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Quest For The Grail is a 5-reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Quest For The Grail has Free Spins, Scatter symbols, and Gamble features with an RTP of 95%.

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Quest For The Grail Online Slot UK

With the many reels and spins, there are amazing chances of raking in more wins. That is the exact good news every online slots lover wants to hear. There is no better news that one directed to making you more money on your wager. Each payline is represented as a shield. That way, the player cannot just but notice them. This obviously creative display of paylines also helps those who are still green at the game to quickly know the shields that could give them more money. It is really hard to miss anything in this game; everything is made that obvious.

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Quest For The Grail Developer - Eyecon

The Piggy Payout slot, the Punto Banco, and the Pumpkin Smash UK slot game are all related games to the Quest for the Grail. That is so as all of them are themed games, and almost contain the same numbers of reels and spins.

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The game features a very foggy and cloudy atmosphere that suits the game perfectly. That atmosphere adds to the interesting eeriness of the game. There is an evidently proud fun moon that shines through the foggy atmosphere. In the background also, there is a gothic castle that sits in such a way that reflects the Stone Age. All those features come to make for a marvellous and thrilling sight. The borders in this game are exquisite in a way that shows the Stone Age in all its glory; the reels are on stylish purple borders that are festooned with pearls and jewellry. How more amazingly looking could this game be! There are mixed feelings about the quality of the graphics among users. However, one thing is certain, the quest in the game hooks the reader more than anything.

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Quest for the Grail Slot Features

The bonuses in the Quest for the Grail game are sure ways of upping a wager’s return. For instance, if you spin three scattered icons into any different reels simultaneously, you will have the opportunity of having up 25 free spins or the golden chance to pick from any grail of your choosing. If you decide to pick the latter, you could be lucky enough to have a 100x multiplier of your prize. Isn’t that just amazing? There are two types of wilds in this game. There is the Excalibur online slots game. The Excalibur is just like the traditional joker in a card game. The Excalibur replaces all your symbols and does it in the way that could double your money. The other wild is called Super Excalibur, and this is only applicable to get bonuses only.

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Quest For The Grail is a Historical themed mobile slot game from Eyecon. Quest For The Grail is ranked at 729 on Additional Historical new slots include Atlantis, Centurion Free Spins, Musketeer Slot. View all Historical themed slots. Related Eyecon slot games include Haunted Hallows, Fortunes Prophet, Gets The Worm, Piggy Payout, Can Can, Irish Luck, Mermaids Pearl. View all Eyecon slots