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There are many games that are different not just based on their theme or features but their bonuses can make the difference among all the other online slot games.

Jack in the Box Screenshot 2021

Jack in the Box Online Slot UK

There are many games that feature animals. There are games with Zoo themes, and there are games where animals can be seen in the wild. In simple and plain words, there are games that feature animals in the jungles and in the zoos. But what would happen if you try to mingle wild animals with entertainment.

Jack in the Box Bonus Round 1

Have you ever been to a circus and you loved it? Now is your chance to try yourself relive and enjoy the same fun again. Jack in the Box is an entertaining game that has the features of both Animals, Jungle, Zoo, altogether Circus. It’s entertaining and happy because the animals and the trainers are not just happy but are keen to have you try your luck.

Jack in the Box Developer - Pariplay

Pariplay is no stranger to the UK online slots casino players. The company has developed some of the best casino games in UK for online players. Many games similar with Jack in the Box can be easily found. Some of the notable slots are Circus, Wicked Circus, Twisted Circus Online Slot, and the World of Circus. Jumbo Joker, Leaders of the World, Lost Island UK Slot. Pirate Princess and many more share the same features as Jack in the Box.

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While playing this game, you might feel like you had been attending a circus that came to your town and now there’s online slot that can make you enjoy the circus even more! The sound effects, the graphics, the symbols, the Wild, everything included in this game is not just about circus and fun animals but it goes a long way than that. If you manage to master your luck, you can get yourselves numerous free spins, prizes, and lots of bonus rounds.

Jack in the Box Slot Features

The RTP of Jack in the Box is 95.98% which is kind of close to 96% but a few points can make the difference in the long run. This game features 6 reels and has 100 paylines which is quite a lot for a game with a circus theme. That is being said because not many featured games have so much to offer.

Jack in the Box Bonus Feature

As far as the bonuses of the game go, the Wild symbol of this slot is a Ringmaster. In Jack in the Box, you can avail as many as 6 bonus rounds. All these rounds are not just exciting and entertaining but if your luck and fate are on your side, you can win a lot. The 1st bonus game lets you win prizes when you Jack in the Box symbol in the reel. It might appear randomly on scoring Wilds. The 2nd bonus game occurs on reels 1 and 6 and takes you to a new screen. Once you’re there, you’ll be shown 24 Jackes in the Boxes. You have to choose any three to win prizes. If you manage to choose 3 symbols and match them, you’ll further be able to win more by choosing the free spins. This is where it gets more entertaining because the number of free spins you choose can be as much as 50!

Jack In The Box 2021

At the beginning of 2021, we at took stock of the most popular online slots within our extensive library. Jack in the Box is within the top twenty. What is it about this slot that makes it so popular with players, and what, if anything, has changed about it since the day it was released in late 2017? Let’s do a little digging and see if we can work out the secrets of its success. The first thing we should note is that it might be popular with Rose Slots players because it's hard to find elsewhere. We're one of fewer than ten online slots websites in the UK that offers this slot, and we have to say it's everyone else's loss! The slot has developed a glowing reputation on the continent, where it's available in more than five hundred places in Germany alone, but most UK venues missed out on it. We're glad we had the opportunity to feature it and even more glad that you're enjoying it so much.

Jack in the Box Bonus Round 2

We think some of the ongoing success of this online slots attraction might be down to the fact that it was slightly ahead of its time when it was released. Back in 2017, you were far more likely to see slots built around the classic 5*3 or 5-4 layout than you were to see anything trying to break the mold. Pariplay wasn't afraid of experimenting with "Jack in the Box," with its boundary-pushing 3-4-4-4-3 formation, and you could make an argument that other online slots developers have seen it and followed suit. Playson scored a huge hit with "Legend of Cleopatra," which uses a similarly experimental layout, a few months after "Jack in the Box" was released. We're not accusing Playson of copying Pariplay - far from it, in fact - but "Jack in the Box" appeared at the beginning of a move towards the modernization of the online slots format.

Two years after the release of the original "Jack in the Box," Pariplay decided that there was enough interest to come up with a sequel of sorts. They dressed "Jack in the Box" up in Christmas clothes and released "Jack in the Box: Christmas Edition" in December 2019. In truth, it was largely a clone of the original slot with an adjusted soundtrack and a few graphical adjustments to reflect the festive season, but there was one new addition to the bonus features. The Christmas edition also comes with colossal symbols that occupy the central three reels during the bonus game, which adds a nice bit of spice to the existing gameplay. Sadly it hasn't been as a big a hit as the original 2017 slot, but there's still time yet for people to catch on to the idea and pick it up. 
The fact that Pariplay saw fit to make a Christmas version of the slot makes it possible that they'll release a non-festive sequel at some point in the future. If and when that happens, we'll be sure to pay close attention to it. If it makes the grade and the opportunity is there, we'll look to bring it to our ever-growing collection of fantastic online slots!