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Burning wins online slot

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Burning wins is 96.21% RTP slot game made by Playson. This simple 3 x 3 slot grid slot game has no bonus features, just 5 simple paylines to make things super easy.

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Burning Wins Online Slot UK

There can be many online slots which you play just for killing time and fun. It’s not like you are racing your friends to win a huge bonus or make a high score. Burning Wins, as burning or catching the name may seem, it is quite simple and very easy to play. This game, as it shall be seen, is not quite the one with a lot of details and features. Burning Wins one may say is a simple, old-fashioned slot game with attractive symbols and graphics. It’s pretty much like playing an old fashioned slot game where all you have to do is get 7 7 7 in all slots. To discuss the game in detail, the game has 3 Rows and 5 Payline. It should be remembered that only one coin will be required to place a bet for one pay line. There are 9 symbols in the game. The symbols are 777, Bells, Bar, Watermelon, Grapes, Plums, Lemons, Oranges, and Cherry. The RTP of the game is incredible despite the game being very simple. The RTP is 96.21%

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Burning Wins Online Slot Features

This might come as a surprise but the game does not offer special bonuses and features, like all the other slot games. It does come as a surprise but then the objective of the game is to have a simple and classical atmosphere to it. That can also be inferred by looking back at the game’s description. Unlike most of the slot games which have Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins, Bonuses, Special Games etc., Burning Wins online slots game is all about spinning and trying to find your luck. Just because there are special features does not mean that the game is easy to go with.

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There aren’t quite as many features of Burning Wins unlike a lot of slot games. However with an excellent RTP of 96.21%, a lot of games do come close to it. Summertime looks just about the same not in terms of the theme but also in features while sharing the same RTP as that of Burning Wins. Wizard of Oz Road to Emerald City surprisingly looks similar to Burning Wins slots game but with its similar symbols and in RTP. Wild Fruit Slot and Ultra Fresh Slot shares the same RTP as Burning Wins. If you’re looking to explore and play more games with different themes and offers, RoseSlot has a lot of online slot games that you can play.

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Burning Wins Review 2021

Playson makes a strong entry in the traditional genre of slot games with this basic but well executed online slot, with a 3x3 layout of reels and rows containing five paylines, and an RTP of 96.21%. The theme of the game is an old-school physical slot game brought into the digital age, with plenty of nods to the past. We've reached a point in the evolution of slot games where almost every new release has a theme of some kind. Some are based on travel, or sport, or legends. Others have celebrity tie-ins, or star your favourite band or celebrity. The biggest movies are usually expected to have a slot game tie-in nowadays. Despite all of that, there are still plenty of people who love and miss the old physical fruit machines of the past, and so Playson is here to make sure their tastes are taken care of.

In style and execution, it doesn't get more simple or basic than this. Simplicity is a difficult thing to get right, but we think Playson have done an outstanding job here. Burning Wins is a 2018 release and so is still young, but it's been made with a timeless feel, and could belong to any era in slot gaming from the past few decades. The developer intends to create an experience that reminds you of playing slots in a casino, or in an amusement arcade. There's a lot to love here if you're looking for some playful nostalgia. In fact, we don't think you can actually get closer to the feeling of playing a physical slot machine without leaving your home! If you really were playing a physical slot machine, you'd see very few of the things we now take for granted when we're playing online slots. You wouldn't have flashy animations or complicated soundtracks, and so Burning Wins doesn't either. You wouldn't have a detailed background full of eye-catching graphical touches, and so the background of Burning Wins is a plain and neutral purple shade. The colour scheme is a rich purple and gold; pleasing to the eye but entirely in keeping with the old-school theme.

With a comparatively limited number of reels and rows, it's inevitable that there will be few paying lines, and so Burning Wins only has five to aim for. It makes it easy to find them though; whereas a modern online slot may have ten or more symbols, this game is stripped right back to the essentials. Fewer symbols mean winning lines turn up more often, and that's how the game manages to keep the RTP up as high as 96.21%. Once upon a time, physical slot machines were almost all referred to as ‘fruit machines’, and the reason for that is the symbols you could find on the reels. Accordingly, the symbols in Burning Wins are all fruit; lemons, oranges, watermelons and plums, backed up by a supporting cast of other symbols from gaming’s past; bells, bars and lucky number seven. Any time you make a winning line, the game will give you one of its only eccentric animation touches; all of the fruit will go up in flames. That’s where the game takes its name from. Your wins quite literally burn. Fortunately, your winnings don’t go up in smoke with them!

If you have played traditional games before, or you know how such games work, you’ll know lucky sevens are lucky because of their value. Here, finding the sevens is the way you’ll get to the game’s maximum payout, which is a multiple of 300x the line bet. Cherries are the lowest value symbol by comparison, triggering a 35x payout. You’ll have probably played games with larger jackpots, but you’ll also have played games which are less generous. If you're wondering why we haven't mentioned the wild, scatter or bonus symbols yet, there's a good reason for that. You might want to sit down for the next bit of news if you aren't already sitting!

Burning Wins Online Slots Bonuses

If you’re a big fan of bonus features, there’s no way to break this to you gently, so we’re just going to come right out and say it. Burning Wins does not offer any bonus features at all. Zero. In the time we live in, and especially if you’ve only ever played games that at the very least have wilds and scatters, that probably sounds unbelievable. All we can say in response to that is that once upon a time, even the idea of a wild symbol was rare, and Burning Wins is making every effort to simulate the games of years past. It can only be authentic if it sticks to the old-fashioned formula, and that means no bonuses.

This might be where some of you stop reading, and that’s OK. We totally get that. We offer a lot of games to our players at Rose Slots, and most of them have at least one bonus feature. Some have a whole lot more! If you simply can’t get by without a bonus, head back to our library and find something else to play instead. If you love traditional games though, read on. Playson didn’t create Burning Wins to compete with the feature-heavy 21st-century games. They've made plenty of games that do that, and Burning Wins is an attempt to do something a little different. No matter what year it is, or what’s going on in the online slot world, there will always be an audience who just want to play nice, basic online slots which have a solid base game and a fair offering in terms of RTP. If that’s you, then you may just have found your new favourite game.

About Playson

Playson is one of the more recent entrants into the online slot world, but they're already distinguishing themselves as a quality company. They formed in Malta back in 2012, but in the short time they've been up and running they've grown rapidly. They already have almost a thousand employees and have opened offices for those employees in several prime locations across the world. Playson really started to achieve success in 2015, after they received a UK license. The UK is one of the world’s largest gaming industries, and having access to it is of vital importance to any large developer.

As the company grows, they release new slot games more and more quickly. More hands to call upon means work happens faster, and their output in the past twelve months has been prolific. At the time of writing, they have just over 40 slot games on the market; within the next year that will likely increase to fifty, and keep on going. Although not all of their releases have become well known, many readers will be familiar with some of their biggest games, such as Legend of Cleopatra, Lucky Staxx, Fruits & Jokers, Wild Warriors and Book of Gold.

Playson put the creation of slot games at the front and centre of everything they do, but it isn't the company's only interest. Offline, they create physical cabinets for blackjack and roulette games and supply them directly to casinos. When they do focus on making games, they've shown an open mind and a willingness to work with other developers; both 1x2 Gaming and Pariplay have produced collaborative works with Playson.

Discussing Burning Wins in its own page on their website, Playson say:-

"Burning Wins by Playson is a new classic slot with 3x3 game field and five lines. A fruit machine that will be pleasing players all over the world. A combination of paired red sevens grants the highest prize possible. Simple, elegant, everlasting - just like your audience likes it!"

When they say ‘your audience’, they’re speaking directly to people like roseslots, who offer slot games directly to the public. We certainly heard them, and we’re delighted to be able to work with Playson and offer a range of their online slots to our players here at roseslots.com.

Playson Games Like Burning Wins

Traditional games aren’t an unusual theme for a developer to go with; if they were, we wouldn’t be able to call them ‘traditional’. Every developer has made at least a few of them, and in practice, simple and basic games are often the first thing a new slot developer will produce as they try to find their feet in the competitive market. Playson have made a number of games along classic lines, and here are the ones they’ve done best with. One of them is actually a direct sequel to Burning Wins.

Super Burning Wins: Much like Super Mario Brothers was a bigger brother to Mario Brothers, Super Burning Wins is the bigger and more expansive version of Burning Wins. Making this online slot was a balancing act for Playson; the appeal of Burning Wins lies in its simplicity, so if they added too many bells and whistles to the original game, they would run the risk of alienating the base of players who enjoy the first one. Accordingly, Playson erred on the side of caution when they considered how best to build upon the original. One more symbol is added to the game; an ‘X’ which returns the value of the original stake. That alone wouldn’t merit a whole new game, so they’ve also added a feature that doubles up all wins if the same symbol appears right across the reels. That makes the maximum jackpot larger, at 1500x the original bet, and the RTP creeps up to 96.26% along with it.

Phoenix Fire: Although this game isn't named in a way that suggests it's linked to Burning Wins, the style of presentation is virtually identical. Many aspects of the appearance, right down to the symbols on the reels, are impossible to distinguish from Burning Wins. Phoenix Fire sails down the line of pleasing those who appreciate a simple game, and adding in a bonus feature that makes it attractive to those who want a little bit more. The additional feature is an expanding wild, which is the Phoenix that gives the game its names, reaching a maximum of 3x3 and therefore hugely boosting the chances of creating a winning line. RTP weighs in at 96.05%.

Sevens & Fruits: Playson still have both feet firmly planted in the traditional market with Sevens & Fruits, but play takes place on a more modern layout of reels and rows, with 5x3. It also adds a star into the equation as a scatter, which is another step towards the more modern edge of the market. There's nothing to write home about particularly; it's a solid and well-done game that was designed to be simple and easy to understand, and it succeeds in that intention. RTP is 96.31%, and those who enjoy a gentle slot game will likely be as pleased with this as they are with Burning Wins.  

Fruits n’ Stars: This online slot is a little older than the others we've looked at, and while there's nothing wrong with it, it does feel a little less slick and smooth by comparison. Nothing's quite as attractive to look at, and the Fruit N Stars online slot isn't as polished as Burning Wins, and there's a jarring choice of background music which could potentially get on your nerves after a while. Regarding the playing experience, it doesn't offer anything that Sevens & Fruits doesn't; it almost feels like Playson used this game as a template for Sevens & Fruits, and improved every aspect of it in the process. If you love this game, we're not here to talk you out of playing it, but we feel Playson's other takes on the same theme work a lot better.

Online Slots Like Burning Wins

This is a problematic set of comparisons to make. ‘Games that are similar to Burning Wins' could encompass almost every came made between the 1960s and the late 1990s! Obviously, we're not going to go through all of them, so instead, we're going to take into account those games which belong to major developers, and are sufficiently valued by those developers to stay online and remain part of their current roster. We'll pay particular attention to anything that shows close connections to Burning Wins.

Rainbow Wilds: This Iron Dog Studios game is a definite ‘old meets new' slot game. All of the symbols on the reels are taken from the classic era of gaming, featuring fruits, bells, bars and all the rest, it's a much larger game than Burning Wins. We mean that literally; it works on a 5x4 layout, with a staggering 1024 paylines, an RTP of 96.06%, and a trio of bonus offerings thrown on top. The free spins feature the game offers is particularly notable, with some extra twists on the format. If the reason you love Rainbow Wilds is the simplicity of the game, this may veer too far from the format for your liking. If you just like its style, though, and you don't mind the additional modern aspects, you may really enjoy it.

7s To Burn: Barcrest is a UK online slot development company who can trace their lineage all the way back to the 1960s, and they've drawn on all that old-world experience to create 7s to Burn. In execution, this is as close as anyone's got to Burning Wins. The 3x3 reels and rows structure is the same in both games, and even the concept of winning lines catching fire is in this game, too. 7s To Burn was launched a fair few years before Burning Wins, and so we can't rule out the possibility that Playson saw it, liked it, and thought they could do it better. The game is an oddity in that it does have one bonus feature - extra wilds - but you have to pay for it if you want to use it, rather than earning it through the base game. RTP is 95.10%.

Fire n’ Hot: We don't know where the idea of setting fruit on fire came from, but Tom Horn Gaming is yet another developer who've picked it up and used it. Released in 2017, Fire n' Hot has all the classic symbols on the reels that we find in Burning Wins, but the backdrop is a literal wall of fire, which gives the game something of an urgent feel when you're playing it! It's not as pretty as Burning Wins, but is slightly more expansive with a 5x3 layout, wilds and scatters. There's no major bonus feature available, but you do get the chance to take ‘double or nothing' gambles on your most recent wins. RTP in Fire n' Hot is 95.75%.

Burning Wins On Mobile

In theory, Playson has an advantage when it comes to designing mobile slots than other developers don't; by the time they were formed, mobile slots already existed. They haven't had to worry about adapting to new technology; they've been dealing with it since day one, and so they should be developing their games for both formats at the same time. If that's true, playing Burning Wins on a smartphone should be almost the same as playing it on a computer. The theory might just hold some weight, because Burning Wins works just fine on smaller screens, with a tiny reservation. If you tilt your phone to the side, everything about Burning Wilds is precisely the same as it is on your computer screen. The sounds are all here, the visuals are the same, the buttons are well-sized and easy to use, and everything works just as you want it to.

Flip your phone the right way up, and things aren’t quite so rosy. The reels shrink in size and shift to the top of your screen, making them a little cramped and hard to see. The entire lower half of your screen contains only the ‘spin’ button, which absolutely doesn’t need that much space. The game still works fine, and it’s certainly still playable with your phone the right way up, but it’s not a smart use of the screen, and there’s no reason for the reels to shrink as much as they do; especially when we’re only dealing with a 3x3 layout. Burning Wins online slot just fine on a phone or tablet, and with your phone held the way Playson want you to hold it, your playing experience will be virtually the same. We’ve just seen it done much better in terms of how the game works with a phone held upright, and so we can’t give it the full seal of approval.

Burning Wins In The News

Getting the attention of the press when you release an online slot is never guaranteed. Playson isn't as big as some of the other studios, which counts against them in terms of the number of media outlets paying attention, and as this is a traditional game, it was never as likely to grab the spotlight as an ultra-modern online slot packed full of features and original twists. The game does still have its admirers, all the same. The website LCB, which acts as a kind of online newsletter for the gaming industry, game Burning Wins a name-check while reviewing Lucky Staxx, one of Playson's better-known games. LCB feel like Playson is making a niche for themselves with traditionally-themed games, and used Burning Wins as a case in point. The article looked at how 2018 went in general for Playson, drawing attention to the company's recent acquisition of a license to operate in Spain; another string in the bow of a developer who is growing perhaps more rapidly than any other.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Burning Wins

If you’re still reading, we’re guessing that you’re a fan of the classic style. A lot of people will have checked out as soon as we told them that there are no bonus features! If you love traditional games, it can be frustrating when developers go months without releasing one because they’re focusing on flashy, modern titles instead. It’s a relief when a developer of Playson’s quality comes out with a new game this good for you to play. If that’s you, and you can’t wait to give it a spin, we’d love you to stay with us on roseslots.com, and play it here. We take care of our players. If you’re new to us, we offer free spins as a ‘thank you’ just for signing up. If you’re already registered with us, we’ll offer more free spins each and every time you deposit £20 or more into your account. Not only that, but we have weekly cashback prizes on offer, among other incentives. We want your time on Rose Slots to be a happy and fun one, and so we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Nobody has to pay us a penny to browse our collection of games, so take your time to look through our entire 600+ collection and find something you really like the look of before you hand over your money. When you do decide to pay and play, relax in the knowledge that we process through PayPal for your safety and security.

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