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3 Charms Crush Slot Game

This lovely little game, made in a cutesy Korean Aegyo design, wants you to visit a little critter farm in order to win cash prizes. It has 5 reels set out in a modern five by five formation, with 5 willing paylines.

3 Charms Crush uk slot

3 Charms Crush Slot Gameplay

Rose, proudly presents to you, ‘3 Charms Crush’ by developers, iSoft Bet and released on the 6th of August 2018.  This is an online video slot that offers bets from as little as £0.05 up to a modest £5, but with a potential jackpot of £500. ‘3 Charms Crush’ has a great RTP (return to player) rate of 97.23%, which is excellent considering its minimal 5 paylines.

The game is based on a ‘Korean Aegyo’ design and sets you in the middle of a ‘creature’ farm. It is very colourful and well animated game that actually looks more like a puzzle game than a slot, which is set out on the background of a farm with rolling hills and a cute little windmill. There are no high value or low value symbols in play here and in fact there are only actually three different symbols in play. They are a pinkie/ purple blob creature with spiked hair, a yellow, square blob creature and a green, circular shaped blob creature. They offer slightly different prize values with Mr Pink being the most valuable creature and they are also valued on the number of symbols you match in that unusual five by five formation.

3 Charms Crush online slot

3 Charms Crush Bonus Features

Due to its unusual game play, you guessed it, there are not really any bonus features on offer here. There are no extra games, no wilds or any scatters, all your chances of success, rest entirely on which and how many of those weird little creatures you are going to match.

You can match three of the creatures in a line of three to five with low prizes for only three matched symbols and bigger prizes for a collection of five creatures, and as earlier suggested, Mr Pink is the most valuable character with Mr Green carrying the least value and Mr Yellow being somewhere in the middle. For instance Mr Green offers only one coin for matching three icons where Mr Pink gives five coins for three of him and twenty-five for five of him.

3 Charms Crush slot game

In addition to this, as the five paylines only run horizontally on the reels, an extra prize multiplier is added dependant upon which reel you collected the critters upon. So the top reel with provide a times one multiplier, next down a times two and so on until the bottom reel offers a times five multiplier, so wins can be decent if it just so happens to be five Mr Pink’s you match across the bottom.

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