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Rainbow 3x3 Slot Game

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Rainbow 3x3 is a 9 reels, 9 payline online slot game by 1x2 Gaming. Rainbow 3x3 has no bonus features, and an RTP of 95.00%. The best place to play Rainbow 3x3 is with us at Rose Slots, where we also offer over 500 leading UK online slots including Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Great Rhino.

Rainbow 3x3 slot UK

Rainbow 3x3 Online Slot UK

Of all the various themes and genres that online slots are designed to fit, the Irish theme might be the most over-saturated of them. There have been Irish-themed online slot games for as long as the format has existed, and the trend was ported over from days gone by when online slots could only be played in physical cabinets. Because the stereotypes of Irish culture are full of good luck charms - from lucky clover to pots of gold - they make a natural fit when it comes to gambling.

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Because so many Irish online slots exist, it's hard for a developer to attract attention to a new product that fits the theme. That task is made all the more difficult given the success that Barcrest has had with Rainbow Riches. That slot dominates the genre by some distance, although Irish Luck and Leprechaun Song are also strong contenders. The usual approach that a slot developer takes is to pack in as many bonus features as possible to capture the imagination of players. 1x2 Gaming has taken the complete opposite approach with Rainbow 3x3, and they've made it work for them.

If you haven't come across a layout like this before, we expect it looks confusing to you. 1x2 Gaming has used it before in Fruity 3x3, but at the time of writing that's the only slot we're aware of that uses the same arrangement. We promise it's not as confusing as it looks, though. There are technically nine separate sets of reels on the screen, all of which are confined to one individual row of three, and they spin independently of each other. If you can match three symbols on any of those sets of three, you'll win money.

The presentation is simple because it has to be - with 27 symbols on the screen at all times, there isn’t much room for anything else! The background is a pleasant Irish shade of green, and the sets of mini-reels have thin frames to separate them from one another. Just in case you weren’t getting the ‘Irish’ message clearly enough, there’s a lively backing track of Irish music to help get you in the mood.

As well as having far more reels than you're used to, the slot also has far more symbols. To list them off in full from least valuable to most, we have rainbows, balloons, Irish flags, pipes, beer hops, beer barrels, beer bottles, pints of beer, pints of stout, three leaf clovers, four-leaf clovers, harps, horseshoes, Irish crosses, leprechaun hats and pots of gold. The value of the symbols varies dramatically; finding three rainbows will only return the value of your stake to you. Find three pots of gold, and you'll get 500x your stake.

Again, we imagine the number of symbols makes things sound complicated, but it really isn't. The slot is intelligently structured to make sure that small wins happen frequently, and it's all to do with how the reels are divided up. We'll discuss that below.

Rainbow 3x3 Developer - 1x2 Gaming

Towards the south coast of England, you'll find the British answer to America's Silicon Valley, and that's Brighton. Brighton has long been considered to be a creative and technological hub, and it's earned the nickname of ‘Silicon Beach' in acknowledgment of that fact. Brighton is home to 1x2 Gaming, who released Rainbow 3x3 in March 2019.

3x3 Rainbow isn’t 1x2’s only foray into Irish-themed online slots; they’ve been there before with Pots of Gold, although that was a far more conventional slot. They also delighted online slots players earlier in 2019 with the launch of the atmospheric and magical Faerie Nights. If you’ve read this review and decided that Rainbow 3x3 doesn’t have enough features to pique your interest, you’ll likely find the action-packed Faerie Nights much more to your liking.

1x2 have been around the online casino world since 2002, and the development of online slot games is only a small part of what the company does. They’re heavily invested in their Virtual Football platform, which they tout as the most sophisticated virtual sports platform online today. If you have enjoyed playing Irish-themed slot games, you may try out Rainbow Wilds online slot game with Irish-themed from the same developer.

Rainbow 3x3 Slot Bonus Features

This is going to be a short section - there aren't any! Despite having all those symbols, there isn't a wild, a scatter or a bonus symbol. You won't get any free spins, any side games or anything else in Rainbow 3x3. You just spin the reels and see if anything comes up. What could be easier than that?

Instead of focusing on what isn’t there, we’ll talk about what is - and that’s the separation of the reels and the values they contain. The nine reels are divided into three rows; top, middle and bottom. The top row only contains symbols worth up to a maximum of 8x your initial bet. As that only accounts for half of the symbols, wins on the top row happen regularly.

The middle row still contains all of those symbols, but also contains everything worth up to and including 30x your bet, so wins are rarer but generally of greater value.

On the bottom row, you'll find every single symbol the slot has to offer. That makes wins much less frequent but does mean that you're playing for up to an x500 payout on every spin.

The hardest thing to get your head around with Rainbow 3x3 is how something that looks so complicated can be so simple. Once you've made that adjustment in your head, it's easy to play. You can even switch some of the reels off if you find it hard to follow - although doing so effects the minimum stake. If you only want to play with the higher-value bottom row, you'll have to pay more to do so. We advise letting them all spin at once - it's more fun that way!

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