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Beauty & The Beast is a UK Online Slot Game by Yggdrasil. This 5-reels, 20 payline game has an RTP of 97.1%. Re-triggering Free Spin mode resets the amount of Free Spins to 10 and awards an extra Free Spin servant.

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Beauty & The Beast Online Slot UK

Immerse yourself in this tale as old as time, and see what treasures the castle has in store for you. This magical Disney online slots game from Yggdrasil invites us in to the enchanted castle to meet the characters under a spell in this Beauty and the Beast slot game. This mobile slot features 5 reels and 20 pay-lines, and if you are already drawn in to the magic and mystery, you can play this slot at Rose Slots, the best casino for female slots. The theoretical return to player for this slot is 96.8%.

Beauty & The Beast Developer - Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil have been causing quite a stir recently, for creating some beautiful and very popular games which are technically and graphically brilliant, with features to draw you in to the gameplay and make you never want to stop playing. Despite only having hit the online gaming scene in 2013, this developer has made their mark, and having a former CEO of NetEnt at the helm surely can’t hurt. It is exciting to see what this growing company will come up with next and if this Beauty and the Beast slot game is anything to go by, it will be worth waiting for! If you want to check out another of their titles in the meantime, we would highly recommend Jungle Books, which you will find at Rose Slots. If you love the unlikely romance and beautiful love story Beauty and the Beast, you will probably love Immortal Romance Online Slot from Microgaming or Champions of Rome UK Slot from Yggdrasil. 

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Beauty & The Beast Bonus Round 1

This graphically stunning slot game, features audio with magical qualities you would expect from a Disney film, and it really helps to set the scene as we are shown the enchanted castle, permanently trapped in winter as the snow falls slowing down. As the game begins we are whisked away to the frosty castle doors, entering inside during the grand hallway during free games. The reels feature the beloved characters you may recognise from the classic story. There is of course Belle, the Beast, the rose and many shining beautiful jewels. On the sides of the reel there is the butler, the chef and the maid who pop in to help you out on the reels and in the free games. The symbols become animated when they hit a winning combination which adds to the fun of this game.

Beauty & The Beast Slot Features

Beauty & The Beast Bonus Feature

This game is brimming with bonuses and special features and they really bring the game to life and make the gameplay of this slot demo unforgettable. If you look to the left of your reels you will find 3 characters, and each of these castle servants may appear randomly in each spin in the base game. First, we have the butler who can nudge the reels up or down to help you win. Next up is the chef who will synchronise the middle reels and finally we have the maid who transform 2-4 symbols into wilds. 3 of the enchanted rose symbols will trigger 10 free spins, 4 will trigger 10 free spins + 1000 coins and 5 roses will trigger 10 spins + 5000 coins. During free spins, you will be given the opportunity to select a character to help you in the game. Each servant applies the previously mentioned bonuses to the free spins reels. There is also a Golden Bet feature in this game where you can spend more to activate different features.

Beauty And The Beast 2021

Yggdrasil's "Beauty and the Beast" has held its place among the top twenty most popular slots at at the beginning of 2021, seeing off some fierce competition in the process. It's not the only fairytale-themed slot available within our enormous online slots library, so what makes it stand out so much among a crowded field? What keeps players coming back to it so often since it was released back in February 2017? It's clear that this isn't a localized phenomenon. "Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most popular online slots in Europe, appearing in hundreds of internet-based casinos all over the continent. Of course, none of those casinos will offer you quite the same range of slots, incentives, prizes, and rewards as Rose Slots, but it goes to show that something about this slot keeps people coming back for more long after shinier, newer slots have been released. It's not even the most recent slot to be based on the classic fairytale property it draws inspiration from, but it remains the most successful.

Beauty & The Beast Bonus Round 2

Perhaps the focus on wild symbols when it comes to the bonus features is the secret to its longevity. We didn't dwell too much on that in our previous review, so it bears repeating here. The Yggdrasil version of "Beauty and the Beast" features not only standard wild symbols but also character-specific additional wilds that might occur on any spin, and even more additional wilds when free spins have been triggered. The slot was also an early adopter of the "customize your bonus round" feature we've seen in many successful online slots that have been released during the past two or three years. When free spins have been triggered, you're free to select a "servant" character who'll assist you for the duration of the feature. One of them nudges your reels to give you the optimum outcome on any spin, another combines all three central reels into one giant symbol, and the third adds up to four extra wild symbols per spin. That gives you a lot of control over the way the bonus feature plays out. We know from experience that's something that online slots players love.

That spirit of customization extends to the rest of the slot. By increasing your stake (an option that's open to you at any time during the base game), you can unlock a few extra features. If one of the servant characters isn't on hand to help you after a spin, you can pay for a nudge to land you the win you just missed out on. Alternatively, you can splash out on a "boost" at the beginning of the free spins feature to hand you two combined "servant" features rather than one. If you're open to risk and don't mind paying for it, you could even combine the boost and the nudge together for optimum effect, giving you the best possible entry to free spins! The enduring popularity of the original subject matter is probably a factor, too. After all, this slot was released very close to the date of the most recent “Beauty and the Beast” movie in 2017. For as long as there are people out there who love this story, there will be a big audience for online slots based on it. That might mean this slot will last forever!