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Very Merry Christmas Jackpot is a 5-reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Very Merry Christmas Jackpot has Free Spins, Gamble, Jackpot, Scatter symbols with an RTP of 89.9%.

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Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Online Slot UK

No one likes it when Christmas comes to an end. We want that time of joy and cheer to last forever. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to stop the time, but we can do the next best thing. We can keep playing and winning in cutting edge Christmas themed online slots, specifically Very merry Christmas jackpot slot. This is basically the same as very merry Christmas slot game, but it has a unique and non-fixed jackpot. The game is a video one with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 wager lines. The game comes from Eyecon PTY Ltd.

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Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Developer - Eyecon

Eyecon PTY Ltd is the developer of very merry Christmas game and many more impressive new online slots. The Australia based company was established back in 1997. Eycon has produced more than one hundred of outstanding and various slot games. Some of them have the classic and standard type while the majority of them have state-of-the-art Effects. You don’t need reasons to celebrate Christmas. The same thing applies to this game. The game will let enjoy a glimpse of the true Christmas spirit, not only during the holidays but at all year long. If you have enjoyed playing Very Merry Christmas Online Slot, you will probably like to play Foxin' Wins Christmas UK Slot as well. Keep your finger crossed to nail a life-changing jackpot! Stay with rose slots, as it has many more lucrative and interesting games.

Play Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Mobile Slot

Christmas is the theme of the very merry Christmas jackpot slot game. The background features a wooden cupboard with various beloved Christmas gifts such as stuffed bear, toys in form of train, car and plane. There are also rattles, snow globes and colourfully wrapped gift boxes. The symbols also include wooden rocking horse and squirrel. The letters M, E, R, R, Y will appear on the reels. There is a Christmas music track with accompanying ringing bells.

Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Bonus Round 2

Players at this women slot site have actually many reasons to play this outstanding game. It is fun, full of treats and offers a variable progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot will keep growing and getting bigger as long as you are connected to the game. Of course, the other attractive features of merry Christmas slot are available at this game. So, there is a wild to double the wins and scatters to unlock special game bonuses. Very Merry Christmas jackpot mobile slot will make sure that you will play for as long as you can in order to maximize the jackpot. You can also keep the reels spinning for you while you go grab a snack or make some coffee. Just activate the auto spin feature.

Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Slot Features

The betting limit for a single spin at very merry Christmas jackpot online ranges between 25p and 12.50 Pounds. There is a reward for forming the word MERRY on the reels. It ranges between 5 and 3000 times of your stake. 5 times multiplier is for landing 2 letters, 25 times for 3, 500 times for 4 and 3000 for the whole world. There is a wild icon and 2 scatters in the game. The wild one is the snow globe. It can replace all symbols to finish a winning combo for you except for the 2 scatters. You can wait for the wild to land only on reels number 2 and 4. Going wild will complete a winning line and double your payout at the same time. The green and red gift boxes are the scatter in the game. Each one of them initiates a bonus game. The green box at very merry Christmas jackpot casino sites unlocks Prize Pick bonus, while the red box unlocks the Match and Win bonus.

Very Merry Christmas Jackpot Bonus Feature

There are two amazing bonus rounds in the game. The first one is Match and Win and the other one is Prize Pick. Pink casino players can activate the match and win round when they hit 3, 4 or 5 of the red boxes. Players will have a collection of snow globes and they should select them till they match 2 of them. The players will receive the reward of the matching globes. You need 3, 4 or 5 of the green gift boxes to enter the Prize Pick at very merry Christmas jackpot slots sites. A group of snow globes will be waiting for you. Each globe will let have either 10 free spins or a multiplier reward. The multiplier prize can be up to 100X of your original bet. The wins of free spins will get doubled.

Very Merry Christmas Jackpot 2021

A great online slots game is for life, not just for Christmas! While Christmas-themed slots are obviously at their most popular during the festive season, we keep them online all year round at That’s not just because we love Christmas, although we very much do and we’re not ashamed to say it! It’s also because some Christmas-themed slots happen to be among the best on the market, and we know there are plenty of people who enjoy playing them every month of the year. In the case of “Very Merry Christmas Jackpot,” there are enough of you playing it to put it within the top 25% of the most-played slots in our extensive library.

For a Christmas slot to be so popular is surprising. We feature more than eight hundred online slots at Rose Slots, and the overwhelming majority of them don’t use the festive theme. “A Very Merry Christmas Jackpot” manages to keep its status despite (theoretically, at least) being very specific in its appeal. It’s both a Christmas slot and a jackpot slot. That should confine it to a niche, and yet it consistently performs outside that niche. What’s the key to its lasting appeal in 2021? What keeps this slot so relevant when so many Christmas slots are played only during December? Well, that’s probably down to the fact it’s so well put together.

Eyecon waited a whole year to release "Very Merry Christmas Jackpot." The original "Very Merry Christmas" slot came out in October 2016. The jackpot sequel followed in September 2017. It will be four years old this year, and yet it's still attracting more players than Christmas slots that came out within the past twelve months. Not every "jackpot" slot would be able to do that, and in the case of this one, we think it might be because so much of the original slot has been kept for the jackpot version. It's reasonably common for features to be dropped when a "jackpot" feature is introduced, but with "Very Merry Christmas Jackpot," the free spins and prize-picker bonuses that were such a hit with the original have remained in place. You even get double your money during the free spins feature, which is very generous when you consider the size of the maximum jackpot on offer.

“Very Merry Christmas Jackpot” also differs from most “jackpot” slots by keeping the RTP rate high. The usual trade-off for having access to a large jackpot is a significant reduction in the average return from base gameplay. It’s not out of the ordinary for a “jackpot” version of a slot to dip below the 90% mark when it comes to RTP. Here, it’s at 92.9%. That’s higher than quite a few online slots that don’t even have a “jackpot” feature. Eyecon is consistent with this approach, which goes a long way to explaining why “jackpot” slots made by Eyecon tend to be more popular than “jackpot” slots made by anyone else. You can see that purely through the number of Eyecon-made “jackpot” slots occupying the top positions of our “jackpot” tab under our “all slot games” section. “Very Merry Christmas Jackpot” might have been made for Christmas 2017, but it’s still delivering gifts to players in 2021, and shows every sign of being able to continue doing so for several more years yet.