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Monster Madness Slot Game

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There are so many slots that can be found online with different themes and bonuses. However, there are certain games that are just cute and adorable for their background, graphics, symbols, and sounds.

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Monster Madness Online Gameplay

Monster Madness online slot is an exciting and fun game. It’s a new and exciting game which does not have anything related to movies or cartoons. It’s an entirely original game. One of the most interesting things about the game is its graphics and how the monsters are shown in the symbols. Its sound effects are fun, and the symbols used in the game are quite adorable. Monster Madness isn’t a scary or awkward game with terrifying monsters or anything similar. Apart from the graphics and sounds, Monster Madness promises a lot of bonuses and free spins that you can use to try out your luck.

Monster Madness online casino

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Monster Madness Online Features

To share a few details about Monster Madness, the RTP of Monster Madness is 95.03%. The RTP is a little low around 1 or 2 percent considering the game has a lot of bonuses and spins to offer. Apart from that Monster madness is a 3 Reel game with 8 Paylines. The symbols used in this game are the Pink, Orange, Red, and Blue Monsters. The other symbols used are A, J, K, Q, and 10. Monster Madness has a Wild and a Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is represented by Wild with a Bullseye and a the Scatter is represented by Free Spins 1 and 2 with a bullseye.

Everytime you hit a scatter you are awarded with a free spin. You can get to win a bonus game for 3 or more scatters. The best part about getting the scatter is the fact that you can earn more spins as you hit on more scatters.

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Similar Themed Games With Monster Madness

Monster Madness can be classified as fun slot game which isn’t very difficult to find. However Monster Madness is a unique game on its own and there are a lot of games which share the same theme as Monster Madness. One of the most anticipated games is The Legendary Red Dragon slot game, (not to be confused with Hannibal). Other games also include African Spirit and Dangerous Beauty.

One of the most wicked and entertaining games related to monsters is Monster Mansion where instead of made up and cute monsters, you get to utilize the old and classical monsters such as Frankenstein, Mummies, Werewolves etc. It gets even better especially if you’re a Dracula fan. Dracula family slot can be easily found anywhere online if you’re into monster themed slot.

Monster Madness Slot 3

Similar Featured Games With Monster Madness

A lot of games that resemble Monster Madness in terms of features and RTP. Some of the notable games are Taxi, Batman, and Fast Track. One interesting mention should be made if you’re a serious gamer. Call of Duty 4 slot has the same RTP as Monster Madness.

If you’re interested to explore more slots with variety of themes and bonuses, visit anytime.

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