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Centurion online slot game

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Centurion is a 5 reel, 20 Payline online slot by Inspired Gaming. It has a 4 features Bonus wheel including the Road to Rome bonus and Caesars Free spins with an overall RTP of 95%.

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Centurion UK Online Slot

The theme is the Roman Empire with its many wonders, tales, and fortunes. You will be walking into one of the richest and action-packed civilizations the world has ever seen, and the game designers have done justice in depicting that era as much as possible. The reels have been placed between 2 columns of the Colosseum, and behind it you can see the landscape and the blue sky. Colours are bright but not painful to the eye, and all buttons are well placed so that you can easily locate them without much effort.

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Centurion Online Slot Gameplay

This online slots game has 5 reels and 3 rows of large size symbols which would create winning combinations on 20 paylines. The theoretical RTP of 95% could be average but the fun and the prizes it brings are definitely not average. A minimum bet of £0.20 could be yours if you are playing Centurion just for fun but if you are the ambitious high roller then the maximum bet of £250 will be excellent news. The top value symbol, Centurion, would pay you 500, 200, 50, or 4 coins when you land 5, 4, 3, or 2 of them on a payline respectively. The good thing about these symbols is that you get a prize for 2 of them too. The next highest value symbol would reward you with 400, 160, or 40 coins when you land 5, 4, or 3 of them in a payline respectively. There is also a Wild symbol which goes beyond just substituting other symbols. Do not worry ladies, we will discuss that below.

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Centurion Bonus Summary

This is where this game really shows its strength as to why it stands out. 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels would take you to the 4 feature Bonus Wheel. You will be asked to spin the Bonus Wheel and select a feature out of the 4 available.

Road To Rome feature is one choice you get, and if you select it you will be presented with a game board with a Centurion on the top. You must roll the dice and take the Centurion around the board winning prizes as you proceed. You will win more dice rolls when the centurion lands on a square dice symbol. Even better, when the extra dice rolls are awarded, the triggering dice will turn in to an arrow advancing you one square further. Your ultimate aim should be to reach Rome where you will be awarded an extra prize too. All prizes will be multiplied by the total bet.

centurion Bonus Feature

You might select the Prizes on Parade feature as your preferred Bonus game. Here you will get 3 shields with prizes and an arrow marked on them. You can stop the dapple any time and depend on where it stops you will be awarded a prize, or if you stopped on the arrow then advanced to the next shield.

Or it could be the Caesars Free Spins that you have won. In that case, you will be presented with two wheels to spin, one of which decides the number of free spins to win, and the other a multiplier. Then you will be taken to the Free Spins screen.

Wild Power Spins is the last feature of the 4. During this feature the Centurion would drop 3 wilds horizontally on the 2nd reel and when you spin the reels any winnings will be added to the running total. In the second spin the Centurion will add 3 more Wilds to the 3rd reel and any winning will be added to the total again. In the 3rd spin 3 more Wilds will be added to the 4th reel and with its winnings the feature will come to an end.

Centurion Slot Developer

Packed with impressive Bonus features, this video slots game is a proud presentation of Inspired Gaming. Having a workforce of more than 800 employees in the UK and elsewhere, the company has been received in more than 30 countries as a virtual gaming supplier. High quality of their games and impressive features have brought them to the summit of popularity in the digital world. If your favourite theme is classical history then some other video slots recommended for you are Apollo God Of The Sun Online Slot. But we invite the RoseSlots ladies to check out the video slots collection on RoseSlots to find your favourite themes and features.

Centurion UK Slot Review 2021

Inspired Gaming present this historical-themed online slot, with a 3x5 layout of reels and rows, 20 paylines, and an RTP of 95%. It’s all set in ancient Rome, during the time of gladiators and conquest. The game offers multiple bonus features to players, including reel modifiers and interactive side games. Gambling was a big thing back in Ancient Rome. Although we tend to think of casinos as being relatively recent inventions, they’ve actually been around for thousands of years. Basic versions of several games we play today - including dice games - were enjoyed by Roman soldiers around a fire, and by their families back at home. It only feels right that we should salute these pioneers, and so we do. Inspired Gaming’s Centurion, named after the rank of soldier in the Roman Imperial Army, is the perfect way to pay tribute!

Launched in 2015, Centurion is packing more punch than your average slot game. It’s about more than just spinning the reels and hoping for the best; there’s a story mode which follows your career as a soldier in the Roman army, seeking promotion after promotion on your way to the top. The greater your rank in the game, the more valuable the prizes the game offers to you. This not only provides a compelling reason to start playing - because who doesn’t love a good story - it also provides a compelling reason to keep playing until you attain the highest rank possible. In that way, it has the same hook as a modern video game.

Inspired haven’t gone overboard with the graphics or visual style of the game, but the imagery here is clean and sharp. The reels are surrounded by columns of the sort that are associated with the Rome of the time. There are a few plants growing around the columns, and beyond them it’s all clear blue sky. It’s not especially original or detailed, but it doesn’t need to be; your attention should be focused on the reels anyway. A banner running across the top of the playing area reads ‘Maximus Winner’; that’s the game’s sub-title, and also a tribute of sorts to the kind of pig Latin made famous in the Monty Python movie ‘Life of Brian’. There isn’t much to say about the soundtrack; rather than potentially distracting your attention with a constant tune playing in the background, the game makes noise only when it’s appropriate to do so. That means you’ll hear plenty of horns and trumpets from the Roman Legion when you find winning lines.

Looking at the reels, the lower values are made up of our old friends, the playing card symbols, running from J through to K (unusually, there’s no A). Beyond them, and of more value, are a Roman helmet, the Colosseum, a gold coin, shields and swords, a chariot, and most valuable of all is the game’s own logo. There are two more symbols beyond those associated with the base game; a golden wreath, which serves as the game’s wild and replaces any symbol other than the scatter to form winning combinations; and the scatter itself. The scatter is the Centurion of the game’s title. He’s a friendly soldier; he’s here to help you access some of the bonus features! So let’s talk about them.

Centurion Bonus Features in Detail

Good news for players who like their games to be packed full of bonuses; Centurion is full of them. All you need to do is land the game’s scatter symbol three times or more anywhere on the reels, and you’ll be whisked away to a bonus wheel screen. Spinning that wheel will determine which of the bonus features you get to play this time around.

First up is a prize picker bonus feature, which the game calls Prizes on Parade. Trigger this mode and three different centurions will appear on the screen. Their shields contain important information for you; they’ll either display a multiplier, an arrow, or the word ‘collect’. It’s up to hit the ‘stop’ button in time to choose the most valuable option; land on a prize and you win it. Land on an arrow and you go to the next shield. Land on ‘collect’, and the round ends.

If you don’t trigger Prizes on Parade, you might get Caesar’s Free Spins instead. There are many different takes on free spins rounds, and Centurion’s is potentially one of the more generous. Before any free spins begin, you have two more wheels of fortune to play with. One will determine the number of free spins you receive, and the other determines the multiplying factor applied to winning lines found during those free spins. If you manage to land a high number of both, this could be a truly great round for you!

If the game has a ‘main’ bonus, then it’s probably Road to Rome. This is the feature we referenced earlier, where you try to get your soldier promoted through the army until he makes it home to Rome as a general. Play is based around the roll of a dice; the number displayed on the dice is the number of steps down the road your soldier takes. The further he makes it down the road, the more multipliers he’ll pick up for you on the way. You only have so many rolls of the dice to get him there though, so if he’s going to achieve his dreams, he needs you to keep rolling big numbers! If you make it to Rome, the game will award you a randomly-chosen, but always large, cash prize.

There’s one more free spins round of sorts to be played as well; namely Wild Power Spins. This is as close as the game can get to guaranteeing you a sizable win without just handing the money over to you for no reason. You get three free spins of the reels in this mode, but on every spin, the game moves the odds closer to your favour. On spin one, reel one contains only the wild symbol. On spin two, the first and second reel are full of wilds. On spin three, as you’ve probably guessed already, the entirety of the first three reels are wild. It’s almost impossible not to find a strong winning line on that spin!

All of this may sound like the game is packed full of bonuses already; and it is! But it still has more to give. There are random reel modifiers to think about as well. There’s no specific trigger for them; they just happen at random, if and when the game feels like it. If you hear the lonely sound of one trumpet being blown, don’t be sad. That’s your audio cue that a random feature has triggered itself. Now, one of four things will happen. You may get Reelus Maximus on your next spin; which is a giant symbol three reels wide and three rows high, boosting your chances of making a winning combination.

Alternatively, Super Bonus Reels may become active for one spin and one spin only, adding many extra scatter symbols to your reels to make it more likely you’ll be able to trigger a bonus feature. The game might just decide that you deserve a payout and enter Big Win mode, which fixes your next spin and delivers a sizable winning combination, guaranteed to include the Centurion and therefore maximise the value.
The fourth and final random modifier you may come across is Five of A Kind, and this is potentially really exciting. On your next spin, you will definitely find five matching symbols on your reels. It could be any of the symbols; including the Centurion, which would mean you’ve landed the game’s jackpot.

About the Developer - Inspired

The story of Inspired as a developer starts in London in 2002, when the company was born. They started out with only ten staff, and were app developers for smartphones. Although they did make games, it wasn’t the only focus of their work. That started to change when they made their first major acquisition, purchasing a company called Virtual Sports who, as the name suggested, made sports games and also excelled in graphic design. Combining the acquired company’s design skills and Inspired’s programming ability, the popular sports betting platform ‘Virtual Sports’ was created, which signified Inspired’s arrival on the global stage.

Many slot game developers have a niche, and Inspired are no different. For them, it’s all about sports-themed games. Although they do make non-sports titles every now and then, it’s more common to see them make online slots based around football or boxing. They even have a celebrity endorsement for one of their boxing games, featuring Mike Tyson. ‘Double Top Darts’ and ‘Rush Football’ are two of their other best-known slot game offerings.

Having made their first major move by acquiring Virtual Sports, it all came full circle in 2016 for Inspired when they found themselves being bought out by Hydra. The company has stayed alive as an in-house development brand, now known as ‘Inspired Gaming’. The company are bold enough to publish their mission statement on their own website, in which they talk about challenging convention, and striving to be ambitious at all times. Inspired truly believe that one day they’ll become the best-known slot game developer in the world. If they keep pushing forward with quality games, there’s no reason why they can’t be.

Speaking of the company website; although Centurion is listed on it, they don’t take much time to talk about it. All that’s said on the game’s page is “Follow the road to Rome to Inspired’s most successful game to date! With plenty of Features such as Free Spins and multiple reel bonuses, play now for the chance to win maximus amounts”.

Although the description is short and sweet, it does contain one very telling sentence. Centurion spent a lot of time as the most popular game in the entire Inspired Gaming catalogue. Considering it was up against Mike Tyson for that honour, we think it’s done pretty well for itself. That should tell you a lot about how good the game must be!

Inspired Games Similar To Centurion

Inspired are a company who focus on quality rather than quantity. That means they don’t have a massive number on offer; barely over 50 at the time of writing; and so there isn’t much scope for them to offer online slots that are too similar to Centurion. Other developers would have seized on the popularity of the original game and released four or five sequels by now, but that’s just not how Inspired do things. They have made one linked game, though, as well as one further title that bears comparison

Centurion Free Spins: Some people will be put off by the original Centurion game for the exact same reason so many people love it; the huge number of bonus features. Not every player likes to be confronted with so many bells and whistles, preferring to play a solid base game that may offer one or two good features on top of the base. Perhaps bearing that in mind, Inspired released this ‘free spins’ version of Centurion, stripping away every bonus feature apart from the free spins round, and instead providing two different takes on that single feature. Aside from that, the look and feel of the game is totally unchanged, and the RTP is still 95%.

Pharaoh: Inspired returned to the ‘historical’ genre in 2017, but this time they went for Ancient Egypt instead of Ancient Rome. The RTP is 95% in Pharaoh just as it is in Centurion, but there are four rows to the five reels instead of three, even though the number of paylines remains at 20. As with Centurion, there’s a deep and wide range of bonuses and extra features, and an obvious respect for its subject matter. The style of animation is more cartoon-esque in Pharaoh than it is in Centurion, but the mechanics of the game are similar, and it’s definitely fun to play.

Other Games Similar To Centurion

Centurion is far from being alone as an online slot based on the days of Rome and its Empire. The drama and style of the era make it an exciting and interesting thing to look at; and those two qualities are pretty close to the top of the list when developers are thinking about themes for their latest slot game. There are several Roman games out there to play, and some of them are available here at roseslots.com. Let’s take a look at a few of the better-known titles.

Age of Spartans: This Genii game takes the time and theme of Centurion, and places it into a darker and more gritty atmosphere. Everything in Age of Spartans is sombre and reserved, right down to the prizes the game offers; 9 paying lines and only two bonus features, with an RTP of a mere 90.60%. In the modern era of slot gaming, that has to be considered pretty low. This might be a game for ambitious players though; the top jackpot offered comes in at a massive 10,000x your stake. If that doesn’t tempt you, you may prefer this game’s sister slot Age of Spartans Spin 16, which features more ways to win and more generous terms.

Gladiator of Rome: There’s a lot to be said for a good looking and solid slot game that knows what it’s good at, and sticks to it. Gladiator of Rome, by 1x2 Gaming, is definitely within that category. It’s set out in the classic 5x3 layout, the RTP is a nice and generous 97.32%, the graphics are bold and vibrant, and there’s one bonus feature. Sharp, simple and effective. It may not be as fun or varied to play as Centurion, but very few games offer that level of variety. Gladiator of Rome isn’t the most memorable slot game you’ll ever play, but it’s a long way from being the worst.

Call of the Colosseum is NextGen Gaming’s entry into the Roman canon. It focuses on one very specific facet of Roman history; the gladiatorial combat that went on within the Colosseum of the time. Warriors in the Colosseum would be pitted not only against each other, but also against savage beasts; some of which appear on the reels as the game is played! RTP in Call of the Colosseum is 95.26%, and there are 25 paylines to aim for. There are only two bonus features, which would normally be fine, but when you’re comparing this game to Centurion it looks too low.

Centurion Mobile Slot Game

The big fear when you find a new favourite slot game on your laptop is that you might want to play it on your smartphone some time; either on the move or even in bed; and the game just won’t be as fun to play because it hasn’t been adapted for the mobile format properly. We’ve had it happen to us, and it’s incredibly frustrating when it occurs. If you’re a fan of Centurion, or you’re considering playing the game, then you should be pleased to know that everything works just fine. The visuals are just as sharp, the sounds are just as clear, and the buttons have been arranged in a way that’s easy for your fingers to find, without getting in the way of the reels.

It could still have been done a little better, though. It’s slightly annoying that the game forces you to tilt your phone to play it; you can’t just play it holding your device the right way up. We’ve got nothing against turning our phone on its side, but it’s never nice to be forced to do anything, and most other developers have proven capable of making their games work either way around. Secondly, the game warns you that playing with the sound switched on may impact performance. We’ve thoroughly tested the game with the sound both on and off, and we didn’t notice any issues, but it’s concerning that the warning appeared at all. Centurion worked fine for us as a mobile slot, but Inspired would still be best advised to visit it again and give it a couple of tweaks, just to take care of the issues we describe above.

Centurion In The News

Centurion has been out for a little while now. That means the initial press attention it got when it was launched has died down, and things are a little quieter on the news front than they used to be. As with the press in general, all of the focus and attention goes on the newest, shiniest thing, and anything more than a year or two old is generally yesterday’s news. That’s not to say nobody talks about it. Centurion is a high-quality game with a lot of devoted players, so no matter how many years pass, it’ll likely still be referenced every now and then. PR Newswire, a website reporting on news of all kinds, noticed what an incredible 2018 Inspired Gaming had, and wrote a full report describing what happened to the company during those twelve months, and why everything went so well. In that report, Centurion is directly referred to, with the author observing that it remains one of Inspired’s most popular titles. Just like the legends of the Roman Empire itself, Centurion has stood the test of time.

Centurion is a Historical themed slot game from Inspired via NYX. Centurion is ranked at 25 on RoseSlots.com. Similar Historical slots include Atlantis Slot, Fortunium, Quest For The Grail. View all Historical themed slots. Related Inspired UK online slots include Maximus Payus, Eggspendables, Book of Christmas, Cash Bug, Bear Money, Irish Fortune. View all Inspired slots.