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Mighty Kong online slot

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Mighty Kong is a 50 fixed payline online slots by Pragmatic Play with a 96.64% RTP and Free Spins bonus round.

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Mighty Kong UK Online Slot

Rose Slots’ mighty Kong is an easy casino game that is inspired by the King Kong story. As the story of the mighty King Kong has continued to create a unique impact on fans, this game is not an exception. This mobile game has continued to expand the mystery of the giant ape across the world. This game has a jungle background just as the mighty King Kong movie. The jungles consist of thousands of forest trees, different land heights and lots of water falls. It is easy to play owing to the presence of the controls and option buttons at the front line.

The spin button starts the rotation of the reel and if you land at least 3 king kong symbol anywhere on the reels, you will trigger the free spin. In this game, King Kong is the scatter symbol, and it is made up of 5 reels and 50 pay-lines. The Free spin rotates the reels automatically for a number of times. This Rose Slot mobile game also features a massive bonus. Each winning combination landing on a payline triggers a cash prize that is automatically added to your total credit.

Mighty Kong Online Slot Bonuses

MIGHTY KONG Bonus Round 1

The free spin bonus: Players are presented with the opportunity to select one out of four free spins features. The free spin bonus is triggered by landing at least three of King Kong scatter symbols anywhere in the view. After that, you will be opportune to choose one out of four free spins. The free spin multipliers are as follows:

Forty free spins + 1 multiplier

Thirteen free spins + 3 multipliers

Eight free spins + 3 multipliers

Five free spins + 8 multiplier

Players can play up to 13 free spins and win 3 times multiplier along the way. The mighty kong free spin also provides another option for players to choose 8 free spins and win 5 times the normal multiplier pay rate. Also, players can choose to play with 5 free spins and win 8 times multiplier. This slot game also has the ‘dame’ which is the maximum paying symbol. It is triggered when a player lands the girl symbol 5 times on any active payline. It pays up to 1,000 coins Mighty Kong Online Slot Developer.

MIGHTY KONG Bonus Round 2

Mighty Kong Slot Review 2021

Pragmatic Play brings us this King Kong themed monster of an online slot game, with a 5x4 layout of reels and rows, and 50 fixed paylines. An epic game belonging to the ‘TV and Movies’ genre, you can play Free Spins and Expanding Wilds bonus games as you chase the huge 1000x stake jackpot, with an RTP of 96.64%. There are some legends of television and the movies that everybody has heard about, and knows a little of, even if they've never seen the film or watched the TV show. You might never have watched Doctor Who, but you know it's about an alien in a police box who travels in time. You might not have seen a single one of the various Robin Hood movies, but you know he was an outlaw who lived in a forest and robbed from the rich to give to the poor. In the same way, even if you've never seen a King Kong movie, you should know most of the significant details of the great ape's story.

Just to be safe, though, we’ll tell you the essential information you’ll need to know in order to help you appreciate this fantastic slot game from Pragmatic Play. Once upon a time, a huge gorilla called King Kong lived on Skull Island, minding his own business until human beings came to take him away. They thought he’d make for a great attraction in New York City, and believed they could tame him and charge people money to come and see him. They were wrong. Kong escaped, climbed the Empire State Building, attacked some passing planes, and then eventually fell to his death. It’s both an action movie and a tragedy, and it’s a truly epic story.

This Pragmatic Play game isn't officially tied to any of the films, but it has a genuinely high-quality cinematic feel of the kind we rarely find in a slot game. The world that Mighty Kong creates is immersive and atmospheric, with cutting edge graphics and animations. The soundtrack is also on point, providing just the appropriate level of backing to the game at all the right moments. The reels and rows are actually set into reels of film, which is a subtle nod to the legacy the game comes from. Further away in the background, beyond the reels, we can see glimpses of Skull Island; the place Kong calls home.

Turning our attention to the reels, lower value symbols are represented by 10, J, Q, K and A. The symbols you really want to see belong to characters who appear in several of the King Kong movies; Ann Darrow, Jack Driscoll, Captain Engelhorn and Carl Denham. Each of them has been rendered in a lifelike fashion. The game's wild, which is handily labelled by having ‘WILD' splashed across it in bright yellow letters, will replace everything except the scatter to create winning combinations. King Kong, the great ape himself, is the face of the game's scatter symbol. With a deep frown and glowering red eyes, he looks a little intimidating; but you should welcome him rather than fear him; he's also the gatekeeper to the free spins bonus.

Mighty Kong Bonuses

MIGHTY KONG Bonus Feature

We imagine that deciding what kind of bonus rounds to offer in Mighty Kong was a difficult decision for Pragmatic Play. This is a hyper-modern and high tech slot, and so throwing in a lot of bonus features was probably tempting, but if they broke the game up too much, it would spoil the atmosphere. It looks like they decided the overall feel of the game was more important than how many different side games they could include, because there's only truly one bonus to play for in Mighty Kong, with the addition of a helpful quirk from the wild symbol. Starting by explaining what we mean with the wild symbol; any time you spin and find a wild on reel three, it will turn into an Expanding Wild and fill the entire reel. This only happens if there are potential wins to be found, so if it doesn’t happen, it’s because the wild wouldn’t have helped you. We wouldn’t say this is a ‘real’ bonus, because it doesn’t require any further input from you or provide a different way of playing, but it’s nice to have, and it can boost your pot.

The major bonus feature in Mighty Kong is Free Spins, and to trigger it you’re going to need a little help from everybody’s favourite gorilla. Land at least three of the Kong scatter symbols, and the enraged beast will leap onto your reels, look you right in the eye and then make a run straight for you. Try to recover from the shock quickly, because your free spins round will be about to start! The game moves to the interior of the cinema, and on the silver screen are a range of options. You have a decision to make! How you play the free spins round in Mighty Kong is mostly up to you. You can either have a low number of high-stakes spins or a large number of low-stakes spins; do you want to go all out for a big win, or try to collect a series of smaller ones and watch them add up steadily? If it's the latter, you could choose to play 40 free spins with no multiplier active at all. At the other end of the scale, you could play just five free spins, but have an 8x multiplier applied to any wins you find! There are options between the two, so you should be able to find a place of comfort. If you're able to find more scatters during the free spins, you can trigger the round again. You'd like to think that's possible within forty spins.

About Pragmatic Play

If we can count the first decade of Pragmatic Play's existence as their childhood, we're really looking forward to what they're going to do when they grow up. Despite only forming in 2007, they've already managed to release over 100 online slots. There are companies twice or even three times older than them who haven't achieved even half of that output; they've been prolific. They're a stylish developer with a distinctive visual style that runs through many of their games, which have covered a variety of different themes. Mighty Kong is definitely one of their most well-regarded slots, although they've had great success with Great Rhino, da Vinci's Treasure, Wolf Gold and Peking Luck, too. We're delighted to be able to offer many of Pragmatic Play's games to our players here at roseslots.com.

Slot games account for the bulk of what Pragmatic Play do as a company, but they do serve the casino industry in other ways as well. In the offline world, they create roulette and blackjack machines for physical casinos, with some major brands among their book of regular clients. One of the most unique things about the developer is the way they approach creating their games. They work with the belief that the future of slot games is on mobile devices, and that people will use their smartphones more than their laptops to play slots in future. Because of that, they start by creating games as mobile slots and then port the games over so they can become online slots. That's the exact opposite of the process that every other developer we're aware of goes through.

Pragmatic Play has a mission statement: “Innovation and dedication”. It may only be three words, but it sums up their outlook; try new things, and work hard at them. In keeping with that spirit, they’ve pledged that they’ll release no fewer than two brand-new slot games each month. They’re as busy as they are brilliant.

On Pragmatic Play’s website, the developer has the following to say about the game:-

“Attack the giant gorilla in his own lair in Mighty Kong, the 4x5, 50 lines video-slot. If WILD is on the middle reel it expands to fill the whole reel and when you get the chance to meet Mighty Kong himself, he will take you on journey around the world in the Free Spins round, where you can select up to 40 Free Spins and up to 8x multiplier.”

They may not go into a huge amount of detail about the game, but they do get across the most important aspects; the free spins mode is excellent, and meeting Kong is a highlight of the game. They could have warned us before he made a run at us, though!

Pragmatic Play Games Similar To Mighty Kong

King Kong is one of those most desirable of properties; a well-known entertainment icon that you don't have to pay a fee to use the likeness of. Anything that's recognisable and attractive to the public is bound to have a slot game based around it eventually, and there are a number of King Kong themed online slots, which we'll get to in a moment. Pragmatic Play has only used the character once so far, but it's quite common for them to put huge, terrifying beasts front and centre in their creations. Here are just a few examples.

Great Rhino: Huge, terrifying animals don’t come that much bigger than rhinos, and a stampeding rhino is the star of the show in Great Rhino online slot. It’s a very good looking game, but not quite as dramatic or cinematic as Mighty Kong. It’s smaller in scale, with a 5x3 layout and 20 fixed paylines, but it received rave reviews when it was released, mostly due to its smart bonus features and huge maximum jackpot. The RTP of Great Rhino is 96.53%. Just like in Mighty Kong, when you trigger the game’s main bonus feature, a rhino comes charging straight at your screen. What is it with Pragmatic Play wanting to make us jump out of our skin?

Jurassic Giants: Perhaps you've just read the description of Great Rhino, and thought that a rhino isn't really up there with King Kong in the ‘terrifying creature' stakes. If so, how do you feel about dinosaurs? If you're going to accommodate a Tyrannosaurs Rex, you're going to need a massive game to do it. Perhaps because of that, Jurassic Giants has a sizeable 6x4 layout of reels and rows, and a staggeringly high 4096 ways to winnings. RTP is 96.03%, and one of the bonus modes features a T-Rex going toe to toe with a woolly mammoth in battle. The epic scale of Mighty Kong is definitely present in this game, but the expanded number of reels might make it too complicated for some.

7 Monkeys: Monkeys are smaller than gorillas. Accordingly, 7 Monkeys slot is a smaller game than Mighty Kong. Both games may share the theme of having an ape as their focus, but 7 Monkeys is really more of a cute slot game than it is a large scale cinematic production. It's a gentle and fun game, where the stakes are lower and play is more traditional. 7 Monkeys has, fittingly, seven fixed winning lines, made easier to find by a small number of symbols. Free spins are offered as a bonus within the game, but with RTP down at 92.71%, it's not all that generous.

Online Slots Similar To Mighty Kong

Although Pragmatic Play may only have released one game based on King Kong, theirs isn't the only slot game out there using his likeness, as we've already said. The critical question is whether anybody's done it better. One developer, in particular, is very keen on King Kong games, so let's look at their output.

King Kong: NextGen gave gone on-the-nose with their first King Kong themed game, they've used the great ape's name as the online slot's title, and even taken the trouble to get a license that allows them to use images from the 1933 film, which is considered to be the definitive classic version! The game isn't graphically as attractive as Mighty Kong, but given that all the theming is taken from a movie so old, that doesn't actually matter. If it were slick and modern, it wouldn't work. One of the bonuses in the game actually lets you play as Kong, attacking planes as they fly past and winning multipliers when you're successful. RTP in this game is 95.14%, with 25 fixed paylines. It isn't as broad and deep as Mighty Kong, but then it never set out to be.

King Kong Fury: Although King Kong Fury is also by NextGen Gaming, this isn’t a sequel to their original game. Instead, it’s a complete re-imagining of what a King Kong themed game should look like, and a genuine competitor to Mighty Kong in terms of quality. This is definitely an online slot for the modern age. Perhaps deliberately looking to measure up to Mighty Kong, this game also has 50 fixed paylines and a 5x4 layout, with sharp graphics and great animations. Confusingly, there are dinosaurs in the game, which don’t appear in the King Kong stories, and feel like a case of over-egging the pudding! RTP is 95.37%, which is a pinch lower than Mighty Kong. This is a great game, but not quite on Mighty Kong’s level in our opinion.

Gorilla Go Wild: In much the same way that 7 Monkeys is a more gentle take on the ‘ape’ theme for Pragmatic Play, Gorilla Go Wild is a more gentle take for NextGen. With the intensity taken down a long way from King Kong Fury, this game looks to please you with cuteness rather than ferocity. Gorilla Go Wild works on a traditional 5x3 layout, featuring 25 fixed paylines and an RTP of up to 96.51%, although it may be lower if you play with smaller stakes and don’t activate all the features. It may not feel as ‘big time’ as Mighty Kong, but there’s a bonus feature where Gary the Gorilla steals a banana symbol off your reels and eats it, giving you a wild in exchange, and if that isn’t adorable we don’t know what is.

Mighty Kong On Mobile

As Mighty Kong was released as recently as 2016, our expectation would be that it operates as well on a smartphone as it does on a laptop or desktop computer. Our expectations are raised further by the fact that this is a Pragmatic Play game; the developer openly describes themselves as having a ‘mobile first' mindset, whereby they create games as mobile slots first and then work backwards to turn them into online slots. As they seemingly always do, Pragmatic Play has met our expectations. Every single detail of the computer version of the game is exactly the same on the mobile version. The quality of the animations is the same, the soundtrack is the same, and most importantly of all the way the game operates is the same. The only difference you'll notice is that you're using your finger to play the game instead of a mouse or keyboard. Because the programming has been done intelligently, the game will adapt itself to suit, depending on whether you're holding your phone upright or tilted to the side. Not every developer is as good as Pragmatic Play at making mobile versions of slot games, but we wish they were. Mobile devices are likely to play a bigger and bigger role in the future of slot games, and so it's important that standards are not only maintained but elevated. If you play and enjoy Mighty Kong on your computer, you’ll enjoy it just as much on a hand-held device. And that’s good news!

Mighty Kong In The News

Mighty Kong was released a few years ago now, and as because of that, it isn’t ‘big news’ in the way that it was when it first came out. Competition is tough when it comes to column inches in the press, and it tends to be reserved for the very latest releases. We’re sure Pragmatic Play are comfortable with that; they’ve released a number of games since Mighty Kong, and we imagine they’d prefer the spotlight to go on their most recent work. Even though there's no news to report on Mighty Kong, it remains precisely the same thing that it was on the day it launched; a fantastic online slot that's as great to look at as it is to play.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Mighty Kong

If your preferred type of slot game is a slick video feature game with excellent graphics and generous bonus features, then Mighty Kong is exactly what you're looking for. The big gorilla has never looked better, and it would be a good idea to catch him while he's in a good mood and he wants to help you win some money! If you're ready to visit Skull Island yourself, we'd love you to stay on roseslots.com, and play Mighty Kong with us. Signing up to Rose Slots today won't just give you access to Mighty Kong; you'll also be able to search and play our enormous roster of 600 hit slot games; an eclectic collection designed to ensure every taste is catered for. Whether you want a super slick cinematic slot game with modern bonus features, or something a little more traditional that tries to emulate the look and feel of an old-fashioned slot machine, we've got games that do both.

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