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Legends of Cleopatra online slot

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Legends of Cleopatra is a 100 payline online slots by Playson. It has a 95.05% RTP, Double Wilds and Free Spins features. 

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Legends of Cleopatra Online Slot UK

Egypt, home to culture, history and prestige, especially if you venture back a few hundred centuries back to ancient Egypt. People worshiped pharaohs back then, and you could argue that people still do now, especially if you happen to be playing the online slot: Legends of Cleopatra. This Playson developed slot has all the inner-workings of a house hold name, with the style and substance of something that would have probably been worshipped back in the day if given the right pedestal. This kingdom is ruled and controlled via gold, gold that you will have many opportunities to earn after multiple spins in this slot. Not enough information for you? Check out our full written review below and also be sure to check out this slot here at Rose Slots, it’s a great site that caters to all of your online slot needs.

Legends of Cleopatra Bonus Round 1

Legends of Cleopatra UK Slot Developer

Playson are quite new to the game developer industry but you wouldn't think so given it’s recent titles. Playson are often described as a jack of all trades company that focuses on player experiences as well as the overall design of each of their games. Without this mentality they wouldn't be where they are today, continually creating user experiences that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Legends of Cleopatra Gameplay

Introducing Legends of Cleopatra: a 4 reel by 100 pay-line slot that is as mysterious as it is alluring. Many have traversed these reels only to find themselves left disappointed; you have to head into this slot with a level head with the intention of winning it all, if you don’t, well you just aren’t going to win big money. This is a very beautiful and pristine-looking slot. The colours used in this slot do a very good job in making these reels look like they are made from solid gold. There are treasure chests at the bottom of either side of the reels; a tease if you will for things to come. In the background one can find various palm trees waving in the distance. The animations also happen to be rather hypnotising in how they take you out of your world for a few moments. Expect the pharaohs to have wilds and scatters among other various bonus features. All of these symbols offer something different. The art style of these symbols is very distinctive. You will be hard pushed to find a slot that looks similar to this one. This is a slot that allows one to double up on their winnings. This is otherwise known as stacking, stacking allows you to build symbols on top of one another, and will come un-stacked when they are matched within the winning pay-line. This is a great way of earning big money in such a short amount of time.

Legends of Cleopatra Bonus Round 2

Legend of Cleopatra Slot Review 2021

This is truly a unique online slot from Playson, inspired by the legends of Ancient Egypt, and belonging to the ‘Adventure' genre. The game has six reels, with differing numbers of rows, combining to offer 100 fixed paylines. Double Wild and Free Spins bonuses help to push the RTP up to 95.05%. As developers go, Playson is one of the most versatile and varied with the range of online slots they offer. They've made a name for themselves in the ‘traditional' market, with a number of games that take a classical approach, but when they turn their hands to something more original they show a real flair for the unique. 2018's Legend of Cleopatra is the best example of that within their current roster of games.

It's not the theme that makes the game stand out; there are a whole host of slot games based either in or around the myths and legends of Ancient Egypt. This isn't even the only online slot which uses the iconic Cleopatra as its main focus. She's one of the best-known figures from the time of Pharaohs, and one of the most famous women who ever lived. The stories of the time tell tales of her incredible, radiant beauty, and Playson has made sure they've done those stories justice with the way she's represented here. Elegant, stylish and just a little sexy, the famous Queen has never looked better!

The first thing you’ll notice about Legend of Cleopatra, and the attribute which marks it out as original straight away, is the layout of the reels and rows. Six reels is a lot for any game in a world where three or five are the standard, but this game goes a step further and breaks all the rules about symmetry on the rows. On the first reel, there are only two rows. Each reel adds one more until you get to the fifth reel, which has six rows, followed by another six on the sixth reel. If you’ve never come across anything like this before you might instantly write the game off as being too confusing or complicated for you, but it’s deceptively simple. Winning lines run left to right and extend out from the first two reels, actually increasing your chances of a winning combination rather than limiting them.

Many of the symbols you’ll find on these unorthodox reels come from Egyptian legend. The lowest values are taken up by the symbols of the traditional playing cards 10, J, Q, K and A, but after that, everything is bang on theme. The Egyptian gods Horus, Anubis and Bast are present, accompanied by the game’s logo, and of course the Queen of the Nile herself, Cleopatra. You don’t have to know anything about Egyptian mythology to play or understand the game, but it never hurts to learn something new! The whole time you’re playing, a pleasant backing track of Egyptian themed music accompanies you and adds to the atmosphere. The game’s golden wild symbol will replace everything except for the scatter to create winning combinations. The scatter itself is blue, and opens up one of the game’s bonus features for you. Speaking of the bonus features, let’s take a detailed look at them.

Legend of Cleopatra Bonuses

This game has two major bonus features, both of which can potentially bring rewards with them if luck is on your side. Both the wild and the scatter symbols are important in terms of what they do and how they work. The first of the two features is Double Wilds, a name that other developers have used for bonus features, but generally not with as much originality as the way Legend of Cleopatra does. The game starts when you stack wilds on any of the reels. As there are only two spaces on the first reel, and three on the second, it's easier to do that there than anywhere else. Once that's done, another one of the reels is selected at random is also stacked with wilds, and so the next time you spin, you have a hugely boosted chance of creating a good win.

Legends of Cleopatra Bonus Feature

The other bonus feature on offer is Free Spins. This mode is triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The more scatters you have, the more free spins you get. Three of them will get you five spins, whereas four will get you ten. If you manage to land five at once you not only get fifteen spins, but a good cash prize to go with it. While the free spins are in progress, the reels flip around, meaning the larger rows are now on the left-hand side, and therefore it's significantly easier to create wins. On top of that, finding at least two scatter symbols on any of the free spins will re-trigger the round, up to a maximum of fifty triggers. The bonus features themselves wouldn't be anything to write home about if they were applied to a typical layout, but the unusual arrangement in Legend of Cleopatra means that they're much more valuable. This is a game that not only presents you with a unique structure but also helps you to turn that structure to your advantage.

About Playson

Playson haven’t been involved in making slot games for long, but they’ve used their time wisely. The Malta-based company were founded in 2012 as a start-up, and in less than ten years have grown to the point where they now have offices in several major nations, and several hundred staff. They may be young, but they’re ambitious, and they’re aggressive with their expansion into the market. The most significant and most important step in Playson's development arrived in 2015 when they received a license to operate in the United Kingdom. The UK is one of the world's premier and most lucrative gaming markets, and so a license to operate here is a highly-valued prize. If a developer can achieve popularity and success in the UK, they're well on their way to becoming a recognised global brand.

There are currently just over 40 different Playson games for players to choose from. That number is likely to jump up sharply though; when they had fewer staff, and they were still finding their feet, releasing new slot games was a long process. In those early years, they worked with other developers such as Pariplay to bring their games to the market. Now they do not need such collaborations, and they have a workforce who can create new products much more quickly. Of the games they have already released, a case could be made that Legend of Cleopatra is most well known and best received; although Wild Warriors and Lucky Staxx have plenty of their own fans, and are excellent games, too.

Playson do more than just make slot games. As with most of the other major developers, they've tried their hand at making roulette and blackjack games too; and we don't just mean online. Playson builds physical gaming units and ship them to casinos, and they can count on several big name brands as regular clients. Online slots are the company's primary focus, though, and given their current rate of expansion it would be no surprise to see them become the outright largest developer in a few years.

Talking about Legend of Cleopatra on their own website, Playson have the following to say:-

"Have you heard the stories about Cleopatra? No? Then you just must try Legend of Cleopatra slot. It will tell you how to make all 100 bet lines pay Big Win on the pyramid-type reels. During Free Spins with mirrored reels, you will bathe together with the pharaoh herself. And maybe Cleopatra will reveal a secret to Double Wild Reel. Pharaoh is not greedy, so she will share some of her riches with you if you are brave enough to take them!"

We'll let you down gently here; unfortunately, Legend of Cleopatra doesn't possess the ability to send you back in time and let you have a bath with Cleopatra herself. Sorry if that disappoints anybody. But the game is brilliant, and they're definitely telling the truth about sharing its riches if you can find a way to get hold of them!

Playson Games Similar To Legend Of Cleopatra

When we discussed Playson at the start of this review, we mentioned that when they're making new slot games, they either go classic, or they go bold. When they go bold, they usually do so with a theme, and Ancient Egypt is somewhere they've used as a backdrop before. That's no surprise; it's eternally popular with online slot developers, who know that many of us are fascinated by this mysterious period of history. Let’s see what else Playson have done with this theme, and how their other games compare to Legend of Cleopatra.

Rise of Egypt: Playson are smart; they know that Legend of Cleopatra isn't for everybody, so they've used the theme again to make a slot that's more traditional in its approach. Rise of Egypt looks a lot more like the standard games you're probably familiar with, with a 5x3 layout. The visual theme of this game is more about the scenery of Egypt than anybody who lives or lived in it, with the legendary Pyramids taking centre stage. Although it's a more basic game than Legend of Cleopatra, it does share one bonus feature with it; the Double Wilds round, covering two of the reels in wild symbols. The RTP of Rise of Egypt is 95.82%. If you love the theme, but find Legends of Cleopatra to be a little too much, you may want to consider this alternative.

Kingdom of the Sun: Ancient Egypt has many nicknames, and the Kingdom of the Sun online slot is just one of them. It's a friendly and engaging game, making its tone clear from the moment the game loads and you're greeted by a smiling Pharaoh. Like Rise of Egypt, this game is more conventional in both appearance and gameplay than Legend of Cleopatra, until you get to the bonus feature. Spin a compass, and the game will travel across whichever line the compass settles on, removing lower value symbols as it goes and replacing them with more valuable alternatives. This game, with an RTP of 95.29%, is between Rise of Egypt and Legend of Cleopatra in terms of originality.

Fruits of the Nile: Playson's two preferred game worlds combine in Fruits of the Nile; traditional games with fruity symbols, and the scenery of Ancient Egypt! The fruit is more important than the Egyptian symbolism in this game, which doesn't go much further than the backing music and the fact that a scarab represents the game's wild. This is a relaxed, stripped-back game that only has five fixed paylines to offer, with an RTP of 95.37%.

Online Slots Similar To Legend of Cleopatra

There's no denying that Ancient Egypt makes for attractive scenery, and anything that serves as beautiful scenery is gold dust to online slot developers! Almost every major developer has tried their hand at the genre at least once. We offer a number of Egyptian themed games to our players here at Rose Slots, and here's a quick look at what they have to offer.

Ancient Egypt: If they're known for any theme in particular, Pragmatic Play is probably known for the historical genre. They've created slots based around many different eras in history, and their collection wouldn't be complete without taking a trip to Ancient Egypt. As you'd expect from the developer, this is a beautiful game to play, with slick graphics and a representation of Cleopatra that looks to have been taken from Elizabeth Taylor's portrayal of her in the famous film. The RTP of Ancient Egypt online slot is 96.13%, and play takes place on a standard 5x3 layout of reels and rows. The number of fixed paylines is comparatively low at 10, but some fun bonus offerings give you plenty of chances to take away good winnings.

Caravan to Cairo: Eyecon is the unquestioned masters of the character-driven slot. This is the developer who gave the world the Fluffy Favourites series, and they've been using adorable animals to bring us to play their slots ever since. Caravan to Cairo slot is another variation on that theme. The game is set in Egypt and uses plenty of Egyptian scenery and imagery, but in truth, it's really more about the cuddly animals on the reels than anything else. Don't let the simple appearance sway you though; there are 243 paylines, RTP at 95.20% and a very generous free spins bonus to make things interesting. This possibly one for the animal lovers instead of the Egypt enthusiasts!

Pharaoh’s Luck: Just because Eyecon used Egypt once as a backdrop to a game doesn't mean they can't use it again, and so they have. This time they've taken a more serious approach, making Egyptian images central to the game, and sending the cast of animals packing! Hieroglyphics, golden burial masks and many other symbols of the historical world are here, accompanied by Eyecon's well-known prize picker and double-or-nothing gamble features. Pharaoh's Luck may not be spectacular, but it's well put together and fun to play, offering 95% RTP.

Legend Of Cleopatra On Mobile

Any game released as recently as 2018 should work perfectly on a mobile device; there’s no good reason for it not to. Mobile gaming has been around for a while, and so any respectable developer should be making sure that their new creations are just as playable on a hand-held device as they are on a laptop or desktop. For the main part, Playson has done a very good job with Legend of Cleopatra. If you tilt your phone or tablet onto its side, the game works exactly the same way as it does on a computer. No graphical quality is lost, no sound effects go missing, and the buttons are positioned intelligently; easy to find, without getting in the way of the reels.

It doesn't work quite so well if you're holding your phone upright. Being able to see the reels clearly is more important in Legend of Cleopatra than it is in most other games because there are so many of them and because the structure is unusual. Unfortunately, with your device held this way around, the entire playing area is squashed into the upper half of your screen, which shrinks the reels down to the point where it can be hard to see exactly what's going on. The remaining half of the screen is only used for the buttons, which don't need that much space. More room could, and should, have been given to the reels. We're mostly satisfied with playing Legend of Cleopatra on a smartphone; so long as you tilt your phone over, you don't come across any problems. We've seen other developers do better with adapting games for devices held the right way up, though, and so we can't give Playson our full seal of approval until they reach the same standard.

Legend of Cleopatra In The News

No developer has the automatic right to receive press coverage for their new games; there are plenty of developers out there releasing titles every week, and many of them slip under the radar and go unnoticed. Because Playson is still establishing themselves and their reputation, they sometimes have to shout a little louder to get attention. Shouting a little louder involves creating a top quality game. Fortunately, Legend of Cleopatra is precisely that.   Casinopedia is a website that keeps its eye on all the latest and greatest news in the world of online slots and casinos. They certainly noticed Legend of Cleopatra when it was launched, and it made an impression on them. Writing about the game around the time it hit the market, they mentioned that releasing Egyptian themed games is a risky move because there are so many of them out there already, and so it takes an exceptional game to differentiate itself from the pack. With its unusual approach and its rewarding free spins bonus, they think Legend of Cleopatra manages to achieve that distinction. We agree with them.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Legend Of Cleopatra

We know that this is a very unusual game (and if you’ve read this full review, so do you!), and we might not be able to persuade everybody to try it out. It’s just too different for those who prefer to keep things simple, and that’s fine. Not everybody is going to love everything! If you’re someone who admires quirks and flair when it comes to slot games, Legend of Cleopatra should be right up your street. If you want to take it for a spin and find out, we hope you’ll stay with us on roseslots.com to do it. We're aware that there are hundreds of online slot websites for you to choose from, but not all of them are of the same quality. Some of them are great, and some of them are far from it. We genuinely believe that we're not only great, but we may also even be the greatest. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Let's start with the single most important thing; the slot games. We have a massive library of over 600 slot games, all of which have been selected, tested, played and loved by us. We have games in every genre, along every theme. If you don't have a favourite genre that's no problem; we have traditional games as well, where it's all about the reels and nothing else. We have games for high rollers. We have games for conservative players. Simply put, if you love slot games, we'll have the perfect game for you here somewhere. It costs you nothing to browse our library either. Unlike some websites, which require you to pay into your account the moment you sign up, we take nothing from you until you're ready to play a game. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sign up with Rose Slots, and you could get 1000% Bonus up to £1,000!

We take out commitment to security and safety seriously, too. Any payments you send to or from us are transmitted through PayPal, which means they’re safe, smooth and reliable. Also, every time you pay £20 or more into your account, you can win even more free spins! We love and appreciate our regular players, and we're always happy to welcome more people in. Log in or sign up today, find out more about our latest incentives, and happy spinning!

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