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3 Genie Wishes online slot

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3 Genie Wishes is a Pragmatic Play slot game with 50 paylines and an RTP of 96.53%. This online slot has a stacked wilds and raining wilds bonus round. Bonus Feature triggers when 3 Scatter symbols hit during the base game.

3 Genie Wishes slot UK

3 Genie Wishes UK Online Slot

3 Genie wishes is an online slots game made by Pragmatic Play that comes with 5 reels and 50 pay-lines. This game is prompted with the help of the story of Aladdin and the magic lantern. The reels are animated and filled with characters in the story of Aladdin, which is all set in the entrance of the backdrop of Agrabah city.

3 Genie Wishes Slot Symbols

A Genie is the Wild Symbol and may exchange all game symbols besides the Scatter symbol. The Genie symbol is stacked on the reels for the duration of the base game. The Magic Lamp is the symbol for the scatter and appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the base game. If this symbol appears on the three reels, activate the bonus round feature

3 Genie Wishes Slot Bonus Feature

In the feature, you select 1 of 3 items that can give you 1 out of 4 prizes. These prizes comprise free spins with rain or sticky wilds, better rewards with prizes that range from x10 to x500 of the complete bet. If you set off the free spins together with Raining Wilds, you’ll receive 10 complete spins, and in every subsequent spin, the symbols that are wild will probably be brought to the reels in positions that vary and will be eradicated at the start of the following rounds. When you set off the spin that has the Sticky Wilds, you get 6 rounds of accepted playing cards in random locations that will be there during the rounds.

3 Genie Wishes Review 2019

Pragmatic Play presents a compelling fantasy game, featuring a familiar genie as the star, and offering 50 paylines with an RTP of 96.53%. Gameplay takes place on a big 5x4 layout of reels and rows. Four different bonus modes are available to players, all related to the game’s theme.

If you’re a fan of classic Disney movies, you’re in for a treat when you play 3 Genie Wishes. Although this isn’t a licensed product, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where the inspiration for this slot game came from! Look at the beautifully drawn, yet completely cartoonish backdrop of Arabia, and then combine that with the fact that the main character in the game is a giant, friendly blue genie. The hallmarks of Aladdin are all over 3 Genie Wishes, even if the movie’s name isn’t.

Using a genie as the focus for a slot game makes a lot of sense to us. What is a genie really, if not a symbol of luck? We who enjoy slot games tend to be a superstitious bunch, and we’re always looking for a lucky charm to turn a game in our favour. How many times in your life have you wished you could walk into a junk shop and find a mysterious old lamp, hidden away on a shelf, containing a genie who’s ready to be released and grant you some wishes? This game essentially simulates that experience. You’ll spend most of it trying to find magic lamps, and when you do get hold of them you’ll be very happy about it!

This is a big, bold game. Four rows and five reels need a lot of room, and rather than shrinking the playing area down, Pragmatic Play has allowed it to dominate almost all of the screen. We don't object to that; the game is always much more important than the scenery. The Arabian land the game is set in has been captured at the point of sunset, with the silhouettes of ornate buildings shrouded in the darkness below the reels. The soft, atmospheric soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the game and helps to absorb you into the world that it's trying to create.

Just as we can't explicitly say that the genie here is the same as the genie in Aladdin - even if he is the same colour - we can't say that the handsome young man who appears on the reels is Aladdin himself. There's a definite resemblance all the same. Equally, the princess in the game may never be named as Jasmine, but she could certainly pass for her in a police line-up! Making up the rest of the character symbols are a bearded gentleman in a turban, a parrot and a monkey. The lower values are covered by the tried-and-trusted playing card symbols J, Q, K and A.

The big blue genie was always bound to turn up somewhere, and so he serves as the game's wild. Using his magical powers, he'll replace any symbol to create winning combinations for you, with the exception of the scatter. A magic lamp is the scatter in 3 Genie Wishes, and also the way into the game's delightful bonus features.

3 Genie Wishes Bonuses

To enter the bonus features in 3 Genie Wishes, you’ll need to land the appropriate number of magic lamp symbols on reels one, three and five. Doing so prompts the game into offering you a choice of three objects, ordered randomly. Each of them represents a different bonus, and you’ll enjoy some more than others.

If your luck isn’t in, you might find you’ve chosen the Small Award. That just pays out your line bet, and nothing more. It’s better than losing money, but it isn’t really winning any either! That’s all there is to see here, so let’s look at the next one.

That would be the High Award, which is a much more pleasant thing to find. It comes in the form of a multiplier, which will be at least 10x your stake and could be as high as 500x your stake. It's paid out as an instant win.

There's no doubt you'll be pleased to see the High Award when it arrives, but what you really and genuinely want to find is the Free Spins feature, because that opens the door to a lot of fun, and potentially some big wins. There are two different types of free spins, and you’ll be assigned one at random.

One of them is Raining Wilds. That’s ten free spins, during which more and more wild symbols are added to your reels before each individual spin. Every time you spin, your chances of a win go up!

If your wilds don’t rain down, then they must be sticky! Sticky Wilds is the other way that the free spins round might go; in this version, you only get six free spins, but any wilds you find stick to the reels and accumulate as the spins go on. Again, you should see your way to some good wins here; especially during the final couple of spins.

The only gripe we have is that the additional wilds come at the expense of the scatter symbols, which don’t appear during the free spins at all. That means you can’t re-trigger the feature once you’re inside it. You therefore better make sure those free spins count for something!

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has just entered their second decade of operation, having first opened their doors in 2007. They have an easily identifiable visual style; they go for a smooth and uniform approach to creating graphics and animations that distinguishes them from other developers. An inventive and imaginative company, it's common for them to use a theme as inspiration for their slot games.

Very few developers have put as many games out to market as Pragmatic Play has. There are more than 100 of their games currently available, and we have many of them here at roseslots.com. Their ‘greatest hits' to date have been da Vinci's Treasure, Wolf Gold, Peking Luck, Great Rhino and Gold Rush.

Pragmatic Play believes the future of slot gaming is mobile devices and smartphones; an idea that increasingly seems to be backed up by statistics, as the mobile market takes an increasingly larger share of the business. Because of that, they market themselves as a ‘mobiles come first' developer; they actually code their new games for tablets and phones and then work to make them compatible with desktops and laptops once they're done. To that end, they exclusively use the HTML5 programming language during development; a dynamic and versatile machine code which has been created to ensure web pages look the same on any different medium or device.

The busy and growing company have pledged to release at least two new online slots every calendar month, as well as continuing to experiment with other casino favourites like roulette, and scratchcard games. While they may not quite be the best-known developer in the industry yet, they're definitely one of the busiest.

When they talk about 3 Genie Wins on their website, Pragmatic Play take an informative tone:-

“3 Genie Wishes is an exciting 4x5, 50 lines video slot. The Genie is stacked on all reels and substitutes for all symbols. When you find the magic lamp, he grants three wishes - Raining Wilds Free Spins, Sticky Wilds Free Spins or a direct cash award.”

Pragmatic Play never seems to wax lyrical about their slot games; they're a developer who prefers to let the product do the talking for them. That's fair enough; most players find out more about a game from playing it than reading about it. Their confidence is well placed; we've had a great time playing 3 Genie Wishes, and we believe you will, too.

Pragmatic Play Games Similar To 3 Genie Wishes

Playing slot games are almost a fantasy-based pursuit at the best of times; we're all dreaming of that next big win, and where it might come from! There's no shortage of fantasy slots, and most large developers at least have a couple of them in their collection. That includes Pragmatic Play. In fact, one of them looks almost identical. Let's take a look.

Aladdin’s Treasure: We don't know what made Pragmatic Play hold off using the ‘Aladdin' name for 3 Genie Wishes, but then using it with Aladdin's Treasure, but that's what's happened. While this isn't an ‘official' sequel or linked game to 3 Genie Wishes, it probably should be thought of one. It predates 3 Genie Wishes by quite a distance, so you can think of it as a prequel. The symbols on the reels are almost identical, and the genie who appears in the game really is identical in every way. It also shares the 5x4 layout with 3 Genie Wishes, and has a similar RTP at 96.58%. The bonuses aren't quite as detailed or expansive; there are only two, one which brings free spins and the other which brings instant payouts. While that might be the same end result as you get in 3 Genie Wishes, the later game adds a few bells and whistles to the process which are missing here. You expect an earlier game to contain a little less though, so we can allow for that. This is still a fun and enjoyable game.

Madame Destiny: If you're looking for an alternative take on the fantasy world, you might want to visit Madame Destiny Online Slot and consult her crystal ball. You'll have to find it first, though. In fact, seeing the crystal ball symbols is the key to success in this game, which has a smaller layout at 5x3, but has a great free spins mode that can potentially be generous to players. There are only ten winning lines, but RTP is still good at 96.50%, and there's enough here to keep most players entertained.

Fairytale Fortune: We're going even closer to our childhoods with Fairytale Fortune than we are with 3 Genie Wishes! When we were really, really young, most of us were thrilled by stories of dragons, enchanted princes and unicorns. All of them are here and waiting to play with you in Fairytale Fortune, appearing as symbols on the reels. It's a smaller-scale game than 3 Genie Wishes, with only 15 paylines, but the RTP is 96.52%, and the Super Free Spins round can lead to good payouts, especially if you're also able to activate the game's Wheel of Fortune. Is it as immersive as 3 Genie Wishes? No, but it doesn't have to be. It's a good game in its own right.

Online Slots Similar To 3 Genie Wishes

Pragmatic Play is by no means the only slot game developer who've used the land of fairy tales and legends for inspiration. They're not even the only company who've used Aladdin for inspiration! Here are some of the better-known alternatives that come from elsewhere.

Aladdin’s Legacy: This game, which also makes use of the Disney film’s title, comes from a smaller developer called Amaya. It’s a few years older than 3 Genie Wishes, and you can tell that just by looking at it. Although the visuals are a little dated, they still hold up well enough, and there’s nothing wrong with the functionality of the game at all. Gameplay is a fairly standard offering, taking place on a 5x3 layout that contains 20 fixed paylines. RTP is 95%. The base game is pretty basic, but there are a few interesting bonus features to Aladdin’s Legacy which make it entertaining.

Crazy Genie: It’s not polite to call people crazy, but Robin Williams’ portrayal of the genie in Aladdin was definitely a little bit off-the-wall! We mention the movie again here because, just as it is in the other online slot games we’ve looked at, the Crazy Genie UK Slot who appears in this game is bright blue. We’re not aware that blue genies were a popular idea before Aladdin, and so it’s reasonable to assume the inspiration all comes from the same place. The base game in this Red Tiger Gaming slot, much like it is with Aladdin’s Legacy, is basic; a 5x3 layout with 20 paylines and an RTP of 96.22%. Where the game really comes alive is in its bonus features. Not only are there several of them, but they’re quite easy to trigger, meaning you get a fun and varied playing experience.

Genie Wild: This game is a few years older than any of the others we've looked at, but it was built well, and it's stood the test of time. Twenty-five paylines and an RTP of 95.35% are available across the 5x3 layout, with free spins and a 50/50 gamble feature on hand to spice things up. Genie wild Online Slot isn't going to win any awards in the modern era, but it still has an impressive maximum jackpot of 5000x the initial bet, which stands up well today.

3 Genie Wishes On Mobile

Pragmatic Play has backed themselves into a corner here; they market themselves as a ‘mobile first' developer, which means we have a higher expectation of how their games will appear on a mobile device than we do with almost any other developer. 3 Genie Wishes should have been designed as a mobile slot first, and an online slot second, which is the approach that Pragmatic Play has been known to take with a number of their games.

Unfortunately, it’s a little below Pragmatic Play’s usual standards. If you tilt your phone on its side, everything works fine. All the visuals are still pretty and sharp, the sounds are crystal clear, and the experience of playing the game is exactly the same. Even the layout of the buttons is identical.

Flip your phone upright, however, and everything changes. The reels squash themselves into the upper half of the screen and are compressed to the point where they're not all that easy to see clearly. The rest of the screen is used entirely to house the buttons. They don't need that much space, and more room could definitely have been given to the reels.

You can still play the game with your phone upright, and of course if you are finding it hard with your phone in that position you can always turn it sideways, but we’ve seen Pragmatic Play do much better than this with almost all of their other games.

If you love 3 Genie Wishes on your computer, you'll still enjoy it on your phone or tablet, but just make sure you tilt it to the side to get the most out of the experience. Hopefully, Pragmatic Play will read this one day, go back to the game, and bring the mobile version of it up to the same standard as the rest of their games.  

3 Genie Wishes In The News

3 Genie Wishes was released back at the start of 2017, so time has passed, and the initial press attention that came with the launch of the game has faded away now. It's established itself as a great game, and it does just fine for itself without needing anybody to write about it. Pragmatic Play releases new games all the time, and so the press is more interested in seeing what comes next from the developer.

You'll still see it mentioned now and then, though. Casino Life Magazine, which is a web-based publication that discusses every aspect of the virtual casino world, recently did some digging to find out which online slots people were playing during Christmas and New Year. You might expect some of the specially-themed Christmas games would head towards the top of the charts during that time period, but they didn’t. Instead, 3 Genie Wishes was right up there with the best of them, which surprised everybody. That’s what happens when you make a great slot game; people just keep coming back to play it!

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