advanced from the original version of Legend Of The 5 Ninjas, we introduce you to the higher value Jackpot slot. Complete with the same theme of oriental martial arts, with similar bonus features used, the sequel advancements of this slot are hard to spot right away. The main change offered in the Jackpot version of this slot (Updated for 2021), includes an increased jackpot win - you can win whopping returns of £10,000 and even higher in this ninja inspired online slot. One of the main aspects of this fantastic UK slot which makes it stand out from the original version of this game, has to be the use of multipliers varying up to 10x in value. Eyecon have added plenty more value to this slot simply by adding in multiplier boosters and higher progressive jackpots, which makes this slot much more appealing than the original - especially if you are looking for a higher value slot, with the same fun ninja inspired theme.

As in the original, you are still working with fair variance and helpful bonus features in Legend Of The 5 Ninjas Jackpot - so you do not have to worry about any major changes. Working with a 90.2% RTP, this online slot UK remains medium to high in variance for a reasonable chance at winning. Eyecon have also thrown in a Free Games Bonus Round and other helpful features to keep your chances high. A fair variance is even more important in this slot, with the jackpots being of such a high value. Your aim of the entire online slot remains to match 3 or more symbols of the same kind across a payline, although the stakes available are much higher in this slot for a more exciting gameplay. For an advancement on the original to keep you on your toes, and the ultimate slot to play in 2021, you need to try Legend of The 5 Ninjas Jackpot by Eyecon. If you enjoyed the original version of this UK slot, Legend Of The 5 Ninjas Jackpot (Eyecon) should certainly be on your to-try list here at Rose Slots. This game is of particular interest if you opt for online slots which focus on oriental or Asian culture, with hints to martial arts and fighting. For an action-packed slot which offers the chance to win big, this slot is available on all devices at RoseSlots.com.