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Rainbow Ryan is a 4,096 ways to win Online Slot Game by Yggdrasil. Rainbow Ryan has FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild features and a RTP of 96%.

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Rainbow Ryan Online Slot UK

The Rainbow Ryan game is a game that matches playtime with good and apt rock music. Aside from winning bets, this game is a good one to stab any boredom you may be going through. This game is played by triggering the reels at fast random on sync between 2 and 6. Before you win, the reels must give you the same symbols. This game has 4,096 pay-lines! There are just too many ways to win in this game.

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Rainbow Ryan Developer - Yggdrasil

Rainbow Ryan is designed by the popular Yggdrasil Gaming company. However, unlike many games, this online slots game comes with six reels and multi possibilities of winning. It has whopping 4,096 ways to win! That’s incredible! Rainbow Ryan is very Irish and Rock themed. Reels are synced in this game to make winnings, where up to 6 different symbols can be synced. This Irish leprechaun themed game has Rainbow Ryan vibing on the stage. As you take spins at the reels, there is always Rainbow Ryan doing a solo performance on the side of the screen. Another exciting feature of this game is that it comes with a very enjoyable rock soundtrack. That is another game the Roseslots.com offers. Other top Yggdrasil slot games include Vikings Go To Hell and Alchymedes.

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Rainbow Ryan Bonus Round 2

This cartoon designed game has a great depth of graphics that appeal to the player’s visual sense. Yggdrasil Gaming puts a lot of work into the graphics of the game, and the attempt never disappoints. Set on a groovy rock stage, the graphics are daring, clean and alluring. More graphical works are poured into the different symbols of the game. These symbols are a first microphone, beer, boots and hats filled with shiny golden coins (all which Rainbow Ryan’s properties) and spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts (these are known in the game as the four card units).

Rainbow Ryan Slot Game Bonuses

Rainbow Ryan Bonus Feature

In the Rainbow Ryan game, you can get into the free spin mode when you spin three or more Free Spin multiplier into view anywhere on the screen. For every successful three Free Spin multiplier, you spin into view, you get a chance of seven free spins, while successful four Free Spin multiplier get you ten free spins! Isn’t that just great! In my honest opinion, the best least free spin bonus is landing four Free Spin multiplier on the screen. It does not end there. The more Free Spin multiplier you can reel into view, the more your free spin chances: five will give you 15 chances, and seven scattered Free Spin Multiplier will get you 20 free spins.

Rainbow Ryan UK Slot RTP

The projected Return to Player for Rainbow Ryan is 96%. That’s a great RTP there!

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Interesting, during play, if anything happens to the software or hardware that causes interruption, the wager is not lost, the player can start afresh and play again. However, if there is a permanent glitch in the software and hardware that the player cannot continue the game, Rose Slots will return all the wagers to the player immediately. Rose Slots does have the interest of Rainbow Ryan’s players at heart, as players’ interest always comes first.

Rainbow Ryan 2021

Yggdrasil is well-known as a developer for making slots that use a Norse theme - especially the theme of vikings. That’s not really surprising when you consider their Swedish origins. It was a break from the norm from them when they released “Rainbow Ryan” in late 2017, tackling the always-popular Irish theme and using it to great effect. “Rainbow Ryan” is a slot that became popular immediately and has stayed that way ever since, still in or around the 10% of most-played online slots in our enormous Rose Slots library.

We're a little sad that we've never found out why the leprechaun in this slot is called "Ryan," but we're willing to look past that for now. What makes "Rainbow Ryan" stand out from the crowd is its soundtrack. You could sum up the soundtracks of most Irish-themed slots with one word, and that word would probably be "jaunty." Something akin to "Riverdance" appears to be the choice that most developers go with when they decide to visit the Emerald Isle, but Yggdrasil chose to go with something closer to Irish rock legends U2 instead. That probably has something to do with its ability to cut through the noise of all those hundreds of other Irish-themed slots at the time of its release, but it wouldn't explain why it stayed there. To understand that, we have to take a closer look at the bonus features.

Because the Irish theme is one of the oldest in not just online slots but slots in general, people tend to expect something familiar and traditional when they load one. "Rainbow Ryan" throws that out of the window from the get-go. Not only is it a massive 6*4 slot with a whole 4096 ways to win, but it also dispenses with the idea of a standard free spins feature to give us something more potent. When free spins are triggered in this slot, the reels sync together. That doesn't just give you a delightful rush of rainbow colors but also promises big wins. The more the reels sync, the easier it becomes to land on those paylines. When you factor in the fact that the theoretical maximum win from "Rainbow Ryan" is a little over half a million pounds, the mystery of why so many online slots players come back to it time after time disappears.

As we begin to move further into the 2020s, the idea of what a 'normal' online slots game looks and plays like is starting to change. Developers are experimenting with layouts and payout systems. The immense success of "Megaways" slots means that thousands of paylines are becoming the norm, and big layouts are replacing the safe, familiar 5*3 that so many of us are accustomed to. Yggdrasil must have seen all of this coming back in 2017. It might be approaching four years old, but it feels so fresh that you could easily believe it's a brand new release.  Well-made Irish slots will always do well because the genre is beloved by so many players, but that’s a double-edged sword. There are so many of them that only the strong survive. “Rainbow Ryan” hasn’t just survived; he’s thrived. Pushing against the boundaries of what an Irish-themed slot ought to play like is the reason for that success, and should see it remain a popular pick for a long time yet.