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Dark Vortex is a UK Online Slot Game by Yggdrasil. This 5-reels, 243 ways to win game has an RTP of 96.5%. Stacked Wilds, stacked High pays and 3125 ways to win in Free Spins.

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Dark Vortex Online Slot UK

Welcome to the horrific world of horror and devil worshipping, where you find yourself deep underground, close to the gates of hell. But despite the setting, your luck may be in with 5 reels in a traditional 5 x 3 formation and a devilish 243 pay lines. This deliciously macabre online slots will allow you bets of as low as 10 pence and as highly as a sensible £50, all in an effort to win its jackpot which could be up to 500 times your original stake. This the game boasts a medium variance rate and partners the wicked 243 pay lines with are simply horrifically generous RTP (return to player) rate of 96.5%.

Dark Vortex Bonus Round 1

Dark Vortex Developer - Yggdrasil

Rose Slots are extremely pleased to present to you, a deeply dark and disturbing online slot game, ‘Dark Vortex’, released by game developers Yggdrasil and released into the world on the 24th of October 2018. As there are many fans around the world of dark horror and perhaps of devil worshipping (although we won’t necessarily get into that, you can be sure that there is a plethora of similar games to dark for tax. For the sake of this review we will concentrate on ones most similar in tone to dark for tax and if you enjoyed the darkness of this online slot you could perhaps try ‘Necronomicon’ by A-Games, ‘Wicked Tales: Dark Red UK Slot’ by Triple Edged Studios, ‘Monsters House’ by Join Games or ‘Dark Thirst Online Slot’ by 1×2 Gaming.

Play Dark Vortex Mobile Slot

Dark Vortex has a wickedly dark, horror theme and places your 5 reels inside a spooky cave, with hideous monsters carved into the stone all around you. As with most online slot games, Dark Vortex would like you to match high and low value symbols across existing pay lines and opportunity to win exciting cash prizes. The low value symbols in play are all ancient -looking texts, the kind you really shouldn’t be messing with if you hope to avoid an apocalypse, each one coming in a different colour, namely red, purple, green, light blue and dark blue. The higher value symbols are all matched to the lower value symbols with matching colours, so one can only imagine that they represent the evil you’d release on the world by reading the equivalent books. Each of these demonic monstrosities have their own cash value, for matching between 3 and 5 symbols and are depicted by a red Demon, slimy purple monster, green cloak wearing skeleton reminiscent of death himself, light blue reducer type girl gone and a hideous dark blue Demon dog.

Dark Vortex Bonus Round 2

Dark Vortex Slot Features

Despite the dark, pitch black theme of this game, there are a few cool little bonuses available. Initially there is a wild symbol that is depicted by a glowing golden ‘WILD’ and this bonus can replace everything else on the reels except for the Vortex or orb symbols, the big wins. There is also the Vortex reels bonus round which will be triggered by two of the Vortex icons landed next to each other on the reels. When this happens the reels that they are placed on, will become vortex reels which will magically diminish the basic symbols in favour of more wild’s and hit the reels with some of the blue and pink magical orbs which will reward you with free spins. In addition to this, if you manage to fill all of your reels with Vortex power, then you will be instantly rewarded a random number of free spins. Dark Vortex, unlike many other games is quite unusual in the sense that you do not necessarily have to do the right to play the bonus rounds but can, at random junctures opt to purchase your way into the bonus round by parting with 80 times your initial stake for the opportunity of bigger wins, so just like selling your soul to the devil.

Dark Vortex Bonus Feature

Dark Vortex is a Magical themed UK slot from Yggdrasil. Dark Vortex is ranked at 365 at Rose Slots. Related Magical slots include White Wizard Deluxe, Magic of Pandora, Genie Jackpots JPK, Alchemist, Mysterious. View all Magical themed slots. Additional Yggdrasil UK online slots include Seasons, Orient Express, Wild Robo Factory, Fruitoids, Valley of the Gods, Jungle Books, Reptoids. View all Yggdrasil slots.

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