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Do you have pets? Your pets may gnaw shoes, spoil furniture and do all sort of irritating things, but when you remember that they make you happy every day, you have no choice than to forgive them for their shortcomings. Roseslots bring you Pets slot game from Pariplay and when you play Pets online slots, there is no place for superstition because, in the Pets slot developed by Pariplay, black cats are so lucky.

Pets Screenshot 2021

Pets Online Slot UK

The funny characters of this slot will make you smile and the best part is that the possibility of winning in the slot will cause you to return to play it again and again because it has a payout percentage of 93.14%. Prepare for big prizes as the animated cat throws rubbish from the bucket.

Pets Bonus Round 1

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In this slot game, there are 5 reels and 40 paylines. You have 9 pet symbols, bonus symbols, free spins, jokers and additional bonus on this slot game. Match 3 dog treats to get onto the bonus game and spin the hamster’s wheel; if you are lucky, the wild cat might just make you the lucky dog. That is not the only way to win because you can match different combinations of pets like a dog wearing bling around its neck and cat with loveable eyes to get paid faster than the speeding rabbit. The game itself is enjoyable, and even more so if you think about the number of coins you can win on this slot game. Payments are calculated by x5 to x2500. The Pets slot strikes a balance between the number of times you can match 3 dog treats for the bonus game. Also, you will find sticky Wild showing up all the time, making the slot even more generous than its RTP of 93.14%.

Pets Bonus Round 2

Pets Slot Features

A rabbit, an adult dog, a turtle, a bird, several cats and a cheerful puppy are the characters you will find in the Pets slot game.There are symbols with special abilities on the slot: Wild is represented in all columns and it can form combinations, as well as replace other symbols except Scatter Scatter occupies 2 positions on the reels. It doesn’t make payments but will launch free spins when it drops on the screen. The combinations on the slot come in rapid succession, so you should expect coins to roll into your pocket. You will find the wheel of fortune on your game’s screen. And there are other bonuses you can win in the course of the game. Bonus multiplier – the payout will be calculated based on the multipliers from x4 to x80 that the arrow is pointing to at that time. Feline Frenzy – when it appears, it will start 7 free spins. Wild Cat – it also gives 7 free spins when it appears on the reels Trash Can Random Wilds can also throw you a lot of coins when they are randomly placed in selected positions.

Pets Bonus Feature

Pets Developer - Pariplay

Pariplay founded in 2010, in less than a decade it has proven itself as one of the top online slots designers and developers in the Industry. No matter if you win big or not, the slot is very generous that if you combine your winnings, you can boast a respectable profit. The big guns in gambling world may prefer a slot with doubling game which is not available in this slot, but the generosity of the slot means you can still win a significant prize. We like the characters of this video slot, the bonus rounds, special characters and the general design. The slot is also generous, so you can make a respectable profit playing Pets slot game. If you love pets, you need to try this slot and get the excitement that comes with pets. Try its demo mode before you start spinning for the real money.

Pets 2021

We're proud to host more than eight hundred online slots at That number increases all the time. The more slots we add, the more difficult it is for any one slot to achieve a top 10% position when it comes to having the most players. Staying there is even more difficult! In 2021, Pariplay's "Pets" holds on to one of those coveted slots, just as it has done almost ever since the day it was released in 2017. That's why we're coming back to it now to look at it with fresh eyes and see if we can get to the bottom of its seemingly ever-lasting appeal.

"Pets" has a theme that's always likely to be popular with players. Human beings love their pets, and online slots players have been proven to be drawn to slots that have a cute theme. Eyecon's "Fluffy Favourites" set the benchmark for cuteness a very long time ago, and many other developers have made their own entries into the genre in the years since. "Pets" is definitely among the best-looking of them and has the widest variety of animals. We do not doubt that the adorability factor is part and parcel of its allure, but it's far from the only factor at play here.

The further we progress into the 21st century, the more sophisticated online slots become. While traditional slots will always be popular, players are increasingly drawn to ultra-slick modern video slots that offer imaginative side games and features. "Pets" ticks those boxes with a thick checkmark. Having a cat that wanders across the reels to throw a trash can and generate additional wild symbols is such a small thing, yet it makes the slot feel fresh and exciting. The presence of two different free spins features is also a big positive for the "Pets" slot, especially since they bring both sticky and expanding wilds with them.  There's been a small adjustment made to "Pets" since it launched nearly four years ago. If it had a weakness at the time of its release, it was the fact that the RTP was a little lower than the market average.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with the original RTP of 93.14% - it still leaves more than enough room for a fair chance at big wins - but most slots released in the past five years have had RTP rates somewhere between 94% and 96%, with a few that go even higher. Pariplay heard the criticism and decided to act on it. The RTP rate is now 96%. Nothing else has changed, and nothing was sacrificed as a makeweight for the increased RTP rate, but the "Pets" slot can now stand shoulder to shoulder with its rivals and compete on a level playing field.

There are thousands of online slots out there in the world, but most players want the same things when it comes to the core of what makes a great slot. They want something easy to follow, fun to play, and potentially generous when it comes to rewards. If the slot also happens to look fantastic, that’s a bonus. “Pets” scores high in all of those categories, and we suspect that will be as true another two or three years as it is right now.