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Pong is a very popular arcade video game created in 1972. The creation of Pong has an interesting history, as it was almost accidental. At its creation, nobody envisaged it was going to be as successful as it became through the years. Pong was created through one of the numerous designing exercises Nolan Bushnell gave to Allan Alcorn, an Atari engineer. The Pong game uses a very simple user interface and is modeled after a normal tennis game. It has two paddle-like bats and a pong ball. Each paddle is stationed each at both side of the screen, where a player moves the paddle to hit the ball against its opponent’s side. Point is given against an opponent when they fail at return the ball or misses.

PONG Screenshot 2021

PONG Online Slot UK

Pong is one of the many cool games you offered on the best UK online casino, Rose online slots. We have included this popular slot game as a show of our versatile taste in gaming. With Pong, you just can never be bored. Pong is a game that offers so much fun in its very simplicity. When playing the Pong game, the screen is less busy in a way that prevents any distraction. You are only focused on hitting the ball and keeping up with your opponent speed. Pong is about the best classic arcade game out there: simple, enjoyable, mesmerizing, and tasking all at the same time. You’ve just got to love the Pong game.

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Pong Slot Graphics

The ingenuity of this game lies in its simplicity. That is what makes it one of the best slot machine game. With less screen distraction, this game simply takes you to the main aim of its play; which is to hit the ball back and forth. There is nothing more to it than hitting the pong (ball); and interestingly, that’s what makes the game a great fun experience. The user interface (UI) uses a dual color of black and white to make it easy on the eyes. That means it does not stress your eyes no matter how long you are on it.

PONG Bonus Round 2

Keeping Up To Speed

The Pong game measures the players’ speed; this is the speed you deploy to returning the ball to your opponent. If you are not fast enough, and your speed is below your opponent’s speed, you may lose the balls and let it get past you. The main purpose of this game is not to let the ball miss your paddle.

Creative Deflections

One of the things that make the Pong interesting is the skill of deflections the players put into the game. One of the tricks of beating your opponent is use deflections. Deflections in pongs occur when you hit the ball against the sides of the table, and it ricochets off it to land at an unexpected angle. The mastery of this skill increases a player’s chances of winning.


This a glaring feature of the pong game. These are also the players’ tools. The paddles are vertical-like simple screen stick that the players use to return the ball to their opponent just before the ball misses the paddle.


The Pong slot game offers a 94.66% for players.

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Pong 2021 

Most online casino games which deviate from the norm usually only offer novelty appeal, Pariplay’s Atari game-inspired title remains as popular as it was when it was originally released in January 2018. It is almost as timeless and classic as the Atari console itself, at least it is in the world of online slot gaming. If you’re no stranger to Pariplay’s games, you’ll know that they always colour outside of the lines and love to give online casino frequenters the innovation that they seek. While there have been no major developments to the title – thankfully it remains the same low volatility title with a max win of 60,000 coins and a 94.66% return to player rate – there have been plenty of notable events from the developer themselves. 

Pariplay seriously picked up the pace since the release of Pong, and there are plenty of reasons why slot spinners can’t get enough of them. Alongside the exceptional quality of their online slot games, they are one of the most ethical online slot game developers currently operating today. Take the fact that they donate 10% of the profits made from their slot game Rumble Rhino to rhino conservation charities. In June 2018, Pariplay scooped up EGR’s award ‘Mobile Software Developer of the Year’, and the company has seen exceptional growth in 2020. Their noteworthy growth allowed the developer to team up with Aspire Global. In a recent interview, MD of Pariplay, Adrian Bailey had the following to say “Pariplay is now poised and entering an exciting new phase with the Aspire Global acquisition. We now have a much more defined strategy and are ready for explosive growth opportunities.” 

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