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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is a 5-reels, 243 ways to win Online Slot Game by NetEnt. Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild has Free Spins, Wild features with an RTP of 96.47%.

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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Online Slot UK

There is no need to mince words when it comes to describing a slot that has hit the online slots gaming scene with a thud; Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild mobile slot bears an infectious yet soothing background tune that is bound to captivate you. It is the sound of mere drum beats but the effect is hypnotic. Prepare to be entertained on this game but gear up for some level of the thrill because the road through the jungles of India is dangerous. It is no secret that Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild is one of the best-designed slots on RoseSlots.com and the best way to prove this is to be at the centre of the action. Of course, there is competition from similarly themed games but this slot has a combination of rewards, features, and gameplay that leaves players yearning for more. Just make sure that your bankroll is liquid because you will not appreciate being interrupted at play.

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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Developer - NetEnt

A project of 2017, the NetEnt gaming stable have never used the theme of Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild on any other of their games. In this games, every action by the player is a potential winning move. This not only ensures that players get value for their time but also that all moves count for something. Pumped with surprise bonuses, free spins and expanding symbols, this game was created to payback players for their loyalty. Other top NetEnt slot games include Twin Spin UK slot and Secrets Of Christmas slot.

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Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild slot game is your chance to enjoy wildlife behind the safety of your screen. Comprised of 5 reels and 3 rows, pay lines are not important here because the slot has 243 ways of awarding wins. Combinations are read from any left to right alignment provided that identical symbols are on the same line. At least match any 3 of the same symbol and remember that longer lines translate to bigger payouts. This game is designed to appreciate even the smallest of wins because all symbols are assigned a payout provided they are aligned on a line. Watch out for the poker deck cards that comprise of the tens through to the aces; these are the low paying symbols. The high-value symbols of Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild, lookout and pray that the reels land you a matching set of thematic symbols of the slots; the elephants, bears, tigers, alligators, and snakes. While the game has no ultimate prize, players can take advantage of multiple combinations wins.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot Features

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Bonus Feature

The jungle cannot be alive without wild animals walking around but in Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild slot, the ruins of ancient cities add to the encounter. A win will come your way when a minimum of 3 identical symbols appear on the same line on the reels. These can be any symbol but for the big wins, some features have to be playing in your team. The lotus is the first special feature of this game; when 3 or more of this sacred flower appear on the reels, free spins are added to your account. If you have 5 Lotus flowers appearing on the reels, your winnings could be multiplied up to a factor of 20. Another feature that will work in your favour is the Butterfly Boost feature which creates guaranteed wins.

Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild

As hard to believe as this might be for some of you, it's been four years since NetEnt blew us away with the incredible graphics and next-level features of "Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild." The slot was released in March 2017 and immediately grabbed our attention with its spectacular visuals, and then held onto that attention for the long term with its varied gameplay and potentially lucrative rewards. The slot leaped straight into the top 25% of all the slots in the gigantic RoseSlots.com library based on player count, and it's never moved back down from there since. That doesn't surprise us at all.

Here in 2021, we're in the process of re-assessing many of our online slots, and as we do so, we ask ourselves the same question - "what makes this slot relevant to our players." Really, we're asking what keeps our most popular slots popular. We don't think there's any secret or trick to the popularity of "Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild." Anything as good-looking as this was always likely to be a big hit with players. It would be no exaggeration to describe it as "cinematic." We're referring not only to its stellar graphics with that word but also to the depth of its features. As you'll already know, if you've played the slot or read the full review we've posted above, this safari slot comes packed with expanding symbols, multipliers, free spins, and adjustable volatility. That allows it to go toe to toe with anything that's been released since. This slot was way ahead of its time four years ago. It's still a little ahead of its time now.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the lasting appeal of "Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild" is that it stands up against such intense competition. This is one of the most crowded, competitive genres in all of online slots. "Great Rhino" belongs to this category, as does "Stampede," Safari Gold," and "Mighty Africa." It takes something exceptional to get noticed with a safari slot, but NetEnt was never daunted by that challenge. They rose to it, and they came up with something that's every bit as relevant and popular now as it was the day it was released.

We're a little surprised that there hasn't yet been a sequel to "Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild," and we wouldn't be at all surprised to see one in the future. Whenever an online slots developer uses a title that involves a colon, it's usually because they want to make more slots with the same name. "Jungle Spirit: Return To The Wild" or something similar might well be in the pipeline without any of us knowing. We're sure they'll come up with a better name than that, too. We don't name online slots; we only collect them and offer them to our members on the best terms possible! The pace of change with online slots is rapid, but even bearing that in mind, this slot hasn’t aged a day since it rolled off the production line at NetEnt. We think it will still look just as fresh another five years from now - and it will probably still be among our most popular slots, too.