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The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Game

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The Incredible Balloon Machine is a 0 reels, 0 paylines Online Slot Game by Crazy Tooth Studios. The Incredible Balloon Machine has Pick Objects and Multiplier features with an RTP of 96.75%.

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The Incredible Balloon Machine Online Slot UK

 Crazy Tooth Studio have stayed true to their name with their first online slot game to be released in 2020 - The Incredible Balloon Machine. We should probably warn you now, that The Incredible Balloon Machine definitely isn’t your average online slot title, in fact, considering that it comes without reels, it can barely be defined as an online slots game at all! The incredibly unique title won’t ask you to spin reels to create winning lines. Instead, instead of having a spin button, you’ll be given a button to inflate a balloon, the more air which goes into the balloon, the more cash you can win! But if you have any experience with blowing up balloons, you’ll know that there’s always the risk of them popping. So, in The Incredible Balloon Machine, the aim of the game is to cash out at the most opportune time. The Incredible Balloon Machine is playable on mobile, desktop, and laptop, and it provides an incredible gameplay experience on all devices. We may have some immersive online slot games on Rose Slots, but nothing quite comes close to watching the balloon grow and the coins drop cheerfully into your coin balance. The animations which this game offers are incredible, and it wouldn’t be all too surprising if Crazy Tooth Studios picked up a fair few awards thanks to it.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Bonus Round 1

The Incredible Balloon Machine Developer - Crazy Tooth Studios

Crazy Tooth Studios may have only been around since 2011, but since their inception, they have made incredibly notable contributions to UK online slot game casinos. They pride themselves in being innovators in their field, creating brand-new gaming experiences for their loyal players, and cooking up never before seen concepts. Compared to the rate of production of online slot powerhouses such as Microgaming, Blueprint, and Pragmatic Play, Crazy Tooth Studio like to take their time with their releases, and it definitely shows. Their titles are the perfect choice for any of our Rose Slot players who are tired with the same old gameplay sequences and bonus structures. Online slots such as The Incredible Balloon Machine reward players in plenty of ways – especially in the way which matters the most – the ability to win life-changing prizes while playing high-quality games! There are only five titles in Crazy Tooth Studio’s portfolio so far, but each one of them stand as a testament to Crazy Tooth Studio’s devilish ingenuity. Their other slot games currently include Arctic Valor Online Slot, Queen of the Crystal Rays, Seven 7’s, and Diamond Force. If you’re interested in following the hottest online slot games, Crazy Tooth Studio’s is definitely one to watch!  

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There may be no reels or playing symbols, but Crazy Tooth still incorporated some classic bonus features in The Incredible Balloon Machine. The main bonus features include randomly triggered multipliers and Prize Pick Bonus features. Instead of offering you free spins, the game offers free credits as an incentive – and there is plenty to be won. If you love nothing more than a high-octane immersive online slot, you’re going to love the thrilling action in The Incredible Balloon Machine. The Incredible Balloon Machine comes with a slightly higher return to player rate than your average online slot game. You’ll get to see an average return on your stake amounts of 96.75%. Usually, high RTPs mean that you won’t be able to expect much in the way of win potential, but this definitely isn’t a problem in The Incredible Balloon Machine.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Bonus Round 2

The max jackpot in The Incredible Balloon Machine comes in at £123, 280 when you are playing with the max stake amount of £40. Casual players can also have hours of fun with The Incredible Balloon Machine too as it’s available to play from as little as 20p a game. And with the medium payout volatility, you won’t find it all too hard to maintain your coin balance, as it is incredibly unlikely that you will come across lengthy dry spells here. We can’t recommend The Incredible Balloon Machine enough to our players at Rose Slots, Crazy Tooth Studios truly outdid themselves with this incredibly unforgettable new concept. It may not be the perfect game for our players who prefer the traditional old school style of slots, but anyone who is constantly on the hunt for titles which defy the boundaries of online slot gaming, The Incredible Balloon Machine is a safe bet.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Features

Even though The Incredible Balloon Machine is leagues apart from your average online slot game in many ways, Crazy Tooth Studio have ensured that there are bonus features which you would find in your more traditional online slot games to make sure that you are suitably rewarded for your stake amount.


Each and every time you play The Incredible Balloon Machine there’s a chance that you will get to see the random multiplier function come into play. The final value displayed on the balloon can be multiplied by a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, or a 10x multiplier.

Pick Bonuses

If you see a golden balloon on your next game, The Incredible Balloon Machine can become even more interesting as golden balloons can trigger the prize picker bonus feature – if you thought that the gameplay was impressive in the main mode of play, just wait until you see what is in store for you with the Pick Bonuses. The multi-level feature will ask you from a selection of differently coloured balloons. Cross your fingers that you pick the right one, as you could end up with plenty of extra credits to play with! You’ll get to see a running total of what you have collected just beneath the balloons you will be choosing from. If you’re lucky enough to make it through the first round, you’ll get to move onto the second round where you’ll get the chance to win even more credits. There’s even the chance that you will get to uncover multipliers which can boost the total value of your credits won so far!  

The Incredible Balloon Machine Bonus Feature

The Incredible Balloon Machine is a Arcade themed new slot created by Crazy Tooth via Microgaming. The Incredible Balloon Machine is ranked at 232 at Rose Slots. Similar Arcade new slots include Paradise Reels, Tin Town, Dice Dice Dice, The Odd Forest, Birthday, Cocktail Cash. View all Arcade themed slots. Additional Crazy Tooth UK slots include Lady Earth, Seven 7s, Arctic Valor. View all Crazy Tooth slots.

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