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Jack in the Box Slot Game

There are many games that are different not just based on their theme or features but their bonuses can make the difference among all the other online slot games.

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Jack in the Box Slot Gameplay

There are many games that feature animals. There are games with Zoo themes, and there are games where animals can be seen in the wild. In simple and plain words, there are games that feature animals in the jungles and in the zoos. But what would happen if you try to mingle wild animals with entertainment.

Have you ever been to a circus and you loved it? Now is your chance to try yourself relive and enjoy the same fun again. Jack in the Box is an entertaining game that has the features of both Animals, Jungle, Zoo, altogether Circus. It’s entertaining and happy because the animals and the trainers are not just happy but are keen to have you try your luck.


While playing this game, you might feel like you had been attending a circus that came to your town and now there’s online slot that can make you enjoy the circus even more! The sound effects, the graphics, the symbols, the Wild, everything included in this game is not just about circus and fun animals but it goes a long way than that. If you manage to master your luck, you can get yourselves numerous free spins, prizes, and lots of bonus rounds.

Here is what you need to know about Jack in the Box:


Jack in the Box Slot Bonus Features

The RTP of Jack in the Box is 95.98% which is kind of close to 96% but a few points can make the difference in the long run. This game features 6 reels and has 100 paylines which is quite a lot for a game with a circus theme. That is being said because not many featured games have so much to offer.

As far as the bonuses of the game go, the Wild symbol of this slot is a Ringmaster. In Jack in the Box, you can avail as many as 6 bonus rounds. All these rounds are not just exciting and entertaining but if your luck and fate are on your side, you can win a lot.


The 1st bonus game lets you win prizes when you Jack in the Box symbol in the reel. It might appear randomly on scoring Wilds. The 2nd bonus game occurs on reels 1 and 6 and takes you to a new screen. Once you’re there, you’ll be shown 24 Jackes in the Boxes. You have to choose any three to win prizes. If you manage to choose 3 symbols and match them, you’ll further be able to win more by choosing the free spins. This is where it gets more entertaining because the number of free spins you choose can be as much as 50!

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