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Santa's Wild Ride slot

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Santa's Wild Ride is a Christmas themed slot game by Microgaming with motocycle themed features with 96.47% RTP.

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Santa's Wild Ride UK Online Slot

Santa is here again, but this time is a wild ride. Ride along with Santa and enjoy an exciting adventure with the Santa’s Wild Ride slots game. Santa’s Wild Ride slots gives you the opportunity to see time honoured characters like Santa act in ways you have never imagined. Brought to you from the staples of Microgaming, Santa’s Wild Ride game features Santa in another light – in a party and frenzy mood, with his motorcyclist potential brought to the fore, while carrying out his assignment as father Christmas at the same time.

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Bonus Features

You cannot help but like Santa’s Wild ride because of its difference from many other online casino slots. The slot symbols features Santa sitting on a motorcycle. You also have an elf with a drill, a mug with beer overflowing from its brim, and many food items. The game likewise has nice background music and sound effect. Although the game is titled Santa’s Wild Ride, with Santa Claus being the major star in the game, you can very much enjoy playing the game all year round; summer, winter, spring or fall. There are many online casinos where Santa’s Wild Ride can be paid, even for real money. RoseSlots is one of the site where the game can be played for real money. Visit to play this game and many more similar games. Take your time to determine how much you are willing to stake up – how much you are willing to wager. You can then get ready to go on a wonderful adventure with Santa on his chopper. Just remember to put on your helmet – it’s a wild ride, remember! Unlike many other casino games, Santa’s Wild Ride does not have the paylines feature, instead you have 243 winning combinations – ways to win.

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Symbols and Winnings

You have to be on the lookout for 3 major symbols in the Santa’s Wild slots. Each of these symbols affect your winnings in different ways. The Santa’s Wild Ride logo is one of these symbols. One unique characteristic of the Santa’s Wild Ride symbol as a wild symbol, is it ability to stand in for any other symbol aside the present and key symbols. Also, wins generated with the wild symbol are subjected to random bonus multipliers from 2x, 3x and 4x. The motorcycle key is another major symbol in the slot machine. As the game scatter symbol, motorcycle key can land anywhere in the game. If you land 3 or more key symbols, then your payout will worth 5 times, 10 times, or 15 times your entire bet. The 3rd major symbol in Santa’s Wild Ride is the present symbol. The present symbol appears only on the 2nd and 4th reels. Landing just one present symbol on your play screen will offer you a bonus prize generated randomly. Whenever you are ready to try out the Santa’s Wild Ride casino slots, do not forget to check it out at Rose online slots.

Santa's Wild Ride Bonus Feature

Santa’s Wild Ride

Christmas-themed online slots can be a strange thing. When an online slots developer comes up with a new theme or a new slot, their aim is to make something that's going to be played as often as possible. If a slot doesn't have any players, it doesn't make any money! On that basis alone, making a Christmas-themed slot sounds counter-productive. Christmas only happens once a year, and then it's gone again for another 51 of the 52 weeks. The popularity of Christmas-themed slots therefore tells us something about ourselves. We might only celebrate Christmas once a year, but many of us like to have a "little Christmas" for ourselves all year round.

We want to give you an idea of the popularity of Microgaming's "Santa's Wild Ride" slot. At the time of writing here in the early months of 2021, we're proud to offer more than nine hundred slots at That collection touches on every genre and every theme imaginable. We like to think that there's something for everybody no matter what their tastes might be. In that whole collection, "Santa's Wild Ride" holds a place among the top 25% when it comes to how many people are playing it. The overwhelming majority of our slots aren't Christmas-related, and so this slot is comfortably beating an awful lot of non-seasonal slots.

For a Christmas slot to be more popular than hundreds of non-Christmas slots, it must be quite a slot. Anyone who's already played "Santa's Wild Ride" knows how true that is, but we'll underline its strengths for you if you're on the fence and haven't played it yet. The bonus potential of "Santa's Wild Ride" is almost unbelievable. Once you've triggered free spins, the sky's the limit. Not only is everything you win doubled, but you also get a choice of additional features to bring into the feature with you. There are three options to choose from, including wilds that stack, wilds that expand, and wilds that trail down the reels a spin at a time turning other symbols wild as they go. If you choose wisely and you're playing with luck on your side, you could win a jackpot equivalent to 1,900,000 coins. That's huge, and that's probably what keeps a lot of players coming back to the slot so often.

Great online slots become popular and remain popular no matter what their theme is. We doubt that the people who've made this slot their favorite even notice the Christmas theme anymore - they play it because it's so much fun to play, and the rewards are so lucrative. Any Christmas slot can be popular at Christmas, but a truly fantastic slot will remain popular for all twelve months of the year, every year, whether Santa's on the reels or not. It's the quality of the slot that keeps it relevant in 2021, a full eleven years after it was first released, and based on its performance, it could well go on to spin and create winners for another decade to come.

Perhaps the ultimate vote of confidence in the “Santa’s Wild Ride” slot has come from the company that made it. Microgaming has released literally hundreds of online slots over the years, and yet they’ve never felt the need to come back to the “Santa” theme again. Perhaps they know they can’t improve on perfection.