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Gold Rush! is an online slot released by Pragmatic Play, with 5 reels and an RTP of 96.5%. Not to be confused by "Gold Rush" made by Playson.

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99 Time Online Slot UK

Welcome to the American West in the late 1840’s, where we are transported to right in the middle of the Californian Goldrush as we hope to strike it lucky.  With Five reels in a traditional five by three formation and a tasty 25 paylines, you could find yourself screaming gold!

Gold Rush Online Slot Gameplay

‘Gold Rush’, is brought to you by and is an online video slot released by Pragmatic Play, released on the 21st of June 2016. It is a 5 reels game that offers betting options of between £0.25 and £125, with a possible jackpot of up to twenty times your stake and an RTP (return to player) rating of 96.5%. It is a very well animated game, with its reels being placed at the entrance to a Western Goldmine and wants us to match identical symbols in applicable paylines in order to win prizes. As with most online slots games, ‘Gold Rush’ has a number of low value symbols, represented by a Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King and an Ace, which at best, will award £7.50 for matching five identical symbols across a payline. The high value symbols in play here a set of tools, a lantern, your trusted ass, a mine cart and a hopeful prospector (whom is the highest paying of all the high value icons and rewards £50 if five matching symbols are obtained).

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Gold Rush! Slot Bonus Features

There are a couple of cool little bonus features available in ‘Gold Rush’. An additional symbol you should look out for is the Dynamite symbol, which is the games wild symbol and will substitute any other symbol for bigger wins, except for the scatter symbol which is represented by the mine tunnel symbol, which can replace anything. And additionally, it is the scatter symbol that will trigger the free spins round for you. To activate this round you will need to obtain three tunnel scatters on reels two, three of four and when you do you will be rewarded with ten free spins. The good thing about the free spins section, is that you can also retrigger a further free spin round in order to amass further spins. During you free spins, you will actually be thriving to obtain gold nuggets in order to ‘buy’ further prospector symbols on your reels and thus gain bigger prizes. You will be awarded between seven upwards prospectors for 0-4 nuggets, all the way up to 29 prospectors in play for fifteen plus nuggets.

Gold rush Bonus Round 2

Games Similar to Gold Rush!

As ‘Gold Rush’ has an interesting, historical theme, as well as a rather apt play on words with the fact that you are trying to strike gold, you could probably well imagine that there are many similarly themed games out there.  A couple of pretty similar games on the market, which are based in the Goldrush are ‘Boom Brothers’ by NetEnt and ‘Where’s the Gold’ by Aristocrat Gaming, but for general Western themed games you could try ‘Gold Rush Online Slot by Playson’ or ‘Gunslinger’ by Pay N’ Go.

Gold Rush! Slot Review

This is a mining-themed online slot, played across a 5x3 layout of reels and rows and developed by Pragmatic Play. 25 fixed paylines, an expansive free spins feature and an RTP of 96.5% are available to players, and the game is set in the time of the California gold rush. There are many moments in history that you could consider to be ‘defining' regarding how the United States of America came to be the country that it is today, but you'd have to put the California Gold Rush fairly high on that list of moments. For a brief time, it appeared that any person willing to head down into the darkness with an axe and dig could change their lives with one lucky find.

The Gold Rush actually works as a metaphor for what we’re all doing when we play online slots. We’re all chipping away at the walls of the reels, waiting for one of them to give way and pay us out the gold we’ve been looking for. It’s a logical connection, and one that slot gave developers have picked up on numerous times. There are a lot of online slots within the mining genre. This version of Gold Rush, by Pragmatic Play, is one of the very best of them. Visually, this isn’t the best looking game you’re going to see on our website, but it’s also far from the worst. The graphical style is simple but effective. The reels are set into the entrance way to an old fashioned, rocky and dangerous looking mine, daring you to come and play with them. Beyond the reels is only the deep darkness of the mine. The game’s soundtrack is surprisingly immersive; not only do you get some suitable twanging banjo, but the grunts, groans and exertions of physical labour from your co-workers.  

The lowest value symbols on the reels are represented, as they frequently are, by playing cards 10, J, Q, K and A. Next up after that is a set of mining tools, then a lamp, then a cart full of mined gold. Best of all a happy and smiling gold digger with a big bushy beard, a pickaxe on his back and some shiny, presumably newly mined gold in his clutches. The symbols provide us with almost everything we'd need to go and do our own mining, but dynamite helps with mining operations too, and it's in the game as the wild symbol. It replaces all symbols except the scatter, and when it does so, it makes new winning lines. The scatter symbol shows the entrance way to a network of tunnels, which is fitting because it's also the entrance to the game's bonus feature.

Gold Rush Bonuses

Gold rush Bonus Feature

A good modern online slot only needs to have one bonus feature, so long as that bonus feature is detailed, generous, and very well executed. There’s only one bonus feature in Gold Rush, but it ticks all of those boxes. The bonus mode we’re talking about is Pragmatic Play’s take on Free Spins. Having a free spins mode is nothing unusual; plenty of games too, but the developer has spiced things up a little with this game. To get your free spins started, you need to spin, and land three scatters on reels two, three and four. As a starting point, that gets you ten free spins. During those free spins, you'll get another two spins each time any time a new scatter symbol is found. You'll see at least one every three or four spins on average, so it's possible to keep this feature going for some time.

You’ll want the free spins to keep coming, because there’s now a new symbol on the reels, and it’s a symbol you’ll want to collect. In keeping with the game’s theme, it’s a solid nugget of gold. The more nuggets you collect and store, the more prospector symbols get added onto the reels. As you should recall, he’s the most valuable of all the symbols, and so making winning lines with him pays good prizes! When you start the free spins bonus, seven additional prospector figures are added to the reels. If you collect five of the gold nuggets, that increases to sixteen. Keep on spinning and reach ten nuggets, and now you’re on an additional 21 of the prospector symbols. If your luck is really in, and you make it all the way to fifteen nuggets of gold, there will now be 29 more of the prospector symbols on the reels than there were when you triggered the feature; and that means pretty much every spin should pay out. Obviously, there's a significant element of luck to success in the free spins round; you need to find both gold nuggets and extra scatter symbols on a regular basis to really make it start to pay out good money.

About Pragmatic Play

As one of the most prolific creators of online slots in the entire industry, Pragmatic Play has an impressive library. In the time since they opened, which was a little over a decade ago in 2007, they've racked up an impressive collection of over 100 slot games. Given the speed at which they release new ones, we wouldn't be surprised if they passed 200 within the next three years! In among that huge volume are some highly popular and award-winning slots, including Great Rhino, Wolf Gold, Peking Luck and the game we're reviewing now, Gold Rush. All of the excellent slot games we just mentioned can be played at Rose Slots.

Pragmatic Play are a big believer in being at the forefront of technology; they've noticed that more and more players are now playing slots on their mobiles instead of their computers, and so they design their slots with these players in mind. Rather than risk creating a slot that looks and plays well on a laptop but struggles on a smartphone, they design for the smartphone first. That should mean that all their slot games perform equally well on either format, and they succeed in this ambition more often than not.

Despite their hectic schedule, which usually sees them publish at least two brand new slots every month of the year, they also find time to pursue other endeavours; if you ever visit land-based casinos, you may see the Pragmatic Play name on the side of the roulette cabinets they manufacture and supply. Their mantra as a company is ‘innovation and dedication'. Given their unusual approach to designing slots and their remarkably high output, we think it's fair to say they live up to both of those aspirations.

Pragmatic Play have a page dedicated to Gold Rush on their website, and on it, they say of the game:-

“Make a fortune in Gold Rush™, the 3 x 5, 25 lines video slot. The jolly prospector is using stacks of Wild dynamite on the reels. And in the Progressive Free Spins round, go deeper inside the mine and collect gold nuggets to advance the level and bring more top prospectors to the hunt.”

We don’t think we’d understand how the free spins round functioned from that explanation alone. Lucky for you, you’ve got us here to give you all the details! Pragmatic Play’s Gold Rush is a simple game, which is easy to play, but has hidden depths in its free spins round. We think it’s a very solid offering.

Pragmatic Play Games Similar To Gold Rush!

As of the time of writing, Pragmatic Play hasn't released a sequel to Gold Rush. That's not all that surprising; the game was a late 2017 release, and is a long way from being considered old. They have released a related game though, along with one or two that share at least a slightly similar theme.

Gold Rush! Scratchcard: while this is a related game, using several graphics and symbols from the Gold Rush slot game along with the soundtrack of the original, it isn't a slot game. It's just a digital version of a scratchcard, where you scratch away symbols to find out what's underneath and hope you can find a matching set. If your interest is purely limited to slot games, this won't hold much interest to you.

Dwarven Gold: There are other ways to get gold apart from clawing your way through a mine in the dark. How about thieving it from some absent-minded dwarves instead In the bizarre and unusual plot of this game, four party loving dwarves have gone out and left the door unlocked, and you’re free to ransack their home looking for their hidden gold. We’re not sure if there is a ‘robbery’ genre of slot games, but if there is, this game belongs in it! There’s a free spins mode, although not as original as the one in Gold Rush, and RTP is 96.64%.

Da Vinci’s Treasure: How about not going looking for gold at all? How about hunting for treasure instead? Indiana Jones-esque lead character John Hunter invites you to do precisely that in Da Vinci's Treasure UK Slot, which is one of the most popular of all Pragmatic Play's games. They don't often do character-driven games, but they've shown here that they're perfectly capable of it if they put their minds to it. Da Vinci Treasure is a bonus and feature heavy game, containing a wheel of fortune, a unique side game based around a treasure map, plenty on top of that. There are even completely random bonus features that can trigger at any time. It may be over-complicated for some, but some players swear by it, and with an RTP of 96.53% it's potentially generous.

Online Slots Similar To Gold Rush!

Most of the time, when we provide comparisons for games we're reviewing, we look for games that share something with the online slot we're focused on. That's usually a graphical similarity or a similar theme. In the case of Gold Rush, there are several other slot games currently active which have the exact same name! Nobody owns the copyright, and so everyone's free to use it, but we think there are probably enough of them now. We hope slot developers creating mining games will think of something more original in future!

Playson’s Gold Rush: Other than the Pragmatic Play game, this is probably the best known of the ‘other' Gold Rushes. Developed and released by Playson, we actually offer this game to players here at Rose Slots! We only accept quality games, so we can vouch for this one, even if having two games with the same name is a little confusing. This take on Gold Rush is good looking, although set in an even darker and danker mine than the Pragmatic Play game is. RTP comes in at 95.79%, expanding wilds offer regular rewards, and one of the bonus features lets you actually choose a mine to dig into and find what's there. You can either choose a ‘difficult' mine with a reduced chance of winning a large prize, or an ‘easier' mine with a higher chance of a smaller prize. It's all about risk and reward! We'd say this game is on around the same level as the Pragmatic Play game.

Rival’s Gold Rush: This is a game that's both older in terms of how long it's been out for, and older in terms of the style it represents. The Rival game takes visual inspiration from old-school one-armed bandits, offering only one fixed payline, and a 3x3 layout of reels and rows. Because it's deliberately basic in style, it lacks any form of bonus offers, and so it's one for the players who like the more traditional games. RTP is still fair, coming in at 95.94%.

Habanero’s Gold Rush: Habanero may not be as well known as Pragmatic Play or Playson, but they're at least able to compete with their interpretations of Gold Rush on a visual level. This is an exceptionally well-presented game, with 5x3 reels and rows, 25 fixed paying lines, and a really generous 98.1% RTP. The game is packed full of bonus features, and there's a risk that between the free spins, progressive jackpot, scatters, wilds, separate multipliers, gamble feature, and extra wrinkle where the final spin of the free spins feature causes a ‘roof collapse' in the mine and dumps random symbols onto the reels, it might just be a case of ‘too much'.  

BetConstruct’s Gold Rush: If the Habanero game might be a little too much, the BetConstruct game might be suffering from the opposite problem. It bears a strong resemblance to the stripped back Rival game, being modelled on a physical slot machine, but uses a slightly more modern interpretation with a 5x3 layout and nine fixed paylines instead of the one in the Rival game. There's also a free spins bonus feature. The game may well have hidden depths, but it concerns us that we can't find an RTP rate published for it anywhere, so there's no way of knowing how likely you are to see a return on your money.

Gold Rush! On Mobile

Gold Rush is still a new game; it was published towards the back end of 2017. By that time, the era of mobile slot games was well underway. Pragmatic Play also prides themselves on the quality of their mobile slots, and say that they create new releases by designing the mobile version first. Combine these two things together, and we'd expect a perfect and seamless transition from one way of playing the slot to the other.

We mentioned earlier that Pragmatic Play does well with this process more often than they don't, and they're bang on the money again here. Nothing has been chopped, changed or otherwise altered to make this slot game playable on a handheld device. The quality of all the animations sounds and graphics are identical, and the functionality of the slot is the same. We're particularly pleased to see that Gold Rush ‘knows' which way up your device is being held; if you move between portrait and landscape perspective, the layout and display will rearrange itself to suit. In either case, the buttons never get in the way of the reels, and nothing shrinks down to an uncomfortable size. Pragmatic Play always seems able to make this process look easy; playing slots by other developers can sometimes demonstrate that it isn't.

We wish that every developer was as consistently good at making mobile slots as Pragmatic Play. Their innovative design process shows in the execution of their slots. As mobile gaming becomes more popular, those developers who can't make the adjustment from one method of playing to another are in danger of losing their foothold in the market. Pragmatic Play doesn't have to worry about that risk. To summarise, if you've had a great experience playing Gold Rush sat at your computer, you'll also have a great experience playing it on your smartphone. As a tiny little bonus, you can even see a little bit more of the mine as you play, which provides more atmosphere!  

Gold Rush! In The News

Pragmatic Play enjoys a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for creating excellent online slot games. That reputation means that when they have a new game to release, the industry press usually wants to know about it. There were many people eagerly awaiting the chance to write about Gold Rush, and it certainly found its way to the right places.

The entrepreneur Calvin Ayre is hugely well respected within the online casino industry. His website and blog take notes of the latest happenings within the slot game world, and he offers coverage or comment on the things he considers to be important. When Gold Rush was released, he actually gave over space within his website to the entire press release. While that may not sound a particularly big deal, he certainly doesn't do that for every developer or every game, so we can take that as a mark of respect for Pragmatic Play and their products.

Casinopedia is also one of the more widely read news websites within the industry, and they like to pick up and review any new release that’s caught their attention. Gold Rush certainly did that. The review team at the website enjoyed playing the game when it was brand new, and commented favourably on its sense of fun, its sharp design, and how easy it was just to pick up and play. The latter point is a good one; having a great looking game is no good if nobody knows how to play it. Pragmatic Play, as they so frequently do, got the balance of looks and function just right with this game.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Gold Rush

Now you know what’s hiding in the cave, are you ready to come and try to dig it out? The slot will do its best to help you with the free spins round, all you need to do is be lucky! As you’ve heard from both us and from elsewhere, this is a very well executed online slot, with admirers inside the industry. If you’d like to see if there really is gold to be found in this slot, we’d love you to stay here with us and play it at

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Whenever you use our secure PayPal method to credit your account with £20 or more, you become eligible to win even more free spins. We value your custom, and we want to make sure you stay with us. That's why we also offer cashback incentives to our players every week. With a phenomenal slot selection and great incentives for players, Rose Slots is the place to come and play slot games. Come on in and join the fun today!

Gold Rush

It is safe to say that the gold theme is popular amongst all developers, particularly Pragmatic Play, the creators of Gold Rush. These slots take you ebneath the ground within mining environments, with glowing gemstones and golden bars up for grabs. This theme gives developers the chance to get creative with their visuals, producing plenty of colour and animation - accessible across all major devices. Gold Rush may have been developed back in 2017, but it remains a very popular gold themed slot to play now in 2021. 

After a few years at Rose Slots Casino, Gold Rush has built up a strong base of players, as  a very popular mining themed slot here at this online slots casino. Because of this, Pragmatic Play have been determined to keep up with changing times by making this slot accessible through all of the latest technology. With JavaScript and HTML5 compatibility now available, you can play Gold Rush across all of your favourite devices, from mobile to desktop. With portability on your side, you can enjoy this UK online slot wherever you like. 

Since development, it is safe to say that Gold Rush has only gotten better with age. In particular, this UK slot has improved significantly with payout and jackpot value. You can now win up to a whopping £312,500 in this high value slot, which makes it even more appealing than it once was on its development. Pragmatic Play certainly know how to make a slot appealing, and Gold Rush is the perfect example of this. By combining high value payouts with a fair chance of winning, this slot attracts many players as one of the best mining themed slots to play here at 

In terms of graphics, Gold Rush (2021) has stayed rather the same, apart from a few advancements in quality and compatibility. Pragmatic Play have maintained the cartoon-style mining theme which players seem to love so much, whilst adding improvements in quality and definition as times change. Now, you can enjoy a classic mining themed slot in HD with full interactive features including video and audio. Aside from this, these developers know the importance of keeping a slot accessible, which is why they have kept the reel to the usual 5x3 reel format. 

As you venture into the mine of Gold Rush, you can come across everyone’s favourite wild and scatter symbols. Not only do these symbols payout over £300K, they can also offer access to Free Spins and Wild Features. With no major changes to the bonus features used, this slot can remain classical and timeless. Pragmatic Play have designed Gold Rush to be accessible by all players, meaning they have kept the bonus features simple and easy to follow. Pragmatic Play have since produced many leading titles similar to Gold Rush, as they continue to add hundreds of hit slot titles to Rose Slots Casino regularly. Whether gold mining or scuba diving, there is a quirky theme of Pragmatic Play slot to get involved with at this online slots casino.