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Lucha Legends online slot

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Lucha Legends is a 25 payline slot game by Microgaming. It has a medium variance with a RTP of 96.38% plus wrestling themed bonus features.

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Lucha Legends Online Slot UK

Welcome to the world of competitive Mexican wrestling Gringo, and a lovely opportunity to win big with 5 rotating reels set in a traditional 5 x 3 formation and 25 lovely pay lines to try your hand at.

Rose are very excited to present to you, ‘Lucha Legends’, a Mexican online slots, released on the 31st of October 2018 by games developers Microgaming. ‘Lucha Legends’ will allow you to place bets as low as 25 pence, al the way up to £75, all in the hope of securing high prizes. ‘Lucha Legends’ will also offer you a low to medium variance level to match is minimal 25 pay lines but does boast a splendid RTP (return to player) rate of 96.38% and a chance of higher prizes.

Lucha Legends Bonus Round 2

The game carries a Mexican Wrestling theme and so the games reels are situated within a wrestling stadium, taking you ringside with its sound and animation during gameplay. As with most online slots, ‘Lucha Legends’ gives you the challenge of matching between 3 and 5 symbols in an existing payline, with both moderate and high prizes available. The low valued symbols which you may match as the usual playing card homages with a J for the Jack, a Q for the Queen, the K for King and an A for the Ace, all rewarding between 10 pence and £2 for matching between 3 and 5 symbols. But then before we get to the high value symbols, ‘Lucha Legends’ also throws higher value low symbols into the mix with the sexy, ringside babe and the wrestling coach both rewarding between 10 pence and £3 for 3-5 matches.

The high valued symbols on offer are represented by the wrestlers set to perform in the ring, the wrestler with the red outfit, a wrestler decked in blue and a wrestler set for action in a green mask, as well as ‘Sal and Pepe’, who are the games wrestling, mini tag-team.

Lucha Legends Bonus Feature

Lucha Legends Slot Bonus Features

Despite its strong wrestling theme, ‘Lucha Legends’ isn’t quite as straight forward as two beefcakes pummelling each other and will reward you with some neat bonus features. The game features the obligatory wild symbol, which is this time symbolized by the games title and will substitute any symbol, except the scatter symbol, for bigger wins.

Lucha Legends Bonus Round 1

And the scatter symbol is represented by a ‘Gold Wrestling Belt’ and is essentially the key to unlocking some free spins. If you match 3 or more scatter symbols on reels number 1, 2 or 3, you will get 10 free spins. Then if you gain 2 or 3 more scatter symbols, during this round, you will be rewarded with a random number of additional free spins, between 1 and 10.

There is also a ‘super wild’ function within which, if you match a winning pay line with just unconverted wilds, one of the wrestlers will jump up onto the reels to perform their special move, cool enough in itself, but also good for rewarding you with a wild covering 3 slots or a multiplier of x 2 or x 3.

Online Slots similar to Lucha Legends

Ask yourself how many people really, honestly, dislike the theatrical antics of those Mexican beefcakes in the ring? We’d guess that you’d struggle to say many and so for that reason, we can reveal that there are a reasonable amount of similarly themed games available to play. So if enjoyed ‘Lucha Legends’, you may consider trying ‘Luchadora’ by Thunderkick, ‘El Fuego’ by Spinmatic, ‘Lucha Maniacs online slot’ by Yggdrasil or even movie tie-in, ‘Nacho Libre’ by iSoftbet.

Lucha Legends Slot Review

This wrestling themed slot comes from Microgaming, and takes place on a 5x3 layout of reels and rows. An RTP of 96.38% is on offer, along with 25 fixed paylines, and backed up by three unique bonus rounds. 

Get yourselves a front row ticket for the action, because it’s WrestleMania time here at Rose Slots! The dramatic, over-the-top and sometimes crazy world of professional wrestling has been brought to life on the reels by this Microgaming online slot. Pro wrestling is a unique sport to watch, blurring the lines between fiction and reality with action-movie stories, and high-octane physical contests. WWE is hugely popular in both the USA and the UK, having made household names out of Hulk Hogan, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and the Rock, but it may be even bigger in Mexico, where it’s almost a way of life.

This isn’t a licensed product, so you won’t see any of the names you’re familiar with turning up on the reels. That doesn’t take away from the fun of the slot game though; most of Mexico’s star wrestlers perform under masks, and so there are plenty of masked luchadors here in their place, all with their own characters and personalities. When presented the Mexican way, wrestling is a sport of bright colours and high-flying action, with a sense of fun and vibrancy that’s kept the people entertained for generations.

Fittingly for a sport which sometimes seems like a cartoon come to life, Microgaming has taken a cartoon-style approach to the graphics in Lucha Legends. All the wrestling stereotypes you'd expect to see here, with giant men in lycra, impossibly muscular bodies, and a tongue-in-cheek approach to animation. The reels are framed against a wrestling ring somewhere within an old-fashioned wooden venue, with posters and flags on the walls.

Turning our attention to the symbols, those with the least value are represented by playing card faces J, Q, K and A. It’s the cast of wrestling characters who’ll win you more money, although the ring girl and the referee have more to offer than the basic card symbols.

Just like watching wrestling in real life though, you didn’t come here to watch the referee in action. All the most valuable symbols in Lucha Legends are wrestlers. The characters are original creations, and have been given names; so say hello to Burro, El Diablo, Martio, and tag team champions Pepe and Sal!  

The wild in this game is the game’s logo, and will substitute for any other symbol to create winning lines; apart from the scatter, which is fittingly the top prize both in this game and in the world of professional wrestling; the heavyweight championship of the world! ‘Winning’ the championship will unlock some of the game’s bonus features for you, and here are all the details about them.

Lucha Legends Bonuses

The basic information about this game says that the maximum jackpot is 6x the line bet, but that isn’t entirely accurate. The key to taking bigger winnings from Lucha Legends lies within the bonus features.

The first bonus offering we’ll look at is Free Spins, which trigger when championship belts land on the first, third and fifth row of the reels. You start off with ten free spins, but if you land more scatters as the round progresses, you can receive more. Two more belts will get you an extra spin of the reels, but if you can land another set of three, you get an extra ten. Keep the reels spinning, and the wins will surely follow.

Depending on how lucky you are when you find a winning line, you may trigger Super Wild mode. There isn’t a sure-fire way of making this feature trigger, but every time you find a win that contains a wild symbol, the game will either start the mode or it won’t, on a random basis. You’ll know if the feature has been activated; one of the cast of wrestlers will stride out of the reels and show you his special move! Sometimes that means a huge 3x3 wild symbol turns up on the reels, and sometimes it just hands you either a 2x or 3x multiplier and applies it to whatever you just won.

If you’re a high roller, you can increase your stake and “Power Up" the wrestlers. Playing in this mode, every time the Super Wild is activated you'll either get a wild that covers five whole positions or the multiplier your wrestler hands over will be 3x or 5x as opposed to 2x or 3x.

You will probably have played online slots that offer more substantial gifts as bonuses, or larger jackpots to play for, but Microgaming has specifically designed Lucha Legends to be a fun slot game that both entertains you and consistently rewards you with smaller wins. It might not be the ideal slot game for those of you who prefer to go chasing vast pots of money, but if the fun is as important as the prize for you, then it's definitely worth giving the game a try.

About Microgaming

Microgaming is a big deal in the online slot world. They're a developer who has a presence across the globe and has won a number of highly-prized awards. If the history they present on their own website is to be believed, they're also the innovators we can thank for the existence of online slots; they state that it was their software which demonstrated a casino experience could be provided online way back in 1994. The internet of the early 90s was a very different place to the online world we take for granted today, where uploading and downloading data was a process that took hours. Creating a working virtual casino back then would have been a stunning achievement. They weren't done with leading the field with that, either; a decade later, they say that it was them who created the first casino app for smartphones. Not every other slot developer agrees with Microgaming's assessments of history in either case (probably because many of them were working on similar software at the same time), but Microgaming appears to have the evidence to prove their statements. In any event, we can say with certainty that they're a cutting edge company with a history of innovation.

Instead of working to any particular theme, Microgaming offers a variety of online slots to appeal to all tastes and interests. They have many games available, but their best-known successes in the past have included Immortal Romance, Dragonz and Thunderstruck. Given their track record of being market leaders, it probably won't surprise you to hear that plenty of significant entertainment brands have gone directly to Microgaming to have licensed products created for them. The official slot game of HBO's TV sensation ‘Game of Thrones' was made by Microgaming, as was the official Playboy game! You can rely on Microgaming to release at one brand new online slot every month, and they're usually great.

It's their awards that really make them stand out from the pack, though. They've won too many to list here in their entirety, but their trophy cabinet includes ‘Best Poker Software' from the EGR B2B awards in six out of the most recent seven years, along with ‘Software Supplier of the Year' for 2018 from the iGaming website, and three consecutive ‘Best Digital Product' Global Gaming Awards between 2014 and 2016. It's an impressive list of accolades and should give you plenty of reassurance about the quality of their games.

The Guinness Book of Records also contains an entry regarding Microgaming, and it’s an interesting one; they operate the most lucrative progressive jackpot on the planet, which has thus far paid out over £800m in winnings to lucky slot players. In among that amount is a very fortunate player from the UK, who pocketed £16,000 from a spin that only cost 25 pence!
Microgaming released Lucha Legends in 2018, and issued a press release to go with it, saying:-

"Lucha Legends is a fun and vibrant slot that taps into the global popularity of Mexican professional wrestling, capturing the drama and excitement with several big-hitting features. In addition to 10 free spins, which can be re-triggered, the Super Wild feature and Power Up Mode aim to enhance gameplay and increase the player's win potential. This is a beautifully animated game designed to deliver round after round of action and entertainment."

David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming, is the man who gave the quote to the press release, and we agree with everything he had to say. Lucha Legends is a great looking game that’s guaranteed to make you smile.  

Microgaming Games Similar To Lucha Legends

Microgaming makes a lot of sports-related online slot games. Despite the popularity of wrestling among the sport's own admirers, it doesn't have the global popularity of some other sports, and so it isn't used all that often to make slot games. Despite that, other developers have released wrestling-themed games, and we'll get to them in a moment. Before we do, let's look at some of the other sports slots that Microgaming have been responsible for. If you like slots games based around sports or just games that are a lot of fun to play, they might have several that appeal to you.

Centre Court: Tennis is the theme of centre court, which may be named after the most famous of the tennis courts at Wimbledon. We had to go a long way back through Microgaming's catalogue to find it; it's one of the developer's earliest published game, having been released in 2009. Because it's a little older, it's not as visually slick as Lucha Legends is, and it's also more reserved in its offering. There's a 5x3 layout, but only nine fixed paylines. Free spins and a range of multipliers can boost your wins though, with the total RTP reaching 95.51%. This game isn't as good looking as Lucha Legends is, but for its age, it's still a strong performer.

Rugby Star: Rugby is a curious sport. Half of the world loves it, and the other half have no idea what it is. It's a tough sport for tough people, and that might explain why Microgaming took a less cartoonish approach to Rugby Star than they did to Lucha Legends. The game feels more ‘grown up' in a lot of ways, with 243 paylines and four bonuses on offer. It might be a little too complicated for some, but at the same time, if you prefer your slot games to be a little more ‘serious' than Lucha Legends, it may appeal more.

Football Star: They're never going to win any prizes for the originality of their slot game titles, but Microgaming definitely know how to do an online sporting slot very well. To our eyes, Football Star looks like it was designed using the same template that was used to create Rugby Star. It's almost identical in every way, right down to the bonuses and the number of paylines, and has again gone for a less cartoonish style. Basically, if you want a fun and light-hearted approach, you want Lucha Legends or Centre Court. If you'd prefer something rooted closer to reality, then it's Rugby Star or Football Star.

Online Slots Similar To Lucha Legends

Not every developer has stepped in the ring and grappled with the pro-wrestling theme, but there are a few that have, with varying results. If you’re a big wrestling fan and you want to know where else you can try to pin a big win to the canvas for the three count, then these are your options.

Lucha Maniacs: This is another game that we offer to Rose Slots players, so don’t worry wrestling fans, we’ve got you covered! Like Lucha Legends, this Yggdrasil game came out in 2018, meaning it’s a recent release with modern features and graphics. The layout is a traditional 5x3, and there are 20 fixed paylines on offer with RTP at 96.10%. Bonuses include a free spins round and an unusual feature which involves posters of the game’s wrestling characters. Lucha Legends is better looking and easier to play, but Lucha Maniacs online slot is a little more sophisticated. We suggest playing them both and deciding which you prefer!

Lucha Libre: This slot game from Real Time Gaming goes a step further with the theme than the others; one of the bonus features actually involves having a wrestling match against an opponent, where your selections control the moves, and prizes available if you're able to win! Lucha Libre is mostly about wrestling, but there are other Mexican stereotypes involved too, such as tequila and sombreros. It's a 5x3 layout with 25 fixed paylines and an RTP of 95%. All in all, it's a good looking game that's just a touch less generous with its return-to-player rate than Lucha Legends.

Andre The Giant: If it’s vitally important to you that you have a real-life wrestling star involved in a wrestling slot game, then this is your only option. Andre the Giant was once the biggest name in the sport, and competed against Hulk Hogan in front of 90,000 people at the Silverdome at WrestleMania III. The game that takes his name is a little less spectacular though if we’re honest. Andre barely makes an appearance at all other than serving as the wild, and the rest of the symbols have nothing to do with him. The game is a little old and a little basic, and unless you really love Andre the Giant, you’d be best sticking with one of the alternatives.

Lucha Legends On Mobile

Every single game that was released during 2018 should have reached the market already optimised for play as a mobile slot. We're well into the mobile gaming era now, and there just isn't an excuse for any developer to release a brand new game that doesn't work correctly on a mobile device. In the case of Microgaming and Lucha Legends, they don't need to find any excuses. It works perfectly.

Everything you see in the laptop version of the game, you'll also find in the mobile version. The graphics are just as colourful, none of the animations have suffered, and the Mexican soundtrack that accompanies the game on a computer is also here on your smartphone. Microgaming have programmed the mobile slot version of the game cleverly, so that if you tilt your phone on its side, the buttons relocate to a more convenient position without getting in the way of the reels. The reels will also expand to make better use of the additional horizontal space. It still looks great, and it still plays great.

Not every developer can turn their online slots into mobile slots as well as Microgaming have managed with Lucha Legends. If you're a fan of this game when you're playing at your computer, you can rest assured that you can now take it with you wherever you go, and lose none of the quality.

Lucha Legends In The News

The key to getting press coverage of a slot game is usually to create something unusual, or go for a celebrity tie-in or endorsement of some kind. In Lucha Legends, Microgaming has released a game in a genre that isn't used all that often, and so it attracted plenty of attention when it was released.

The website CasinoBeats, which regularly publishes the latest news from within the online casino world, not only carried the official press release that Microgaming issued when the game came out, but also did a good job of helping the developer hype the new game up. Their article hosts a short promotional video, which showcases some of the features of Lucha Legends, giving potential players a taste of the action.

The Bristol Post, a non-industry based mainstream newspaper, was also sufficiently impressed with Lucha Legends to run an article about the game. Published around a month following the game's release, the paper was full of praise for Lucha Legends, describing the game as being both fun and vibrant. We don't think anybody who's played the game would disagree with that.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Lucha Legends

Now you know all about Lucha Legends, it’s time to decide whether you’re ready to slap on some baby oil, reach for the spandex and prepare yourself to grapple with the reels. For wrestling fans, this game is a dream; it’s an entertaining addition to a world they already love. Even for non-wrestling fans, there’s more than enough fun and entertainment packed into Lucha Legends to keep you occupied. If you think you’ve got your special moved lined up, and you’re ready to take the jackpot down for the three count, then we’re ready to welcome you into the ring at!

There are plenty of great reasons to sign up with Rose Slots today. One of them is the chance to get 1000% Bonus up to £1,000. We don’t require you to make any payments to register with us, so why not see if your luck is in by doing it now? You could be playing for free in a matter of moments! We offer the chance to win more every time you top up your account with a payment of £20 or more. We’ll help you keep the reels spinning!

Lucha Legends is a great game, but there are still plenty more to find on our website. We have over six hundred carefully selected high-quality slot games on offer, with new games being added regularly. That means whatever mood you're in, and whether you want to bet high or low, there will always be a slot game here to appeal to you. You've read about this game, so you know what we think about it; now it's time to find out for yourself!

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