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Hot Frootastic is a 5 reels, 10 paylines online slots game by Barcrest. Hot Frootastic has a maximum jackpot of 5000x your line bet, and an RTP of 95.96%. If you want to play Hot Frootastic, do it with us at Rose Slots, where you can also play more than 500 other leading online slots such as Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, Rainbow Riches, and Great Rhino.

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Hot Frootastic Online Slot UK

The title of this slot from Barcrest is an odd one. As a rule of thumb, fruits don't tend to be hot. The best way to eat them is generally at the same temperature they were picked off the vine or tree at, albeit after a little wash. We've seen them served cold plenty of times as part of a dessert, but hot fruits are a rarity unless we're talking cooking apples or baked pears. Hot fruits do seem to be a recurring theme among online slots providers though, where they're often 'burning,' 'red hot,' or otherwise served at a temperature that would be unfit for human consumption. We guess it's just a way of bringing a little sizzle - literally - to one of the most classic and traditional themes for playing slots.

Hot Frootastic Bonus Round 1

Hot Frootastic Developer - Barcrest

We suspect that Barcrest didn't need to make any notes about how to create the perfect classic slot game - they've got nearly fifty years of experience of doing so. Barcrest were once the dominant name in making slot game cabinets both at home in the UK and right the way across Europe, too. That means they spent literally decades making slot machines and fruit machines, and all of that knowledge is stored up in the annals of their company history. Even though the world of gaming has changed almost beyond all recognition since they released their first product in 1968, Barcrest has changed with the times and found a way to stay relevant. These days, they do it with the support of their American parent company Scientific Gaming, who parted with a huge sum of money to acquire them in 2011.

Not everything Barcrest do is quite this traditional, and even if you're something of a newcomer to online slots, you've probably already come across their most famous creation. That's the Irish-themed Rainbow Riches Online Slot, which is the most popular and widely-played of all the online slots which use the Irish theme, as well as Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold UK Slot. Barcrest has made and released numerous leprechaun-themed sequels to their original 2006 hit, and won a wide audience by doing so. Half a century after they started doing business, Barcrest is every bit as important to the slots industry and slots players as they always have been.

Play Hot Frootastic Mobile Slot

When we say 'classic and traditional,' with Hot Frootastic we really mean it. There are slots which exist in the 'classic' genre which look space-age compared to Hot Frootatic - and we don't mean that as a slight. What Barcrest have set out to do with this slot is create something that takes us back in time, to an era where we played fruit and slot machines in bingo halls, bars, and casinos. For players of a certain age, playing Hot Frootastic will probably evoke a powerful wave of nostalgia; so much so that you'll double check to make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder before you collect your winnings! As a word of warning though, if you're looking for something that contains modern thrills and quirks, this slot isn't for you. Go back to the All Games page of Rose Slots and pick something else. Hot Frootastic was built for the most traditionally-minded players of them all.

Hot Frootastic Bonus Round 2

Staying traditional means keeping the number of reels and rows down to a minimum, and so we have five of one and three of the other. Within them, we’re chasing ten fixed paylines in order to find wins. As has been the case in a few of Barcrest’s other traditional slots, the background of Hot Frootastic is a raging inferno of flame, so it appears to be the provider’s motif when working with the classic genre. There isn’t a lot in the way of sound effects - and nor would you expect there to be - but the rumble and clatter of the spinning reels is enough to give us a little atmosphere as we play, backed up by a merry little tune which you can turn off if it starts to get on your nerves after a while.

The symbols on the reels here and the same as the symbols you'd find on the reels of almost any slot which belongs to this theme; the 'least valuable' level is a four-way tie between oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries. Watermelons are a step up from them, bells are a step up again, and the top of the lot is the familiar sight of lucky number seven. Usually, there's a slight increment up from one tier to another, but with Hot Frootastic the Lucky Sevens are in a class of their own. We'll mention them again in a moment. That’s all you’re getting from the Hot Frootastic base game; we have no bonus symbols, no scatters, no wilds, no multipliers, and no expanding symbols. All of those modern inventions would be out of place here, and so they’ve been omitted. If you’re expecting a twist when it comes to the bonus features, then we’re afraid we have some bad news for you!

Hot Frootastic Slot Bonus Features

Don't say we didn't warn you. Hot Frootastic is utterly devoid of any bonus features at all. If you've read this far, though, we suspect that didn't come as a surprise to you. Even though some providers feel like they should throw a token bonus offering into their classic slots to please modern players, Barcrest doesn't. They set out to make Hot Frootastic look and feel like something from the distant past, and they've stayed true to their vision.

Hot Frootastic Bonus Feature

If you think that means Hot Frootastic can’t be exciting, you’re very much mistaken. If you land the maximum jackpot this slot has to offer, you’ll jump for joy and declare it to be the best online slot you’ve ever played! All you need to do is spin and spin until you get five lucky seven symbols on the same line - and your reward is a gigantic 5000x your line bet. Even a near miss is very profitable - the win for four of the symbols in a row is 1000x your bet. That means an imperfect line in Hot Frootastic is worth more than the top prize that many modern slots pay for a perfect five.

Having no bonuses, perks, or quirks means that Hot Frootastic will likely only appeal to a limited audience, but if it appeals to you, then you're the exact target customer that Barcrest had in mind when they designed it. They've gone overboard in their attempts to please you, so why not reward their dedication by taking it for a spin? Because it requires almost no interaction from you at all, you could even leave it on Autoplay and nip off to make a tea or coffee - although where's the fun in that?

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