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Reel Talent is a 96.03% RTP slot game from Microgaming with 20 paylines and high volatility. This online slot comes packed with showbiz-themed bonuses and animal themed antics.

Reel Talent Screenshot 2021

Reel Talent Online Slot Gameplay

Rose are very pleased to present to you, ‘Reel Talent’, an online slots, released on the 7th November 2018 by game developers, Just for the Win. This talent show themed slot game offers you the chance to wager as low as 10p and for those with money to burn, as high as £100 in the hope of winning a jackpot of up to 50 times your stake. As well as a modest 20 pay lines, ‘Reel Talent’ will spoil you with a high variance level and a splendid RTP (return to player) rate of 96.03%. As ‘Reel Talent’ is based on a Television Talent contest, its reels are placed upon what looks to be a television studio, and is animated with impressive, flashy graphics. The aim of the game is to match collections of identical symbols in groups of between 3 and 5 for varying prizes. The lower value symbols which you will find in this game consist of a microphone, a fiery torch, a guitar and a pack of cards (just when you thought you’d escaped those usual low-value symbols). Each of these offer a different cash prize and symbolize the props required by the performers on the show, who also just happen to be the high-value symbol you’ll need to match. The performers in the show are a singing Lion, a fire-breathing Alligator, a Guitar playing Wolf and a magical Rabbit Illusionist.

Reel Talent Bonus Round 1

Reel Talent Slot Bonus Features

As this game is a fairly modern online slot game, there are a number of bonus features available which will make it much more enjoyable to play. Like many modern online slot games there is the obligatory ‘Wild’ symbol and that is represented by the word ‘WILD’, so that it can replace any existing symbol to complete valuable wins. The other big bonuses in ‘Reel Talent’ mostly revolve around the ‘super spin’. The ‘symbol storage unit, situated on the left-hand side of the reels will steadily fill up with prize symbols as you game progresses and will activate the super-spin once it is full. Each time a prize is gained, one of the sections in the storage will fill up with a prize symbol but will empty if consecutive wins are not achieved before it fills.

Reel Talent Bonus Round 2

The size of your possible prizes on the super-spin will then depend on which symbol exactly you banked in the storage system. If you match 3 identical symbols you enter the ‘solo performance’ spin, 2 different symbols will get you onto the ‘big stage’ and 3 different symbols and you’ll be shot up to the ‘stage 1’ spin. The super spin will then spin the reels and match any symbols you land to the symbols in your storage for prizes, so obviously the more different symbols you have in storage, the more prizes you are likely to receive.

Games Similar to Reel Talent.

You may feel surprised to find that there are a number of games with similarities to ‘Reel Talent’ out there, and you’d be correct to do so, but there is actually another television talent show-themed games out there, albeit without the performing animals. However, if you enjoyed the themes of this game, you could try out ‘The X Factor’ by Ash Gaming, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ by Playtech or even ‘The Voice’ by IGT.

Reel Talent Bonus Feature

Reel Talent Slot Review

A quirky and original slot game from Microgaming offering players 20 paylines across a 5x3 layout, a maximum jackpot of 50x bet, and 96.03% RTP. With an unusual cast of characters, it belongs to both the ‘Animals and Nature’ and ‘TV and Movies’ genres. The game has one primary bonus feature, which is broken up into three stages. Sometimes, we come across a slot game that defies description. Reel Talent, by Microgaming, is one of those games. We appreciate originality and uniqueness wherever we see it in the online slot world, but it sometimes makes our job difficult when we’re trying to review a creation! Let’s start with the most important fact; Reel Talent is a quality game from a quality developer, and it will offer you a memorable time spinning its reels.

Animals and nature aren’t an original theme when it comes to creating slot games. We’ve seen it done many times before. Slot games based on TV talent shows are a little less common, but not completely without precedent; again, we’ve seen it done. What nobody else has done before (or since, to our knowledge) Reel Talent is combined the two things together! The premise of Reel Talent is that you’re taking part in a talent show for animals. We don’t mean the sort where they jump through hoops either; these creatures are singing, and performing magic tricks! The backdrop of the game is a stage (the kind you’ll have seen before on shows like ‘The X-Factor’), there’s atmospheric and tense background music of the kind that’s often used on reality TV shows when someone’s about to be eliminated, and there’s an area on the left-hand side used to indicate rankings. That’s especially important for the bonus feature, and we’ll come back to it later on.

The background on its own isn’t unusual; we’ve all seen that kind of stage before. It’s the reels that really create the surreal sights in this game. The lower values are all taken up by playing cards, but skipping above them we find a rabbit magician, a guitar-strumming wolf, a fire-breathing alligator (like alligators weren’t scary enough!), and a lion who can sing. There’s also a microphone and a torch but let’s be honest, you’ll be looking at the performing animals so closely that you won’t even notice them. The game also has a wild, which helpfully identifies itself by having ‘WILD’ written across the centre of the symbol in bright gold type, and it replaces every symbol to create winning lines, with the exception of the ‘Reel Talent’ logo. Unusually, the Reel Talent logo is neither a scatter nor a bonus symbol; it just pays out the game’s jackpot if you can land five on the reels at the same time. The bonuses featured in Reel Talent, much like the game itself, are just a little different. In fact, it’s probably time we took a look at them.

Reel Talent Bonuses

It’s easier to demonstrate the bonus features in Reel Talent than it is to talk about them, but we’ll do our very best for you. We promise that they’re not as complicated as we might be about to make them sound. A winning line in Reel Talent isn’t just a winning line, it’s a step towards activating a bonus feature. Whichever symbol created your winning line moves across to the ‘ranking’ section on the left-hand side of the playing area, and you’re awarded a free spin. You now have three spins in which to find another two winning lines, so you need to be lucky! Every time you find a winning line, the symbol involved in the win will be added to the rankings section. Three spins after your first win, you’ll either have failed to fill the three ranking spaces (and so you start all over again), or you’ll have filled them, and a bonus round begins.

If you’ve been able to follow that, then here’s the next quirk; the bonus you play will depend on how many different symbols you used to create winning lines. If you made three winning lines with three different symbols, you’ll enter Showtime mode. That grants you free spins, during which there will be more of all three of your winning symbols on the reels. That should make it easier to pick up additional wins. If your three wins consisted of two of one type of symbol and one of another, you’ll enter Big Stage mode. This works exactly the same as Showtime mode, in that you’ll get free spins, but this time, it’s whichever symbol you scored to wins with that appears more on the reels. With so many symbols of the exact same type on the reels, wins should naturally follow.

To enter the remaining bonus feature, which is named Solo Performance, you need to score three wins using the same winning symbol. Achieve this, and you once again get a free spins mode, but more than half of the symbols on the reels will be made up only of your winning symbol. That should put a lot of nice winning combinations within reach; even potentially the game’s jackpot! We understand that not everybody will be happy with the way the bonus features work. They’re quite difficult to trigger, and really they only amount to free spins games with a twist on the format. Microgaming is different, and proud of it. Making games that deviate from the norm is more or less what they do as standard practice. In fact, let’s find out a little more about them.

About the Developer - Microgaming

Microgaming is an award-winning developer, who operate on a global scale, and serve customers in many different nations. According to their biography, they invented the concept of operating a casino via the internet, having developed rudimentary software capable of doing the job as long ago as 1994. Back then, the internet barely existed at all! The spirit of innovation runs richly through the company; ten years after their creation of web-based casino software, they claim to have created the first software capable of running casino apps on mobile phones in 2004. Other developers dispute these claims, and say that they achieved the same thing at around the same time, but Microgaming has the evidence to back them up. That makes them pioneers of the format that so many of us now enjoy.

Microgaming’s strong and varied roster of slots contains a range of styles and themes, but some of their best known work includes Thunderstruck, Avalon and Dragonz. Perhaps because of their reputation for being innovators, they often secure licenses from major entertainment companies to produce their games. That’s why Microgaming are the developer behind the official ‘Game of Thrones’ slot, among many others. As well as creating quality, they also create quality; Microgaming average at least one new slot game every month, all year round. Here’s what truly sets them apart from most other developers; the awards and the records. For six out of the last seven years, Microgaming has won the ‘Best Poker Software’ award at the EGR B2B awards. In 2018, they were named ‘Software Supplier of the Year’ by iGaming. For three years in a row (2014, 15 and 16), they picked up ‘Best Digital Product’ at the Global Gaming Awards. With so many awards from so many different awards-givers, you have to accept that they’re a truly masterful development company.

There’s one more accolade that players might be interested in; and one that didn’t come from an awards ceremony. The progressive jackpot that Microgaming offer across their network of games is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world, having paid beyond £800m out to players so far. Included in that figure is a jackpot of £16,000 that a UK-based player won with a 25p stake. Microgaming unveiled Reel Talent in November of 2018, making it a recent addition to their family of games. They posted a press release on their website when launching the game, and went into detail about what it offered to players.

“The spotlight is on and the stage is set for Reel Talent, a five-reel, 20 line online slot that features an eclectic group of talented performers battling it out for a spot on the big stage. Showcasing rich graphics, dazzling animations and exciting features in re-spins, Symbol Storage and Superspins, Reel Talent is brimming with thrilling gameplay to propel players into a world of fame and fortune.

This show-stopping game incorporates a Symbol Storage feature, which can be activated by any win in the base game. When activated, the symbol type from the winning line is collected in the Symbol Storage and a re-spin is awarded. When three symbols are accumulated during a game round, the player is given a Superspin for a shot at stardom on the main stage.

Reel Talent’s Superspins feature will grant players the chance to wow the audience on three different stages, which will depend on the number of different symbols stored during base game. Three different symbol types will award the Showtime Superspin, two symbol types will unlock the Big Stage Superspin, and one type of symbol will activate the Solo Performance Superspin, a round that will fill the reels with only the stored symbol, granting players the chance to perform their way to epic rewards.”

They’ve gone into plenty of detail about the game in that press release, but left out one tiny detail; why are the stars of the talent show all animals doing human tasks? We suppose we’re never going to know, and we’ll just have to learn to live with that!

Microgaming Games Similar To Reel Talent

Well, this is going to be interesting! In the entire history of Microgaming, have they ever been down the path of creating a slot game based around animals performing on a human talent show? Of course they haven’t. Nobody has, and that’s a cause for celebration. In the world of slot games, there are hundreds of variations of Irish folklore themed games, and games based around fruit, or jewels, or sports, or playing cards. There isn’t anything else, anywhere, that’s quite like Reel Talent. It takes quite the imagination to break from the norm, and so we have to salute Microgaming for it. Even so, and almost unbelievably, they have been down a similar road once before; a very long time ago.

The Rat Pack: The seed of thought that led to the creation of Reel Talent may actually come from The Rat Pack, which dates all the way back to March 2009. Most people are familiar with ‘The Rat Pack’ as the nickname of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and most famously of all, Frank Sinatra. Unlike other games on the Microgaming roster though, this isn’t a celebrity tie in. This is actually a slot game about rats who sing. Not all the themes from Reel Talent are present; there isn’t a talent show format, but it’s probably as close a comparison to the game as we’re going to find. It’s a big 5x4 layout game, with an RTP of 96.14% and 30 paylines, backed up by a free spins feature. It has some, but not all, of Reel Talent’s features, and therefore it possesses some, but not all, of its charm.

Other Online Slots Similar To Reel Talent

If even Microgaming, who might just be the masters of the quirky slot game, haven’t released anything that’s particularly similar to Reel Talent, what do you think the chances are that anybody else has? Nobody else has made a slot game about animals at talent shows. There’s no point looking for one; you’re not going to find it. However if you’re amused by the theme of cute animals in places they shouldn’t really be, we might have another game that ticks your boxes.

Foxin’ Wins: NextGen Gaming is almost as quirky with their themes as Microgaming are, and they’d have to be to come up with Foxin’ Wins! This visually stunning slot game stars a rich and generous fox, who’s opened up his stately home to you and invited you to come on in and win some of his money. He won’t stay rich for long if he does that, but then we don’t think foxes were ever noted for their financial savvy. The base game happens on a 5x3 set of reels and rows, with 25 paylines an RTP at 95.33%. Oddly, one of the many bonus features the game offers requires you to chase a leprechaun across the screen. What’s a leprechaun doing in a game about a fox? Who knows, but it raises a smile, and that’s always a positive thing!

Reel Talent Mobile Slot Game

Any game that’s been developed and released in the past couple of years should function perfectly on a smartphone or a hand-held device. Mobile slot players should have been taken into account at the planning stage, and there’s no valid excuse for not making sure your games are adaptable in this day and age. When it comes to games released from around 2015 onward, we have very high expectations when we test them for play on mobile. So, with Reel Talent, were we disappointed? Truthfully, yes, we are a little disappointed. It’s not that the game doesn’t work on a phone; it does. Tilt your phone to the side, and everything works as it should. All of the sounds you’d hear on the computer version of the game are also in the mobile version, the layout is the same, and the game functions the same way. The quality of the graphics seems to dip very slightly, but not so much that it becomes a distraction, or that it negatively impacts your experience of playing the game.

Turn your phone the right way up, though, and it’s a real mess. The reels shrink to the point where they’d be difficult to watch in the best of conditions, but the entire screen also pixelates to the point where it’s more or less unplayable. The buttons relocate themselves to an inconvenient position where they take up too much of the screen and get in the way. With your phone held vertically, trying to play Reel Talent is a horrible experience. We’ve reviewed games before by developers who force you to tilt your phone sideways before you can play their games, and although we don’t like that approach either, we feel it would have been better to do that rather than give us what we have here. Hopefully, Microgaming comes back to it at some point and patch it up so it works better. To cut a long story short, if you enjoy playing Reel Talent on a computer, you can have more or less the same experience playing it on a phone; just make sure you tilt your phone sideways first!

Reel Talent slot in the news

Reel Talent is a relatively new release as we’ve already said, and so there are several news outlets who are still reviewing the game and giving us their thoughts. The newspaper South Wales Argus, which seems an unlikely place for a slot game review to turn up, covered the launch of the game, and were impressed with what they saw. They enjoyed the fact that it spoofed the TV Talent show format, and in their own words described it as ‘quirky, comical and entertaining’, which is a fair enough comment. We can’t think of three better words to describe it ourselves! Another media outlet taking notes when the game was launched was CasinoBeats; a website that monitors all the latest news within the world of online casinos and slots. Their article doesn’t give us their own opinion of the game, but it does include a little more technical information; specifically, we’re informed that Reel Talent is the most frequent payer of big wins in the entire Microgaming catalogue. That means the game is both quirky and generous!

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