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88 Fortunes is an online slot by SG Interactive with Gold symbols and Four Jackpots. This game has 243 paylines and a 96% RTP. Featuring 10 Free Games that can be endlessly re-triggered.

88 Fortunes Screenshot 2021

88 Fortunes Online Slot UK

If you want to test your luck this could be the ultimate online slots to do that on, and whether you are lucky or not, you will walk away with some handsome prizes at the end of the session. The champion of bringing luck in the east, Feng Shui is the theme of this game. You will know this is a Chinese theme as you enter the game with its flashy gold and bright red colours. One may say that the brightness is excessive in this game but it being the nature of Feng Shui who can say it is wrong? Also, the gold symbols come with special prices so you would wish there were even more of them as the game progresses. One thing we all agree would be that the symbols are large, and the rewards are impressive, and that makes this game a must-play for those ladies who love a good game based on luck and gold. The controls are well displayed although it might take a while to locate them due to its gold and red colour designs that go with the rest of the dashboard.

88 Fortunes Bonus Round 1

88 Fortunes Online Slot Gameplay

This game comes with 5 reels and 3 rows of lucky symbols that would create winning combinations in 243 ways at a theoretical RTP of 96%. The minimum bet would be £0.01 while the maximum is £88 to bet on your lucky day. If you are playing at the highest stake of £88 then you will win £1000, £200, or £100 when you land 5, 4, or 3 of top value symbols respectively on a payline. The next highest value symbol would pay £500, £100, or £50 under the same conditions. Fu Bat symbol functions as the Wild in this game and it substitutes all regular symbols in creating a winning combination.

88 Fortunes Slot Game Bonus Features

Since this game is all about luck there are many Bonus Features to test it. 3 or more Gong symbols appearing on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel would award you 10 Free Spins. Better still, the low value symbols of the playing cards would not appear during the Free Games. You can re-trigger Free Games within Free Games, and this will be unlimited. Fu Bat Jackpot is the star of the show that rewards you in the worth of gold. If you thought the gold colour is too much then here is where you change your mind. As you land gold symbols the credits they award you would decide which Jackpot Prize you are eligible for. When you land 5 of them you will be eligible for all 4 Jackpots namely Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. 5 gold symbols would qualify you for all Jackpots minus Grand, 4 gold symbols qualify you for all Jackpots minus Grand and Major, and 3 gold symbols lets you play Mini and Minor Jackpots. Lastly, 2 gold symbols takes you to the Mini Jackpot which is still a healthy prize.

88 Fortunes Bonus Round 2

Developer - SG Interactive

SG Interactive is the godfather of many online slots that come under many developers, and there is no doubt that you have played many of them online. 88 Fortunes Slot is another creation of SG Interactive.

88 Fortunes Slot Review 2021

SG Gaming has worked with their in-house developer Bally to bring you this oriental-themed game, played on a 5x3 layout of reels and rows, and featuring 243 paying lines. In keeping with the name, the biggest jackpot on offer is 88x your line bet. Free Spins are on offer, as is access to a progressive jackpot, and RTP is 96%. The mysteries and traditions of the Far East are a big inspiration for online slot games. 88 Fortunes belong very firmly to the oriental genre and wears all of its influences proudly on its sleeve. Those who know a thing or two about Chinese culture may already know that the number eight is believed to bring luck; superstitious Chinese people have been known to pay big money for anything that contains an 8, including car licence plates, phone numbers and even houses and apartments. It’s a deeply and strongly held conviction.

The idea of lucky 8s is front and centre in 88 Fortunes, which is an elegant and stylish online slot issued by SG Gaming, and developed within their studios by Bally Technologies. It takes an in-your-face approach to its visual style. We may never have seen a playing screen quite as colourful and bold as this one. If you’re used to playing games against a quiet or neutral background, you may want to brace yourself before you load the game! The sheer number of things going on behind and around the wheels has the potential to be distracting if you spend too long looking at it, but everything that’s there complements the theme. When your eyes have adjusted, and you're able to focus on the reels, you'll find you're more familiar with the standard five reel, three-row layout, and that the functionality of the game is actually easy to understand. 88 Fortunes can sometimes look more complicated than it is. When we get to the bonus features, you'll find that it also sounds more complicated than it is, too, but let's worry about that in a moment!

Instead of needing symbols to create straight lines to generate a win, 88 Fortunes will payout so long as they appear in the right order from left to right. That opens up 243 potential winning lines in the game. As you can imagine, that involves quite a few different symbols. Appearing on your reels are the tried-and-trusted playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, which account for the lowest values, above which sit a Chinese coin, some gold ingots, an elegant bird and an ornate ship. The game stars to define itself as original and different from many other online slots from the moment you place your first stake. You can wager bets at any one of five different levels. The top level is, of course, the most expensive, but turns all of the higher value symbols on the reels gold. When they're gold, they're worth more than they are when they're their standard colour.

That might sound a little confusing, but when you're playing the game, it quickly becomes intuitive. It can be explained more simply as getting higher rewards for taking higher risks. You're under no obligation to turn any of the symbols gold, and the game will still offer you fair returns when you're making minimum-stake bets. On the left of the reels, there’s a chart which constantly reminds you of how many golden symbols you’re currently playing with, if any. The progressive jackpot that the game is linked to is more likely to trigger if you have more gold symbols in play, so that’s also worth bearing in mind. The game does have a wild; a Chinese symbol known as Fu Bat, and that substitutes for everything other than the bonus to create winning lines. It only ever appears on reels two, three and four. The bonus itself is a golden gong, and it’s that which opens up the game’s main bonus for you.

88 Fortunes Bonuses

88 Fortunes has two main bonus features; one which you can trigger through the base game, and one which may or may not trigger depending on how lucky you are when you’re playing the game! The bonus feature you do have at least some control of is Free Spins. Find at least three of the bonus symbols, and you'll be rewarded with ten free spins, during which all of the lowest value symbols are taken off the reels. That means any winning lines you find should be valuable. It's possible to re-trigger the free spins round if the bonus symbol makes another appearance as the round progresses.

88 Fortunes Bonus Round Feature

Whether or not you gain access to the Progressive Jackpot is really in the lap of the Gods. Having more golden symbols in play definitely boosts your chances, though. The progressive jackpot can trigger any time the wild symbol turns up on the screen, on any of the reels, in any position. Naturally, far more often than not it won't trigger anything, but now and then the game will provide a lucky player with access. Those lucky players are taken to a mix-and-match screen, where all they have to do is find three matching symbols to win one of the jackpots on offer. That player will definitely come away from the round with something. The smallest jackpot isn't all that exciting, but the largest one available will be at least four figures and possibly even five. If it happens to you, you'll start believing in the magic power of lucky 8s, too!

Bally Technologies and SG Interactive

88 Fortunes is the product of SG Gaming working with one of their in-house development companies; namely Bally Technologies. SG's prominent position within the slot game development world has primarily relied upon acquiring other firms, and Bally, along with Rainbow Riches developer Barcrest, has proven to be a very shrewd investment. Looking at Bally to begin with, they’ve been in existence for longer than most people have been alive. Their lineage goes back to the very early 20th century, when telephones were new, the internet was something from a science fiction movie, and children still played with wooden toys. In fact, that’s what Bally used to do; they made wooden children’s toys, and first became successful with a pinball game called Ballyhoo, from which they took their name.

In the century since, the company has grown, expanded and changed with the times. By the 1970s they were already involved in making physical slot machines and casino games, making the natural leap into online slots when the technology presented itself. They were once the go-to brand for celebrity and entertainment licensed games; Playboy, Betty Boop, Michael Jackson and Wonder Woman have all had slot games using their image created by Bally. With all their expertise and their history, Bally was a highly desirable technology company to those looking to make an acquisition, and Scientific Gaming was in the market. Bally Technologies sold up to Scientific in November 2014, with the deal worth a massive $5.1bn Instead of disbanding Bally, SG kept the company alive and continued to use the name to release games.

Having acquired both Bally and Barcrest, SG Gaming are now a monolith of a company, with over 500 employees, and permanent offices in both Manchester and London. They're always at work on brand new online slots, as well as manufacturing roulette and blackjack cabinets to order from traditional casinos; which is ironically how Barcrest started their own existence over half a century ago! As they make both software and hardware, they can be looked at as a ‘one stop shop' when it comes to the needs of the gaming industry.

On their own website, they have this to say about 88 Fortunes:-  

“88 Fortunes is the perfect chance for players to test their luck! Featuring 10 Free Games that can be endlessly re-triggered. The game features the All Up game style, which gives players the chance to buy gold symbols to increase their winning opportunities. As player buy more symbols, they become eligible for more jackpots. This game is sure to spread fun and fortune to all players! ”

The description is a little brief, and doesn't do much to prepare players for some of the layers of complexity that they'll come up against in the game. That being said, 88 Fortunes is easier to understand by playing than it is by reading about it. Not everybody is going to love it, and it veers a long way from the more traditional slot game offerings, but those who fancy something different will find plenty to love.

SG Games Similar to 88 Fortunes

There isn't a direct sequel to 88 Fortunes in the SG Gaming library, but there are a few games that share similar themes. They also vary quite a lot in style; Barcrest developed some of them, and Bally developed others, and the two companies have very different styles when it comes to presentation and features!

Fu Dao Le: We'll start with this game because it's the closest in style and execution to 88 Fortunes. Bally was responsible for Fu Dao Le, and there are definite design elements common to both games. In fact, some of the symbols both on and around the reels are entirely identical. It's not as sophisticated a slot game as 88 Fortunes, but the 5x3 layout of rows and reels, with 243 paying lines, will be very familiar. 88 Fortunes lays it on thick with the theme of the game, and Fu Dao Le has a lighter touch and a microscopically higher RTP at 96%, but overall you can't help but feel that the games are so alike that they're almost identical. If it isn't a sequel to 88 Fortune, you'd have to look at it as a sibling. If you like one of the games, then it stands to reason you'll feel the same about the other.

Emperor’s Gold: This game looks like it came from a completely different world than 88 Fortunes, and that's because a completely different development team created it. Emperor's Gold is a Barcrest game, and instead of trying to create a unique base game, they've stuck to tradition and tried to be more elaborate with the bonus features instead. By contrast to 88 Fortunes, this online slot looks basic at first; the 5x3 reel and row layout offers only 10 fixed paylines, but the free spins bonus can pay out big money, and the game also contains Barcrest's signature ‘Big Bet' feature, where the odds are tipped in your favour in return for a higher stake. With Big Bet mode activated, the RTP in the game goes from 94% to 98%.

Dancing Drums: Although they still insist that they haven't created a sequel to 88 Fortunes, SG and Bally combined again to release Dancing Drums a year after the release of 88 Fortunes, and anyone looking at the games would have to conclude that they're similar. The visual style is almost identical again, the number of reels, rows and paylines is identical again, and some elements of the 88 Fortunes design are definitely carried over. Dancing Drums adds yet another layer of complexity to the 88 Fortunes formula in the shape of a free spins round that not only involves an extra reel but creates 7776 ways to win! RTP comes in at 96.09% in this game, which those seeking something new will love, and traditionalists will shudder at.

Online Slots like 88 Fortunes

With so many aspects of oriental culture considered to be lucky, it’s inevitable that most major developers will touch on the theme at least once. There are lots of genuinely great games available using the same theme, and we offer some of the best of them right here at roseslots.com. Here are the games you’ll find in our collection!

Cheng Gong: If ever a developer knew how to make a game based around a theme, it's Eyecon. The quality-focused developer may not be prolific with the output of their slots, but they're expertly skilled at making charming game worlds for their slot games, and Cheng Gong Online Slot is no different. This is a sophisticated and sleek looking slot, which manages to look great without going over the top, and it keeps things simple on the reels. It's a 5x3 layout with 25 fixed paylines, offering 95.30% RTP. It's not a revolutionary title, but it's solid without being spectacular, and it will be enjoyed by those who like the Eastern theme but are put off by how unusual 88 Fortunes is.

Dancing Dragon Spring Festival: Next up, an oriental themed game from Playson. One look at Dancing Dragon Spring festival UK Slot is enough to tell you that this slot has been designed so people can have fun while playing it. It’s not complicated, it’s not elaborate, and it’s never going to win any awards for originality, but it’s pure and simple gaming pleasure. With no bonus features at all, it’s all about the base game, which happens on a 5x3 layout with 30 fixed paying lines and an RTP of 95.79%. If you’re lucky enough to land the game’s dancing dragon symbols on every reel and row in sight, it will pay out a prize of 5000x relative to your stake. It’s a simple slot; perhaps too simple for some; but it knows what it’s good at and sticks to it.

5 Lions: This slot comes from Pragmatic Play, although if you didn't look at it too closely, you might think it's another Bally and SG collaboration. The symbols are similar, and the 5x3 layout and 243 paying lines combination is definitely familiar. 5 Lions Online Slot more straightforward to play than the Bally games though, with nothing unorthodox happening on the reels, and one simple bonus feature that's based on free spins, but offers you the chance to select your own multiplier and number of spins. It isn't as pretty or stylish as 88 Fortunes, but it comes with an RTP of 96.50% and for some players will be easier to pick up.

88 Fortunes On Mobile

We generally have high expectations of any game that’s been released in the past couple of years. Mobile slots have been a large and growing market for several years now, and so developers should be doing everything they can to serve this market. We expect one day that more people will access our website by mobile than they do by computer, and so we’re keen to see every good online slot converted into a good mobile slot! SG has done a mostly good job with 88 Fortunes. They force you to tilt your phone onto its side to play the game, but once you've done that, every image, sound and function of 88 Fortunes is replicated perfectly from computer to hand-held device. While the screen looks a tiny bit cramped, that's mostly because of the scenery, and the rows and reels themselves are clear and in focus. The buttons are easy to find and use, and everything works as it should. To get full approval from us, we'd like to see the game working when a phone is held upright, as well as when it's titled on its side. Most of the other major developers are capable of this, and so SG is lagging behind a little by not offering it. We'll sure they'll get round to it sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you can enjoy the slot as much on your phone as you do on your computer, so long as you hold the phone the way SG want you to!

88 Fortunes In The News

There's nothing the gaming press love more than an unusual slot game, or an online slot that pushes against the norm, and that's precisely what 88 Fortunes is. Because of that, it captured the eyes and imagination of many writers when it was launched, and it's still discussed on a reasonably regular basis today. As far away as Australia, the website InterGame recently reported that SG had, for the first time ever, been invited to display their work at the Australasian Gaming Expo. That's significant progress for the company in that part of the world and potentially means lucrative opportunities are coming for them. The article notes that SG has a substantial collection of Asian and/or oriental themed slots on their roster, with 88 Fortunes being singled out for individual praise.

Another website, Zacks, mentioned 88 Games even though it doesn't usually report on slot games at all. Zacks performs investment research and follows the financial progress of various large companies around the world. SG Gaming had a great 2018, which Zacks has written an article hailing, and within that article 88 Fortunes was cited as a contributing factor to the company’s excellent financial health. For one game alone to make such an impact tells you a lot about how many regular players it must have.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play 88 Fortunes

We knew when we started writing this review that 88 Fortunes isn't for everybody. It's a highly unusual slot game, and we've seen very few others like it, with the exception of other Chinese-influenced Bally slots! Players who enjoy trying something new, as well as those who like to go hunting for large jackpots, may be drawn to it more than anyone else. No online slot performs as well as 88 Fortunes has done without being of very high quality, and the best way to find out more about it is to play it. As we said, it's easier to understand it by playing it than it is by reading about it! If you want to dive in and find out what the slot game has to offer, we'd love you to stay with us, and play it at roseslots.com.

When you play at Rose Slots, you have access to not only 88 Fortunes, but more than six hundred carefully selected online slots. That means you’ll never find yourself short of options, and there will always be a brand new slot for you to play if you’re tired of your previous favourite! If you’re already registered with us, you could win free spins just by logging in today and depositing £20 or more into your account. If you’re a brand new player. We want you to feel valued as soon as you choose to join us, and we think the best way to do that is to allow you more spins on the slot games you love. There are cashback incentives available weekly, too, as well as brand new slots and more incentives added on a regular basis. There’s always a reason to smile at roseslots.com, so come on in and find it!

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