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Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin is a 3-reels, 5 paylines Online Slot Game by Playson. Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin has Multiplier and Respins features with an RTP of 96%.

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Screenshot 2021

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Online Slot UK

Fans of Playson’s 2018 online slot Super Burning Wins: Classic 5 Lines will be delighted to hear that the game developer has found a way to reinvent the magic with follow-up online slot Super Burning Wins: Respin. If you played the original, you can guess what is in store with this title given the name – although there are one or two added surprises. You’ll notice that there aren’t all too many changes from the original, but it’s still enough to make you reconsider where you will be placing your stakes next.

The 3 x 3 reel slot grid offers just 5 ways to win – just as the original did, and the return to player rate comes in at 96% ensuring that you’ll see plenty of your stake amount in return. The max jackpot available in Super Burning Wins: Respin is £45,000 and that’s when you’re spinning with a max stake amount of £100. Casual players can also have plenty of fun with Super Burning Wins: Respin as the minimum stake amount is set to a super accessible 10p per spin!

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Bonus Round 1

The two bonus features included in Super Burning Wins: Respin are a re-spin feature which allows you to make the most out of your stake amount and multipliers. We’ll cover the bonus features in more details down below. The bonus perks aren’t overly excessive or complicated which still makes Super Burning Wins: Respin plenty of appeal to traditionalists looking for a simple sit and spin gameplay experience. Online slots such as Super Burning Wins: Respin aren’t designed to offer players anything new and innovative, instead, they carry the important function of keeping nostalgia for land-based fruit machines alive. After all, if it weren’t for those, online slot game casinos such as Rose Slots would never have happened!

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Developer - Playson

Playson has been providing unique gaming experience since 2012 when their first online slot game was released. The UK-based development team offers over 80 slots in their portfolio, and while they may not be one of the biggest design studios, online slot machine casinos certainly wouldn’t be the same without their unique quirky content.  Their most popular online slot titles currently include Book of Gold: Double Chance Online Slot, Super Burning Wins 5 Lines, Viking Gods Thor and Loki, 100 Joker Staxx UK Slot, Mighty Africa, Crystal Land and Rise of Egypt. While their titles are slightly on the more simplistic side, there’s plenty of variety in the inventive themes which you’ll find on offer.  

Play Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Mobile Slot

Super Burning Wins: Respin is available to play on both mobile, laptop, and tablet, whichever way you choose to play, the gameplay will always be seamlessly exhilarating as it gives you the chance to spin your way to the big wins. Visually, Super Burning Wins: Respin may not blow you away, but for any players who appreciate the classic styling of traditional fruit machine themed slots will still find plenty to love about this one. When you load up the reels, all you’ll see is a plain blue screen with the darker blue reel set situated in the middle of it. The betting functions such as the spin button and the bet adjust function are sat neatly beneath the reel set along with your coin balance making it easy for you to keep an eye on your wins coming in.

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Bonus Round 2

The symbols in Super Burning Wins: Respin are all the usual suspects which you’d expect to see on a land-based fruit machine. As you’ll be playing on a 3 x 3 reel slot grid you’ll only be able to make winning combinations of three symbols. In order of the lowest paying to the highest, the symbols include the blue X, cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, BAR symbols, bells, and of course, the lucky red sevens. Three of the blue x symbols will award you with 1x your stake, and the lucky red sevens will award you with a massive 150x your stake. So, you’ll see plenty of diversity in the sizes of the payouts which hit your coin balance as you spin. Thanks to the nice and even volatility of Super Burning Wins: Respin, you’ll never have to wait for all too long before you see a win coming your way, and the payouts have the potential to be massive.

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Slot Features

Bonus features such as free spins bonus features are incredibly rare in titles such as Super Burning Wins: Respin. So, it comes as no great surprise that Playson didn’t decide to include it this time. This means that Super Burning Wins: Respin comes without a scatter symbol, and there’s also no wild symbol in play. But don’t worry, winning combinations are still easily made in this online slot.

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin Bonus Feature

Re-Spin Bonus Feature

The re-spin bonus feature is so pivotal in Super Burning Wins: Respin, Playson decided to include it in the title of the game. Unlike with other bonus features, it’s incredibly easy to trigger this one. The re-spins are triggered by either having a non-winning spin, or by filling two of the reels with identical symbols. When the latter happens, you’ll see the two reels which are filled with matching symbols fix into position while the rest of the reels are taken for another spin.

Multiplier Bonus Feature

Getting a winning line of three lucky red seven symbols is exciting, but that doesn’t come close to what is on offer if you fill all nine spaces with a matching symbol. If this does happen, you’ll receive a x2 or x3 multiplier on the value of those symbols. By getting a combination of nine lucky red seven symbols and the 3x multiplier, you’ll cash out on the max jackpot in Super Burning Wins: Respin which is 450x your stake, or £45,000. That may not be the biggest max multiplier which you’ll find on Rose Slots, but Super Burning Wins: Respin still comes highly recommended to any players who loved Playson’s other classic fruit slots.

Super Burning Wins Respin 2021

It would be unfair to say that Playson specializes in traditional or classic online slots. That would imply that the company isn't also excellent at making online slots in other genres, which isn't the case. They're great at pretty much everything they turn their hands to, but they're better known for their classic slots than anything else. That's mostly down to the stellar success of the "Burning Wins" series, into which "Super Burning Wins Respin" was launched in November 2019.

The slot has been online for a little over a year as we write this in early 2021 and has proven to be just as successful as all of its predecessors. It's done that by using the same technique that all the "Burning Wins" slots of the past have employed - taking the traditional fruit theme and keeping it simple while introducing one little twist. By doing that, Playson manages to please players who appreciate classic slots while simultaneously attracting those who like a modern feature or two. "Burning Wins" slots are crowd-pleasers by definition, and that's why "Super Burning Wins Respin" has been among the top 25% of all the slots we have here at in terms of popularity since the day it was released.

As many successful online slots developers have found, having a successful series of slots raises the profile of every single slot in that series. When a player finds a slot for the first time and enjoys it, their natural curiosity often means that they'll come and take a look at the other slots in the series to see if they enjoy those, too. As there are now five "Burning Wins" slots, players have more opportunities to indulge that curiosity with this series than they do with most others. The story began with the first "Burning Wins" in May 2018. It was hailed as one of the best new classic-themed online slots in years at the time of its launch. "Super Burning Wins" followed in July 2018, and then "Mega Burning Wins" in April 2019. "Wild Burning Wins" showed up just one month later, with "Super Burning Wins Respin" being the most recent entry in the series so far.

"Super Burning Wins Respin" differs from the other entries in the series by being a sequel to a sequel rather than a sequel to the original. In both presentation and execution, this is a "respin" version of "Super Burning Wins." It's possible that this was an experiment by Playson to see if any of the last four slots could be used to launch sequels of their own. Given that this has been a big hit for the developer, it's now possible we could see "respin" versions of "Mega Burning Wins," "Wild Burning Wins," and maybe even the first "Burning Wins" as the series continues to grow. It's unlikely that Playson is done with its flagship classic franchise just yet - especially when so many people play the slots on a daily basis. It was slightly surprising that we didn't see any new "Burning Wins" slots in 2020. We'd be even more surprised if there wasn't a new one by the end of 2021 - and when it appears, you can rest assured that we'll be doing all we can to bring it to Rose Slots and offer it to our players!