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Niagara Falls Slot Game

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Niagara Falls is a 5 reels, 20 paylines UK online slots game by Yggdrasil. Niagara Falls has Wild, Bonus Symbol, Free Spins, Multiplier, Stacked symbols, and Sticky Wild features, and an RTP of 96.20%. You can take a trip down Niagara Falls right here at Rose Slots, and also enjoy over 500 more great online slots like Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, Rainbow Riches, and Great Rhino.

Niagara Falls slot UK

Niagara Falls Online Slot UK

On the surface, Niagara Falls is a beautifully put-together traditional slot machine which looks like something from another era. To look at Niagara Falls is like looking at a dusty old slot you’d find standing in the corner of a traditional pub back in the 1990s. Don’t be fooled - it’s all a cunning disguise. This slot is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing, hiding all the 21st-century bonus game thrills that online slots players of this era have come to expect.

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Because the slot is so methodically old-school in its graphical presentation, there isn't much leeway for Yggdrasil to establish the 'Niagara Falls' theming that would tie it to the most famous waterfall in the world - but they've found a way. The five reels are surrounded by boulders and rocks, and the tiered structure of the rows has been assembled in a way that allows coins to plunge down them as if they were objects falling over the precipice of the waterfall. As well as the coins, you'll sometimes see barrels falling down the reels as well. They're not just there for decoration - but we'll tell you more about that when we come to take a look at the bonus features that Niagara Falls has to offer its players.

Niagara Falls looks so old-school that you almost expect it to have a 3x3 reel-and-row layout, but it's actually got a slightly larger 5x3 set. Within that layout, we have a modest twenty paylines to chase after, although the number of paylines is rendered almost irrelevant by the bonuses. While you're playing, you'll hear the hustle and bustle of a casino around you, with slot machines beeping and ringing in the distance. To round off the 'traditional' feel, we also have traditional symbols on the reels. Niagara Falls takes inspiration from old fruit machines, and so it features cherries as the low-value symbol, followed in order by plums, oranges, bells, the bar, a blue lucky seven, and a red lucky seven. Below each reel is a space which is usually blank, but will occasionally show you a feature. There's even more going on above the reels, where a 'shake' meter is slowly building up as you spin. As with the barrels and the coins, we'll talk more about them in a moment.

Niagara Falls has a big, orange wild symbol to help you complete winning combinations by replacing any of the base game symbols, and also a barrel bonus symbol, which is the only symbol the wild can’t substitute for.

We’ve hyped the bonus features up a lot so far, so let’s take the time to tell you why they’ve impressed us so much!

Niagara Falls Developer - Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil may only have been around since 2013, but their CEO Fredrik Elmqvist has been involved in online slots for much longer than that. He used to work for NetEnt, and was one of their senior figures. You can see some of the NetEnt influence in many of the slots that Yggdrasil put together; especially their stunning graphics. The unusual name of the provider is taken from Norse myth and legends, where Yggdrasil is the tree of life. As a proud Swede, Elmqvist must be a big fan of Viking history - many of Yggdrasil’s slots feature a Viking motif, including Vikings Go Wild online Slot, Vikings Go Berserk and Vikings Go Berzerk UK Slot.

2018 was a marquee year in the development of the growing company - somewhere in their head office is the 'Innovator of the Year' award from the 2018 International Gaming Awards ceremony. Given how imaginative and unusual Niagara Falls is, we'd have to agree with the assessment of the awards panel that Yggdrasil is providing some seriously original slots.

Niagara Falls Slot Bonus Features

Most online slots that look like Niagara Falls either have no bonus symbols at all, or a single bonus feature to allow players the occasional break from the base game. Niagara Falls is not like most online slots. There's so much going on that you always feel like something dramatic might happen on your very next spin.

One of the things that might happen is the Coin Drop, which triggers at random, but is more frequently seen after you’ve already won something than when you haven’t. A coin will appear on your screen, and then enter the slot at the top of the virtual gaming cabinet. Once it’s in, it plunges down the boulders at the side of the reels, and lands in the spaces below them. Nothing happens when it lands in a blank space, but if it lands in a space that shows the name of another feature, that feature will then trigger.

If your feature space says 'Wilds,' then every symbol the coin has hit on the way down to the feature space turns into a wild symbol. Coins sometimes fall straight down, giving you a wild reel. In other cases them may take a zigzag route, giving you wilds all over the place. If you have 'Free Spins' printed on the feature space, see below for the scoop on how the Niagara Falls Free Spins feature works. 'Shake' builds up your 'shake' meter (further information listed below again), and 'Win' is an instant cash prize proportional to your stake.

There’s another reel modifier called Cash Fall, which happens randomly, just as the Coin Drop does. Coins will fall over the edge of the waterfall and come clattering down the rocks until they land in a pile below the reels, at which their combined value is awarded to you. Some of the coins may have multiplier values stamped on them, and so the prize may be doubled or even trebled. After a cash fall, you can press the 'shake' button to give the 'machine' a little shove, and see if you can coax any more coins to fall. How hard you shake it depends on how high your shake meter is at the time you press the button. Obviously, we do not recommend shaking real machines!

To trigger Free Spins, you'll need three-barrel symbols on the reels at once. It only gets you five free spins, which isn't a lot, and it can't be re-triggered. It can pair up nicely with another one of the features, though. If you have 'Wild' under any of the reels when the feature is triggered, that reel will turn wild, and stay wild for all five spins. You may only get five spins, but with multiple wild reels, they should be profitable ones!

We don’t get the pleasure of reviewing many online slots like Niagara Falls. It’s a hybrid slot which belongs to two different genres at the same time, and succeeds at both. 

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