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The Phantom’s Curse is NetEnt’s 5 reels and 40 payline online slots that can be played on all devices at 20p. With win-win technology, music-inspired games are set inside the theatre and have excellent soundtracks. There is a select and click feature that you can pick from roses and mirrors to win up to 36 times the bet.

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The Phantom's Curse Online Slot UK

There is also a Masked Phantom Re-spin function in which stacked phantoms and stacked mask symbols can be pasted one time to avoid re-rotation. This is all about the free spin function, where the phantom symbol acts as a wild animal and cuts off the ropes attached to the reels. When they fall to the ground, they will also expand to form a wild scroll. Once you cut off all the ropes, the function will end – however, you can benefit from a large number of stacked wild environments, and you can get up to 800 times the bet each time free spins. The game is based on the popular and musically-loving musical series by Andrew Lloyd Weber – it can be played on the desktop, mobile phone and tablet device at a speed of 20p to 200 pounds per rotation – it also provides a lot of extra features. Visually, the Phantom of the Opera is placed inside the theatre, immersing you in this classic story. Naturally, the soundtrack of the opera is fascinating, and the symbols on the scroll include heart-shaped, clubs, spades and diamonds as well as daggers, hand mirrors, yellow roses and sapphire rings. You will also see Phantoms this is the highest value symbol that allows you to get 10 times 5 times your shares on the payline. Please note that you can win in both ways.

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The Phantom’s Curse Online Slot Bonus

In terms of bonus symbols, reels 1 and 5 can contain stacked bonus symbols, including masks, stack masks, masked phantoms, stacked illusions, and stacked Christine. Stacked phantoms only appear on Reel 1, and stacked masks and stacked Kristin symbols only appear on Reel 5. Chandeliers are scattered symbols that only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Masked Mirage is and replaces all symbols except dispersion and bonus symbols. On Features – When the Stack Phantom symbol completely falls on Reel 1, and the stacking Kristin symbol completely falls on Reel 1, you can use the “Pick and Click” feature. There are 2 stages, you need to choose cash prizes from the first stage of 8 roses. In stage 2, you can choose from 3 mirrors to triple your multiples – then apply it to stage 1 bonuses. This feature will earn you up to 36 times the maximum bonus.

The Phantom's Curse Bonus Feature

The Phantom’s Curse Online Slot Symbols

You will then get the Masked Phantom Re-Rotation feature that is activated when a stacked ghost symbol appears on Reel 1 and a stack mask symbol appears on Reel 5. Here, the stack symbol that triggers this function is transformed into a wild symbol and remains sticky 1 and rotates again for free. Finally, when the chandelier scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 at the same time, you will see the “free spin” feature. During this function, the pendant lamp hangs on the reel – a rope connects it to each reel. If you place a phantom on a particular reel, it cuts off part of the rope – when all 5 ropes are cut, the chandelier will fall and this feature will end. Net Entertainment performed well on this game. In addition to beautiful graphics, THE PHANTOM’S CURSE online game has a nice background music.

The Phantom’s Curse 2021

Whether in theatre, film, or via music, most players are familiar with the Phantom of the Opera and you can relive all the drama in The Phantom’s Curse online slot UK 2021 by developer NetEnt (available to play at However, the curse is more of a blessing as there are numerous chances to win real money with each spin of the reels. As with all of NetEnt’s innovative creations the visuals as well as animated sequences are incredible and the gameplay is engaging, fun, and overall, very easy to learn. After only a few spins, you are sure to feel as if you are standing on the stage in the Paris Opera house. The Phantom’s Curse online can be considered a somewhat new slot as it was released in January of 2017 (which is around 4 years at time of writing in 2021). While there has not been an massive changes to the slot itself given that it does not appear outdated in  any way, there has been some updates and additions that are worth noting. 

Among the changes is the fact that Swedish based NetEnt has adapted to the changing style of gameplay and enhanced their mobile slot performance across the board. This is to guarantee a seamless gameplay no matter the platform or devices players are using – be it on tablet, desktop, or on a smartphone. Therefore, despite the smaller screen, the controls have been cleverly combined to create an ease of use when spinning the reels. In fact, NetEnt has quoted that with over 50% of “iGamers” using mobile devices they were compelled to release a state of the art technology referred to as NetEnt Touch. 

NetEnt has also expanded globally to make their slots more accessible in different parts of the world. While you are on vacation in Paris or anywhere else, you can even spin the reels of The Phantom’s Curse online slot. Internally as an organization, NetEnt has grown and reached out to other developer in collaboration to create new slot titles. As reflected in the 96.57% overall Return to Player in The Phantom’s Curse slot, NetEnt has remained popular with players because they keep their special features and Bonus Round very generous. A mid to higher variance Return to Player ensures that you are just as likely to enjoy a series of smaller wins that occur more often with the occasional jackpot type prize. This keeps their slots fresh and exciting. 

Specifically in terms of The Phantom’s Curse online slot, it would come as no surprise if NetEnt were to release a second version given the popularity. As it has been nearly half a decade since its debut in 2017, the time is ripe for a new slot that has a twist on the features and rewards. This can also come in the form of attaching a Jackpot Prize on the original or even adding Megaways which can consist of a Collapsing reels feature. Whether in the near or distant future, it is important to stay tuned to Rose Slots for any exciting updates.