Jungle Jim - El Dorado Slot Game

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Jungle Jim - El Dorado online slot

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Jungle Jim - El Dorado is a 5-reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Microgaming. Jungle Jim - El Dorado Bonus Game has Free Spins and an RTP of 96.31%.

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Jungle Jim - El Dorado Online Slot UK

If you love adventures, then the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot game is the perfect game for you – a game where you can go on a journey over rivers and oceans in search of a renowned city of gold (El Dorado). Jungle Jim – El Dorado slot game is a new slot game from Microgaming. The online slots takes gamers on an adventure into South America’s jungles in search of missing ancient artefacts and treasures. Players will assist Jim (the main character) on his hunt to locate the legendary city of gold. You can play the game on any mobile, desktop or tablet devices from 25p to £25 for each spin.

Jungle Jim – El Dorado Developers - Microgaming

Microgaming is the first online casino, launched in 1994. The gaming company has grown immensely. The company has a great team working tirelessly to create, design and develop premium games for the largest operators in the gaming industry. They presently offer 850 games and they release new game titles monthly. Other games offered by Microgaming are Bridesmaids, Mega Moolah slot game, Spring Break, and Immortal Romance online slots. You can play this game at Rose Slots online it will definitely be an adventurous and rewarding journey. Good luck!

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Jungle Jim – El Dorado has an explorer’s feel where Jim uses his gadgets and tools in search of treasures. The symbols highlight emeralds, rubies, sapphires, flutes, treasure chests, snake sceptres, and statues making Jungle Jim – El Dorado online slot resemble a fun and fascinating treasure hunt. The video slot game does not give card decks representations, but it has amazing animations, making it a fun and unique game to play. What more, Jungle Jim – El Dorado online slot offers extra unique symbols! The Scatter symbols represent the snake sceptres (to help you get some nice wins). The Wild symbol of the game is the game’s logo, which substitutes other symbols to help you form winning combinations.

Jungle Jim Bonus Round 1

Jungle Jim – El Dorado Slot Features

The Rolling Reels feature can give you several consecutive wins. For any winning combo you get, the multiplier meter goes up to five times. Also, during the free spins, the multiplier meter can go up to 15 times! You get to play Jungle Jim on 3 rows and 5 reels, with an additional 25 paylines – what this mean is you will lay a wager on every line in all wins.

Jungle Jim Bonus Round 2

Jungle Jim – El Dorado Online Slot Free Spins

The free spins feature is activated by landing on 3 scatter symbols, which triggers 10 free spins. You will proceed to the second screen to play the free spins. You can also win multipliers – the multiplier meter, just above the reels will indicate what is winnable. If you land on 3 additional scatters, you will get ten free spins extra!

Jungle Jim Bonus Feature

Jungle Jim – El Dorado Slot Game Review

The design and graphics of the video slot are strikingly made, all animations have an impeccable detail and the video slot has a pleasant appearance. Furthermore, the game’s beautiful scenery has visible raindrops falling down from the sky. You will find Jungle Jim by the reel wearing an explorer outfit in a relaxed pose, while he watches as the wins lands. Surrounding the transparent reels is an abandoned ancient temple, which is hidden. Jungle Jim El Dorado’s graphics are just astounding! The sound effects and the music are fairly distinct with mostly repeated short high-pitched sounds from birds. If you spin the reels, you will hear sounds similar to that of an ancestral drum and the beats are very nice to the ears.

Jungle Jim El Dorado

Jungle Jim came swinging into the world of online slots in 2016 with “Jungle Jim: El Dorado.” Since then, he’s never gone away. 2021 marks five years since the release of this incredible well-animated adventure-themed slot, and it’s still a smash hit with players at Rose Slots. Despite the fact that we’ve added literally hundreds of online slots to our library since then, you’ve kept “Jungle Jim: El Dorado” within the top 25% of everything we have to offer. It’s clear that you love this slot, and we don’t blame you. It’s fantastic!

Since this slot was first released, we've seen a few of the mechanics that it uses replicated in other slots. One of them is "rolling reels," which is a variant of the "avalanche pays" feature that's become particularly popular in Megaways slots. Whenever you win anything in "Jungle Jim: El Dorado," your winning symbols disappear to be replaced by brand new symbols dropping in from on high. That could immediately grant you a second win, and if it does, the multiplier applied against that win goes up by x1. There's no upper limit, and so your wins get even bigger as you get luckier! That's becoming a reasonably common function now, but it was game-changing back in 2016.

While "Jungle Jim: El Dorado" is outstanding enough to stand on its own two feet, we're tempted to put some of its persisting popularity down to the fact that a sequel was launched in 2019. That sequel, entitled "Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx," is every bit as good as the original and includes even more bonus fun than you'll find here. Naturally, we made sure to get hold of "Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx" as quickly as possible for our players, and so you'll also find it within our vast RoseSlots.com library. You're free to play them both, compare the two, and decide which one is your favorite. We think people have been doing that already, so "Jungle Jim: El Dorado" may have got quite a few spins from people who played the sequel first and then came in search of the original.

Aside from having a brilliant sequel, "Jungle Jim: El Dorado" also benefits from using a very popular theme. Whether it's online slots or movies, the "adventure" theme is a big seller. That's why they're still making "Tomb Raider" movies and video games in 2021. That's also why Harrison Ford is still coming back to make another Indiana Jones movie despite the fact that he's older than Sean Connery was when he played his father in the original film! An eternally-popular theme goes a long way to ensuring that a slot remains relevant for the long term, and superb gameplay does the rest. "Jungle Jim: El Dorado" scores highly in both categories. Given how well both slots are performing, we'd be far from shocked to see Microgaming come back to the well for the third time and give us another "Jungle Jim" online slots creation in the not-too-distant future. If and when they do, you can rest assured you'll see it at Rose Slots if it passes the quality test!