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As there is now an online version for pretty much every other arcade game and casino game, it was only a matter of time before Online Slots saw the first online version of Pinball.

Spinball slot UK

Spinball Online Slot UK 

The brave pioneers who brought online pinball to Rose Slots was none other than Tom Horn Gaming. While Rose Slots is primarily an online slot casino, we always have plenty room for boundary-breaking innovative titles such as Spinball which was first released in 2019. Finally, all of the time you invested polishing your pinball skills will become useful, the longer you keep the ball on the table, the higher your chances will be of snagging the jackpot in Spinball. The different areas of the board are worth different amounts of cash if you hit them, just as with the land-based game, when the ball falls down the hole, it’s game over. Clearly, Tom Horn Gaming didn’t run out of creativity before it came to cooking up the stunning graphics in Spinball. The futuristic pinball machine is set to a cosmic backdrop which brings an essential sense of catharsis to the gameplay, it is likely that you will be on the edge of your seat once the pinballs are in motion. To make sure you experience Spinball in all of its nostalgic gaming glory, crank up the volume and step back in time to a retro 80s arcade to the chiptune soundtrack.

Spinball Developer - Tom Horn Gaming 

Tom Horn Gaming has been part of the online casino landscape since 2008, if you’re looking to play one of their more traditional online slot games, we’d highly recommend Panda’s Run Online Slot, Don Juan’s Peppers and Frozen Queen UK Slot.

Play Spinball Mobile Slot 

At the top of the gaming board, you will see just how much you’ve banked so far in your game, at the bottom of the reels, you’ll find all of the playing functions you need to get started. First, you will need to set your bet level, you can bet as low as £1 or as high as £100. The minimum bet level may be much higher than the average online slot game, but you won’t need to be all too cautious of your bet level as the volatility is incredibly low. The return to player rate comes in bang-on average at 96%, so when you spin with Spinball, there’s almost nothing to lose! The max jackpot is fixed at 1,440 coins, while that max win won’t pique the interest of high-rollers and serious players, Spinball definitely offers some entertaining gameplay for any players who are looking to bust stress and kill time.

Spinball Slot Features

Traditional pinball game may not be able to offer you many bonus features, but Tom Horn Gaming still found a way to jazz up the gameplay in Spinball. If you get lucky and hit the ‘free spin’ area of the board, you’ll be able to snag plenty of free games which will playout with the same bet level as you used when the bonus spins feature was triggered.