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Platoon is another themed slot game from the catalog of iSoftBet. Platoon is themed adapted from Oliver Twist’s popular and classical movie called Platoon. This 1986 movie followed after a college dropout, Charles Taylor, who got into the US army to contribute his quota in the World War I in Vietnam. The movie was well received and popular that it would win Oscar that same year it was released. As you play this slot game, you are taken back in time to that moments. Rose online slots never fails as it has the Platoon game in the catalog of its many slot games.

Platoon slot is another five reels slot game with 30 paylines. Also, just like some other iSoftBet slot games, you have the liberty of adjusting the paylines to the number you want. You can even take the payline to one. It is that incredible in the way it gives players the liberty of play. Platoon also allows you to set the coin values to set your stakes. As expected, the Platoon slot game is characterized with characters from the Platoon movie, and each character has their coin values. For instance, the character of Keith David has a coin value of 80. Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, and Forest Whitaker all have their coin value. The character with the highest coin value, however, is Charlie Sheen which could pay as high as 1,000 coins. There are other symbols on the reels; there are the helicopter and tank symbols to mention a few. The symbols bear the paraphilia of war.

Platoon online slot

Platoon Online Slot Graphics

iSoftBet did not disappoint when it comes to the graphics of this Platoon slot. The 3D graphics capture well the whole details of a war environment. The Platoon slot game is cast against a jungle background such as is expected from a war. This background does speak to the 1986 Platoon movie. A character that is believed to be the protagonist (Charles Taylor) of the movie is in the background decked in the US military gear with a complete AK-47 rifle. The background is green to further portray the greenery of the environment. The accompanying soundtrack in this game is such as is expected in a war movie. So don’t go expecting funfare music playing in the background.

Platoon Slot 3

Platoon Online Slot Wild

The heavy military tank symbol in this slot game is the wild. The appearance of the tank symbol could change your combination into a winning one.

Platoon Online Slot Bonuses

Using the motif of war again, you are giving a chance at free spins if you can make a Helicopter scatter appear in more than three places on the reels. So the more scatter you reel into view, the more you free spins you will get. Bonuses do come easily in this game.
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