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The Sky’s the Limit slot

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The Skys The Limit is a 5-reels, 20 paylines Online Slot Game by Core gaming. The Skys The Limit has Free Spins, Bonus Wheel, and Wild features with an RTP of 95%.

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The Sky’s the Limit Online Slot UK

It’s time to fly high with Core Gaming Sky’s The Limit. It’s not every day that you get to travel while doing what you love- playing online slots. For those who fancy just that, an awesome online slot with a theme of air travel is here. With bet’s ranging from £0.20 to £100, the gates are open for everyone and we are now boarding.

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The Sky’s the Limit Developer - CORE Gaming

Rose Slots is one of the most trustworthy online casino sites in the UK for women and that is one reason we always emphasize. The game is developed by one of the most trusted online slot game developers – Core Gaming. When two companies put together all you can expect is the highest experience in the online casino. Other top CORE Gaming slots include Deep Riches slot and Mandarin Orchid slot game.

The Sky’s the Limit Slot Features

Before discussing anything else we must appreciate the graphics of this slot game and admire the concept. Based inside an airport we can see planes at the gates, and just behind the reels, you can see baggage running on a conveyor belt through the scanner. The airport is complete with a Pilot, an Air Hostess, Stamps of Dubai, Las Vegas, and New York on the reels. The people here at the airport are very helpful. The captain explains what’s new, what’s to watch out for, and how to control the game features before the take-off. The air hostess beautiful smile will lighten up your mood every time you see her. The Sky’s The Limit has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. You have a choice of 5 classes to travel in depending on your budgets. You can travel in the Economy class for 0.20, Frequent Flyer for 0.40, Premium Class for 0.60, Business Class for 0.80, and Upper Class for 1.00 to 100.00. Before we forget it, you can also have full control of your funds with settings for the Single Win Limit, and the Loss Limit. Fly through the game freely as you find comfortable. What’s more, with the RTP of 95.11% you are assured of big wins.

The Sky’s the Limit Bonus Feature

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Let us start with the In a Spin Bonus. Three “In a Spin” symbols will trigger this bonus and it will give you a mystery prize or a chance to open a suitcase with a prize from the conveyor belt. The suitcase you chose to open will contain a prize such as x10 or x50 value win on the reels, an upgraded free spin, or spin with 4 winning lines or more. It could even contain a 5 of a kind winning combo. There is a Free Spin Upgrade symbol on reel 5 that gives you a free spin as the name suggests, and yes it is upgraded as it suggests. Remember that’s only one upgrade out of many available here. You can get upgrades all the way to the top. The very familiar Wild symbol is here too. It will stand for any symbol except for the above said Free Spin Upgrade and In Spin symbols. What online casino slot is complete without the Wild, right? Rose Slots knows that ladies love the wilds And then there’s the Gamble feature. Like in any gambling at the casino, you can decide to wager all or part of your winnings. Decide if you want to win high with all in, or go the middle way. It’s time to check-in. Have a nice flight everyone.

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The Sky’s The Limit 2021

Here in 2021, we at are looking through our library of slots with fresh eyes to see where they all stand. It’s no exaggeration to say we’ve added literally hundreds of online slots to our collection since “The Sky’s the Limit” was released, and yet here it remains. It’s not made by the most famous online slots developer in the industry, and nor does it have revolutionary bonus features. Nevertheless, it’s still among the top 100 of the 800-plus slots available to you at Rose Slots. That’s a fine achievement for Core Gaming and Live 5, who worked together on the slot several years ago. It’s also a badge of honor for the slot itself, which has proven it can stand the test of time!

While it might not enjoy the most prominent media profile (you're unlikely to, for example, see "The Sky's the Limit" referred to in a television commercial), the slot is popular all over the world. As of the time of writing, it's available in fourteen different countries. Nowhere, though, is it more popular than it is in the UK, where it's in more than one hundred online slots casinos. This is a good time to remind you we don't believe any of those casinos can touch Rose Slots when it comes to what we offer our members, but we make the point to show that this isn't an isolated phenomenon. Sometimes, slots rank highly with us purely because they're not available elsewhere. That isn't the case with "The Sky's the Limit." Something about it is making it almost universally popular almost everywhere.

We've already mentioned the fact that the bonuses in this slot aren't what keeps it ticking. There's nothing wrong with the combination of free spins, multipliers, and the bonus wheel on offer in "The Sky's the Limit," but there's nothing here you won't find elsewhere. Discounting that, then, and taking into account that there hasn't been a sequel, a jackpot version, or a Megaways version of this slot released in the years since the original, we have only one thing left to point at - the theme. Can you think of any other online slots which are themed around the interior of an airport? Travel is a common theme, but the combination of unsorted suitcases, cabin crew, and smiling pilots on the reels of "The Sky's the Limit" is relatively unique. While it might seem like an obvious theme to go to, it's very seldom used.

The unique appeal of the theme might have been enough to keep this slot relevant at any time, but it’s perhaps more pertinent given what happened in 2020. We don’t dwell on that because you know what we’re talking about, but the idea of travel became a lot more attractive to many people purely because they couldn’t do it. Travel-themed games became a form of escapism, and it’s possible that “The Sky’s the Limit” benefited from that. We suppose we’ll know for sure at the end of 2021. If it’s still as popular then as it is right now, it’ll probably remain popular for another five years to come!