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Diamond Strike is a 5 reels, 15 paylines Online Slot Game by Pragmatic Play. Diamond Strike has TV talent show style Jackpot Bonus and an RTP of 96.48%.

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Diamond Strike Online Slot UK

This Pragmatic Play slot, with a five reel, three-row layout, has both feel firmly in the ‘classic’ genre. It takes all the best things about the traditional slot machines of old, and brings them into the modern age, adding free spins and an additional jackpot as bonus features. The slot game has 15 winning lines to find, with an RTP of 96.48%. No matter what year we’re living in, there will always be a place and a time for online slots with a classical touch. Pragmatic Play understands that, and that’s why they’ve brought us Diamond Strike; a game that was made and released in 2017, but in spirit belongs to a time much earlier. Every effort has been made to make the game feel like an old-school slot machine, somewhere in a real-world casino.

The consistency of that feeling runs through every aspect of the game. The sounds are so authentic that they may even have been directly recorded from a physical machine. There’s a retro style to the graphics, which are old-school without looking dated or shabby. The atmosphere is everything when you’re trying to replicate an experience, and so Diamond Strike goes the extra mile, even simulating the way a physical game would shake and rattle as it plays. Don’t expect flashy distractions or over-the-top animations when you’re playing this online slot; its beauty lies in its simplicity, and you can tell that every part of its creation was done with love.

Diamond Strike Bonus Round 1

We know that not everybody reading this review will have played a physical slot machine; if you’re under 25, you might be surprised to find out they ever existed at all! If, however, you did, you’ll know the symbols that are used in this game without being told. If you are lucky enough to be too young to remember, let’s break them down for you. Once upon a time, most slot machines were also known as ‘fruit machines’, and that’s because of the symbols. Accordingly, there is fruit on the reels here, specifically some cherries, some lemons, some plums and some melons. Above those, just like in the old days, there’s a bell and a lucky red number seven. None of those symbols would explain why this game is called Diamond Strike though. That comes from the game’s wild symbol, which is a huge, sparkling diamond, which substitutes for all other symbols to make winning lines apart from two; a ‘free spins’ symbol, and a scatter, which is a golden seven that comes with even more diamonds.

Diamond Strike Slot Review

If there were a variety of complicated bonus features and bells and whistles to Diamond Strike, it would ruin the atmosphere. Although the game is happy to offer a modern take on the genre, it’s just as much about honouring the past, and so it keeps things comparatively simple with two features that complement the base game nicely. The first is the free spins feature. You already know what free spins do; they give you more chances to win without taking any money from your pot. You have to work hard to land free spins in Diamond Strike; the round will only trigger if you’re able to land the free spins symbols on the first, third and fifth reels. As a starting point, you get eight free spins. You can however add to that if the free spins re-appear during the round; in fact, the free spins can re-trigger indefinitely. It doesn’t stop there either; additional diamond wilds appear on the reels throughout the free spins, making it easier to find winning combinations.

The most lucrative bonus feature this game offers is the Jackpot Bonus, which feels a little like you’ve suddenly been entered into a TV talent show! Find three or more of the golden 7 scatter symbols, and a voice from somewhere unseen will shout out ‘Diamond Strike!’, before transporting you to a brand new screen of play. This is a prize-picker round, where you’re free to choose from any of the diamonds on offer and find out what’s behind them. The round ends when you’ve found any three of the mini, minor, major or mega jackpot logos, which determine the scale of your win. Three ‘minis’ pay out ten times your stake. You get a multiplier of 30x for the minor jackpot, 100x for major, and a staggering 1000x your stake for the major jackpot.

Diamond Strike Developer - Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is the development house that created Diamond Strike. In the promotional text of their own website, Pragmatic Play has the following to say about Diamond Strike: “Hit the jackpot in Diamond Strike™, the 3x5, 15 lines video slot. The diamonds are wild and stacked on all reels. More diamonds are added in the high reward FREE SPINS FEATURE. When you hit 3 golden 7 symbols, you have the chance to win up to 1000x your bet in the Jackpot Bonus Game!” Pragmatic Play aren’t in the habit of writing huge amounts of text to promote their games; they let the product say everything it needs to say. Diamond Strike is a strong offering that’s more than capable of speaking for itself. It finds the perfect balance between catering to traditionalists, evoking feelings of nostalgia, and introducing just enough of the modern style to make itself feel relevant.

Pragmatic Play Games Like Diamond Strike

Using diamonds as a motif isn’t particularly original. Part of the point of Diamond Strike is to take us back in time to a simpler era of slot gaming, and during that era, games that made a feature out of diamonds were everywhere. Most developers have one or two of them among their catalogue, and Pragmatic Play are no different. In fact, they even have another game available that has a direct connection to Diamond Strike.

Diamond Strike Scratchcard: You can take the existence of this game as a sign that Diamond Strike is performing well for its developer. A game only tends to get a spin-off or sequel when whoever makes it is confident there’s a big enough market of players who love the original. In the case of Pragmatic Play, they almost never make sequels, and in fact have only made a couple of scratchcard games, linked exclusively to their most played games. That doesn’t mean the game is much fun for slot game fans though; it really is just a digital scratchcard that borrows the name and symbols of Diamond Strike. The top prize on offer is a cool £100,000, so if you are a fan of scratchcards, perhaps that will stoke your interest.

Diamonds Are Forever: Sadly, this isn’t an officially licensed James Bond product, as fun as that would have been. They do have some fun with the cheekiness of the game’s title though; even suggesting that winning the jackpot might ‘impress Moneypenny’, and ‘make you feel like James Bond’. We presume that Pragmatic Play avoided getting sued for the title by making the game’s full name ‘Diamonds Are Forever Three Lines’. The ‘three lines’ is relevant though; this game feels even more old-fashioned than Diamond Strike does. It’s a digital representation of a three reel, three-row slot game, and has three paylines to boot. RTP is 96.96%, and fans of really traditional slots will love it.

Other Games Like Diamond Strike

There’s a big market for traditional games, with plenty of players out there who enjoy them, and therefore plenty of competition in the market. Because of that, every single slot game developer has had a try at making a game with a classic feel at least once. Some of them have tried a lot more than that! There will never come a time when we’re not attracted to diamonds either, and so it’s safe to say slot game developers will never stop making games which use them as a central feature. Here are some of the better-known ones out there; games that we’re proud to offer to players at Rose Slots.

Diamond Deal: Visually, this online slot by Microgaming sits somewhere between Diamond Strike and Diamonds are Forever; it uses a very similar visual style to Diamond Strike, but the basic, 3x3 layout belongs to the latter game. It somehow manages to be even more simple in execution too; there’s only one payline in the game. You probably think that means the game isn’t all that generous, and you’d be right; the RTP is comparatively low at 89%. This game was designed for hardcore ‘classic’ game enthusiasts; the sort of player for whom even Diamond Strike contains too many features.

Diamond Empire: We don’t know what it is about diamonds, but they seem to inspire slot game developers to go back to their roots. Diamond Empire Online Slot; another slot game by Microgaming; also uses the 3x3 layout. They’ve made it a little more expansive than Diamond Deal though; there are fifteen paylines this online slot. There’s another twist coming; there’s a bonus round too, specifically a wheel of fortune offering multipliers to lucky players. RTP works out at 95.8% for this game, which has hidden depths. It may not be as sleek as Diamond Strike, but it definitely gives you more than you expect on the first impression.

Deco Diamonds: Don’t go anywhere, because Microgaming still isn’t done with their diamond-themed offerings! To create Deco Diamonds UK Slot, they paired up with a second slot game developer in Just For The Win Gaming; a newcomer to the market who formed in 2016. Deco Diamonds takes the look and feel of traditional slot game symbols and makes them three dimensional, brand new and shiny. This is an old-meets-new game, bringing the format bang up to date with a couple of bonus features including a good free spins offering. It doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s a fun game to play with an RTP of 96.3%.

Da Vinci Diamonds: This game may contain diamonds, but it certainly isn’t all about diamonds. It would be fair to say that whoever among IGT’s development team came up with this game is a lover of the world of art. Whilst a valuable diamond is the most lucrative symbol the game offers, you’ll also see the Mona Lisa, some other da Vinci works of art, and of course Leonardo da Vinci himself (otherwise the name wouldn’t make any sense). Cascading wilds is a nice bonus feature here, which is paired well with a free spins round, backing up the base game’s RTP of 94.94% and twenty paylines. If you enjoy the simplicity of Diamond Strike, this game might be a little too crowded for you, but if you have a penchant for are you’ll probably love it.

Diamond Strike Mobile Slot Game

Diamond Strike Bonus Feature

Earlier on, when we talked about Pragmatic Play, we mentioned that they pride themselves on the quality of their mobile offerings. They work on a ‘mobile first’ philosophy, with the version of the game that’s played on conventional computers being a secondary concern, and so we expect nothing less than perfection from the phone or tablet version of Diamond Strike. Were we disappointed when we loaded it up to find out? Of course we weren’t. Pragmatic Play knows exactly what they’re doing. Everything you find in the computer-based version of the game appears here. That includes the cool, sharp visual style, the atmospheric music and even the mechanical sound of the machine that Diamond Strike simulates. In a way, it makes it feel like you’re carrying a full sized slot game cabinet around in your hand!

The mobile version of the game so cleverly programmed that it knows which way up you’re holding your phone. Tilt the device on its side, and it appears just as it does on your computer screen. It even plays the same way, with the only difference being that the screen is smaller, and you use your fingers instead of a keyboard or mouse! Tilt it back upright, and the game moves things around or you; relocating the buttons so they’re still easy to find, but without getting them in the way of the reels. It’s even possible to activate the turbo-spin feature by holding down your thumb. Brilliantly, the playing area doesn’t shrink in size when a phone is held vertically, which is a common complaint we have when playing games from some other developers. In short, Diamond Strike plays perfectly on a mobile device. Nothing is lost, nothing becomes awkward, and the playing experience is essentially the same. Pragmatic Play set out to be a benchmark when it comes to mobile gaming, and if they continue to do the job as well as they have done with Diamond Strike, they’ll achieve it.

Diamond Strike In The News

At the risk of pointing it out one too many times, Pragmatic Play are known and respected, both by players and other slot developers, as a quality brand. Any new release from Pragmatic Play tends to get the attention of the industry press, and sometimes they go beyond that and get mainstream attention. Diamond Strike is probably too traditional in its approach to catch the eye of a newspaper journalist, but those who write within the gaming industry are full of praise for the game. The independent website Casinopedia, which is a Wiki of sorts for the casino world and acts as an online hub of gaming news, reviewed the game shortly after it was launched and were highly impressed with it. They felt like the classic style of the game made it timeless, and therefore it might be a game that continues to find new players for years to come. Another website that provides a similar service to Casinopedia, namely Online Casino Reports, also took the time to give the game a review, and coined the sort of phrase that the game would be well served to use on advertising. Specifically, they said it featured ‘the diamond standard of free spins’, which may not be far from the truth. We’ve seen free spins features done as well as this, but we’re not sure we’ve seen them done better.

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