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243 Crystal Fruits is a 5-reels, 5 paylines Online Slot Game by Tom Horn Gaming. 243 Crystal Fruits has Respin and Wild features with an RTP of 96%. Symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving space for a second respin with a higher multiplier. Respin contrinues untile there are no more wins.

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243 Crystal Fruits Online Slot UK

243 Crystal Fruits online slot is a unique fruit online slots. It runs on software that Tom Horn Gaming created. It is not as ordinary as the other fruit games you may have played to date. It offers a combination of modern gameplay and traditional symbols. In playing this game, your goal should be to collect as many real cash payouts as possible! Success is determined by the number of payouts you have under your name. The game commands gamers’ attention for various reasons. The first reason is the simple graphics. After all, you are here to play rather than looking at how beautiful the game is. The single plain color background should be of little concern to you too.

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243 Crystal Fruits Developer - Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn Gaming developed this game. Feng Fu Online Slot and Don Juans Peppers UK Slot are both in a list of impressive casino slot games the developer has created over the years. It specializes in online gaming and casino, games integration and payment solutions among other services.

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The five paylines that 243 Crystal Fruits slot game offers might discourage you. That shouldn’t be the case though. It doesn’t limit you in any way. Instead, it guarantees the maximum paylines that you deserve every time you play. The payouts make it all worth playing! It has an RTP of 96 percent, which is just as good as any other slot game you will ever play at RoseSlots.com. Apart from this, it also has numerous wonderful features that are likely to grab your attention and keep you addicted to the game. The gameplay is not only flawless but also less complex. What many gamers may not like about it though is the lack of extras. The game could do with some additional features. The lack of extra features is a good thing for beginners who find it easy to grasp and play. There is no doubt that 243 Crystal Fruits online slot is a game worth playing. It is easy to learn regardless of your experience or lack thereof. It offers a unique way of playing a fruit-themed slot game at Rose slots. Try it today!

243 Crystal Fruits Slot Features

243 Crystal Fruits Bonus Feature

Gamers are quite in tune with symbols used in fruit-themed slot games. That may not be the case with the ones on this game though. The fruity symbols are crystal-like. Their unusual design doesn’t make them any less recognizable though. The game is also highly modern and innovative. Simply spin the reels while lining up the matches along one of the active paylines to win. In this regard, 243 Crystal Fruits is not any different from any other slot games. Be keen with the five paylines and five reels on this game, though. They determine your success or failure. With such few paylines and reels, there is no doubt it is one of the smallest slot games. That said, those few reels and paylines make 243 Crystal Fruits slot a good game for gamers operating on low limits. It is also an excellent game for anyone interested in true penny slots since gamers can place a bet of as little as $0.05 per spin. Gamers can grow their bets to a maximum of $10.The maximum payouts also make 243 Crystal Fruits UK slot lose its appeal among high rollers who play for big money. Are you still worried about the five paylines? You shouldn’t be. Why? The paylines are capable of transforming 243 different ways and activating the 243 Respin Feature?

243 Crystal Fruits 2022

There are many juicy rewards to be won when players mix up a delicious and sparkling fruit smoothie in 243 Crystal Fruits online slot UK 2021 by developer Tom Horn Gaming, available to enjoy at RoseSlots.com. In fact, the title has become so popular among players with countless raving reviews, that since its release in 2017 Tom Horn Gaming had been working on a 2nd version which was showcased just last year in August of 2020. It is essentially very similar to the original, but with a fruity twist. It took on the name 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed online slot, and has the same 5 reels, 3 betting rows, 5 to 243 ways to win, and an overall average Return to Player of about 96%. Where it differs, however, is its special features and gameplay. The original 243 Crystal Fruits online was thrilling enough in the collapsing reels set up whereby any winning combinations would explode from the reels and allow more symbols to fall into the empty space left behind. This therefore allows for many potential re spins or subsequent wins on only a single wager. Admittedly, the sequel 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed online slot has the slight advantage as this feature is tweaked by having the fruits freeze in place for a re spin (or re spins for back to back win combinations). The advantage is that the odds are higher for another matching symbol to attach or connect itself to the frozen fruits and thereby form not just a win but a higher payout. 

As an online casino games developer, Tom Horn Gaming has always tried and succeeded in raising the bar in terms of release only the highest quality to slot titles. It would not come as a surprise, given the popularity of the Crystal Fruits online series, if another 3rd version were to be released in the near future that had even more prize opportunities as well as a unique style of gameplay. Therefore, players should definitely stay tuned to Rose Slots for any new releases. One way Tom Horn Gaming has achieved their amazing reputation since joining the industry is through the many affiliation and collaborations or partnerships that combines the talent of their team with that of others. They have also grown, not just internally as an organization, but globally and are now their titles are available in many more countries. 

As reflected in 243 Crystal Fruits online slot, there has also been a focus on creating mobile first solutions whereby players can enjoy spinning the reels on all devices and platforms. You can therefore spin on desktop, tablet, or as a mobile slot, so you can play anywhere and at any time. In fact, given the response from players, Tom Horn Gaming had been shortlisted for 8 categories in the recent 2020 BSG Games Awards inkling the Best slots provider. So start experiencing the quality of gameplay with 243 Crystal Fruits online, available at Rose Slots, and you will be enjoying a smoothie of rewards on offer that will make you literally sparkle with excitement.