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7-UP is a 3-reels, 7 paylines Online Slot Game by Gamevy.

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7-UP Online UK Game

7-up online slots has two targeted audience; those who love playing using the online scratch card and those who love the classic online casino with reels and paylines. It is different from the typical scratch card games where you are only liable to win once in just a game, you get to win seven times in this online casino, sounds interesting to me if you ask me. It offers you that freedom to decide how much you are willing to wager starting from 20 pence all the way to £10. come check the game out at Rose Slots.

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7-UP Developer - Gamevy

Gamevy is an award-winning, licensed supplier and operator producing high quality selected range of real-money games located in the suburb of London. They have proved that new start-ups can thrive in like other top gainers in the casino industry. They have a team of experts who are a dedicated team of designers, developers and marketers who find software design interesting. They are specifically working to appeal to a demographic of lottery or bingo players in all parts of the world. Diamond Deal Online Slots is quite similar to the 7-up online casino with certain features. Diamond deal comes with a good bonus offer but the only way casino game players will get to see the bonus is by waging the maximum price. The players are required to fill the small diamond to the left of the pay table. Since the casino game play out are pretty small, then it cost more to see the bonus than expecting a win. The casino game comprises of 3 reels and 1 pay line.

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Fruits are not only sweet and pleasing to the eyes, but they also make for a good spin if you are familiar with the world of online casino machine. The impeccable work of digital art used in designing this online game will help you find an excuse to stake. It has a purple background with a gold foil used in highlighting the price. The numbers in the 7 lines are written in magenta. Another feature that makes the game enticing is the sound effects, the high-energy sound will get you nodding your head while you play. If you are not fine with the soundtrack you have the option of muting it which can be done at will.

7-UP Slot Features

7-UP Bonus Feature

The software developer of the 7-up casino has not added any form of a bonus feature to the game. You can make this online casino an exciting experience when you wager up to seven lines at a stretch. Choose your preferred staking fee and a payline then click on the play button to start the online casino. You can get a substantial prize when you land three lemons, three cherries, three bananas, three grapes, three four-leaf clover, three bars, three diamonds, three horseshoes, three bells or three 7’s. 7- up is a refreshing game with slots that brings a player to spin 3 reels 5 paylines for a chance to win price worth 200x their staking fee.


7-Up was released in 2017. That means it's been more than four years since it was released, which is just about enough time for us to get over our initial disappointment that it wasn't based on the popular fizzy drink. We're not saying we desperately want to see people start making online slots based on carbonated beverages, but just about every other possible theme has already been thought of. What could possibly go wrong? That's not what we're here to discuss today, though. We're here to talk about the fact that it's 2021, and Gamevy's 7-Up is still one of the most popular instant win scratch games on all of RoseSlots.com.

By now, you’ll almost certainly have realized that Rose Slots is about far more than online slots, even if we take pride in our enormous online slots collection. We also offer card games, bingo, and instant win digital scratch games. We’ve got dozens of entries in each category, but when it comes to instant wins, “7-Up” is a hard act to beat. That’s despite the fact that it’s never been edited, added to, provided with a sequel since the day it came out in 2017. That’s unusual for slots and scratches that have enduring appeal. When a feature has been popular for a long time, developers often try to repeat the trick by producing a follow-up product. 7-Up has been left to stand alone, and it’s still standing tall.

We think there are a couple of things that we can point to when it comes to explaining this enduring appeal. The first is the steady rise in the popularity of instant win digital scratches in general. They were viewed almost as a kooky idea at first, with some developers believing that they wouldn’t prove to be as popular as feature-heavy online slots. You can do almost anything with online slots in the 2020s thanks to the advancement of bonus side games, turning them almost into video games. With instant win features like “7-Up,” it’s a little more difficult. There isn’t much content to hide anything behind. All you have is the player, some options to click on or scratch away, and a theme if you’ve chosen to use one. Despite all that, digital instant win games become more popular each year. We’ve even seen a few classic online slots turned into instant win games.

The other thing that we'd like to point out about 7-Up is its extraordinary generosity. It's relatively common to offer players one or two ways to win when they pay to take a bet on an instant win game. At a push, a few developers might include five chances to win on a single scratch. With 7-Up, as the name suggests, players have a whole seven. Each line is technically a separate event, and it's theoretically possible to win on all seven of them to take away a truly massive payout. That's not necessarily likely with RTP at 92.09%, but it is possible. That's more action than you'll get from your average scratch and underlines the fact that 7-Up is no average scratch at all. It looks good, it’s potentially generous, and it’s easy to play. If you like instant win games, you’ll like 7-Up - and it’s clear that plenty of people do even though it’s been around for a while!