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Gonzo's Quest is a 5 reels, 20 paylines Online Slot Game by NetEnt. Gonzo's Quest has Free Spins, Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Wild features and an RTP of 96%.

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Gonzo's Quest Online Slot UK

A quest of epic proportions! Any history aficionado will tell you that Gonzalo Pizzaro was instrumental in the stories of Eldorado: the city of gold. This Spanish conquistador is the main inspiration for Gonzo’s Quest slot game: a 3D online thrill ride that is sure to get a rise from players that enjoy online slots with a base theme that is ripped straight from the pages of old. Gonzo’s Quest can be best described with the word: immersive. If immersion is your thing then why not play this slot over at Rose Slots, it’s a site with a lot to offer, check it out!

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Gonzo’s Quest Developer - NetEnt

In 1996 Net Entertainment was formed in Sweden as an offline casino operator, today it has become one of the leading names in online gaming that now stretches worldwide. The ever-growing list of games that NetEnt have created has, if anything, inspired many other games within the market, this is something that is completely unheard of in modern-day gaming, we're re-inventing the wheel can be difficult when there is already a set path of creating a successful slot. Since its inception, NetEnt has produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences. Other top Netent slot games include Jungle Spin Online Slot and Twin Spin UK Slot.

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What kicks of this exciting journey is an animated cutscene that sets up the base game perfectly? This cutscene is very well-done and borrows graphics from the base game making it the perfect interlude into things to come. This scene shows Gonzalo getting off his ship and embarking on his great and noble quest in search of gold. Once this cutscene has concluded players are introduced to the 5 reels over 20 pay-lines slot with Gonzo being quite prominently featured on the left-hand side of the screen.

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Whether you are after a demo version or feel brave to test your luck today to play real money slot, Gonzo's Quest slot game is a perfect all-time favourite option for you. Rose Slots is one of the most popular online casinos for UK players. It is fully licensed and regulated and creates a safe and secure atmosphere for players to have a bit of fun. Join us today and spin away. 

Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot Features

Gonzo’s Quest online slot game implements something known as an avalanche feature, this basically changes the way players will see the symbols fall onto the reels. These symbols will now drop individually from above into the reels. Don’t worry if you think this will be too distracting, it really isn’t, if anything it changes the perspectives on every other slot. In this feature, if you manage to drop a symbol into a winning pay-line you will see an explosion animation, a very beautiful explosion might we add!

Gonzo's Quest Bonus Feature

This explosion will then of course, add different symbols into the missing sections of the reels, thus offering different levels of playability, always giving you something to aim for. This avalanche feature will reward players with 15x free spins whenever you activate this feature. This is also a great way of earning bonus coins which fall from the free-fall symbols that will activate this feature when matched within the same pay-line.

Gonzo’s Quest 2021

NetEnt probably didn't realize that they were starting a new franchise when they released the "Gonzo's Quest" slot in late 2011. To them, it was probably just another popular online slots game in a long line of popular online slots released by the prolific and successful developer. It's become something more than that, though. "Gonzo's Quest" will be ten years old at the end of 2021, and yet it's still holding its place within the top 10% of the most popular slots in our whole RoseSlots.com library. Looking back on it now, we can say that it was ahead of its time. We see the "collapsing wins" feature (sometimes known as "avalanche wins") in a whole host of brand new slots in the 2020s, but back in 2011, it was almost unheard of. The idea of getting a new set of symbols and the chance of further wins after any base game win was brand new and very exciting for players. Other developers probably thought that NetEnt had lost their minds, but it's become a staple of the present day. Even the animated 3D presentation of "Gonzo's Quest" slot was ahead of its time for 2011, as was the idea of a bonus side game that plays out almost like a story.

All of the above might go some way to explaining why the slot remains so popular with players in 2021, but there's more to it than that. We think a few players might have found it after being drawn to "Gonzo Slots Megaways," which was released in mid-2020 and is also available to RoseSlots players. It takes all the looks and sounds of the original "Gonzo's Quest" and blends them seamlessly with the popular "Megaways" system, keeping the "collapsing wins" system in place but throwing in an astonishing 117,649 ways to win along with colossal multipliers and a redeveloped free spins feature. If you've played and enjoyed "Gonzo's Quest Megaways," it probably makes sense to work backward and find the original "Gonzo's Quest," and more than a few people have likely done so.

The story doesn't stop there for "Gonzo's Quest" and its ongoing development. In late February 2021, it will become one of the first online slots in the world to be released as a virtual reality slot. It's back in the hands of original developer NetEnt for this boundary-pushing innovation, which will fully immerse the player in the Gonzalo Pizarro-inspired land depicted in the original. It's too early to say whether this idea will catch on or become popular, but it says a lot about the enduring appeal of the first "Gonzo's Quest" slot that it's been chosen as a pioneer for a potential new era of online slots ten years down the line. No matter how many new and improved versions of the slot go on to be released in the future, we suspect there will always be a place for the first “Gonzo’s Quest” in the hearts of players. From the ahead-of-their-time bonus features to the high volatility and the intrigue of the real-life story it’s based on, it has a charm to it that most other slots struggle to match. That’s why it’s still so popular in 2021, and it’s also why it’s likely to remain just as popular five years from now!