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A voyage you can sail on with all smiles, Gems Odyssey is the story of the brave slot player. Unlike Odysseus Online Slot who suffered in the high seas, you can enjoy the Gems Odyssey at the comfort of your sofa or the office chair (as long as your boss is away), Set sail when you feel like it, win some prizes, and come back home victorious like a Greek hero. Although there won’t be songs written in your name you will have some money in your pocket.

Gems Odyssey slot UK

Gems Odyssey Online Slot UK

A theme everyone loves, The Gems Odyssey Slot has the well-known “destroy a cluster” theme. Didn’t get it? A good example is the Candy Crush game. Yes now you know. Not very long ago every mobile phone company had their own version of this game. And now Skillzzgaming has introduced it to the online slots. The game is based on a space Odyssey where the reels are set somewhere in the middle of the galaxy with stars floating in a surreal background.

Gems Odyssey Developer - Skillzzgaming

Comparatively a new player to the casino slot scene, Skillzzgaming has rapidly earned a reputation as the creators of some of the best UK online casino games available today. Gems Odyssey is yet another online casino slot game that proves the quality and skills of the developers, and Rose Slots knows that Skillzzgaming is a name to be reckoned with. That’s enough introduction ladies, take your seats and get ready for the launch. Players also can try Fruit Blast UK Slot by Skillzzgaming at Rose Slots.

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The slot has 5 reels and 5 rows technically speaking, or in simple words it has 25 gems in a 5×5 layout. There are no reels spinning here. Instead the gems explode giving way to new gems. What’s special in the Gems Odyssey Slot is that it’s not only the reels and the luck that matter here. You can change your destiny and bring home some sizable loot if you play the game right. Part of Gems Odyssey is the common slot machine behaviour but part of it is about the player’s strategy.

If you have played Candy Crush then I don’t need to explain anything here as to how the reels work in the Skillzzgaming Gems Odyssey Slot. But I will give you an idea. You must touch a cluster of 3 or more gems and that will explode giving way to new gems, and also the meter for the exploded gem type will start to fill in. As you go on destroying gems the corresponding meters will fill up. When a meter is filled 100%, you will get the prize associated with that gem.

Gems Odyssey Slot Features

Befitting the theme of the Gems Odyssey there’s an AI play option in the game. You can hand over the rudder to the artificial intelligence and take a break to watch the stars or to write your journal. But if you enjoy steering your own destiny, then select the Man option and play on.

A generous ‘second chance’ feature is available when you fail to score in a round. It simply gives you another chance to play. The theoretical RTP is 94.6% which is below the average but I believe that being able to use you strategy makes up for it.

In this UK slot machine for ladies, there’s a jackpot symbol too. Marked with figure 7 this symbol will bring you a maximum prize of x1000. Although it’s not a progressive jackpot, the one level prize is worth fighting for it at that huge rate. Who cares about not having “progressive” when the numbers are big, right?

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