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Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Game

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Totem Lightning Power Reels is a UK Online Slot Game by Red Tiger. This 8-reels,30-betways game has an RTP of 96.21%. Lightning strikes remove low-paying symbols and can also clone symbols.

Totem Lightning Power Reels Screenshot 2021

Totem Lightning Power Reels Online Slot UK

Climb the pole in Totem Lightning Power Reels online slots and you will unleash your inner spirit animal as well as many exciting chances to win real money with each spin of the reels. With each spin of Totem Lightning Power Reels slot game, all the symbols drop and for a brief moment you glimpse at a breathtaking Western desert gorge with a giant rock face nearby. It looks close to sundown and the tribe seems to have returned to their teepees, with a Chieftains eagle feather headdress hung on the reels and an arrow sticking into the sandy reddish-orange earth. During wins, however, the sun drops to show the same background at nighttime. Join the drum circles and dance to the beat of amazing chances for generous rewards. High to medium value symbols are of the Wildlife protectors of your tribe: a bluish hawk, a purple panther, a green-coloured fox, and a fiery red crab. There is a bolt of lightning that zaps away all the lower paying symbols and, in this regard, can be seen as a sort of Wild. Of lower paying symbols are basic playing cards A, K, Q, J, and 10, creatively styles in indigenous writing. Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot has impressive and immersive graphics that make you feel the tribal magic. This is accentuated by the exciting animated visuals upon wins when the symbols literally explode in a poof from the reels or when lightning strikes. And lightning in this game happily strikes more than twice for thrilling wins. Accompanying the sounds of nature, with wind howls and bird calls, is a beautiful Native pan flute that lilts in a soothing tune. The cheerful sound effects also blend nicely with the more mellow background music rhythm and keeps you energized, and especially electrified, when there is a lightning strike. The peace pipe is being passed around the campfire at the Rose Slots tribe, so take a puff of many generous ways for major wins in Totem Lightning Power Reels online and your smoke signal could be shaped as a very excited smiling face.

Totem Lightning Power Reels Bonus Round 1

Totem Lightning Power Reels Developer - Red Tiger

Building the exciting totem pole of awards in Totem Lightning Power Reels slot is one of the best online casino games designers, Red Tiger Gaming. Red Tiger Gaming has continually released slots that showcase detailed and impressive graphics, straightforward gameplay, and Bonus rounds with generous payout opportunities on offer. Fans of online casino UK will appreciate the large number of Red Tiger Gaming titles available at such as ‘Dragon’s Luck Power Reels’, ‘Lucky Little Devil’,‘Ninja Ways’, ‘Reactor’, ‘Piggy Pirates’, ‘Dragon’s Fire’, ‘Flaming Fox online slot’, ‘Three Musketeers’, ‘Jingle Bells’, and ‘Jack In A Pot slot’.

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It is alright if home on the range is way out of your range or the thought of being an arrow pincushion does not appeal to you as gameplay in Totem Lightning Power Reels slot is enjoyable, completely immersive, and easy to understand. At first glance, this slot may appear daunting given the large grid size and number of symbols, yet everything is very straightforward. With a power reel set-up of 8 reels, 6 wager rows, and 30 paylines, you may unleash your inner spirit animal to soar high into a sky full of major payouts. Every win in Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot only increases your level of excitement. This is because the structure of gameplay is in a tumbling or collapsing reels style whereby any winning combinations explode from the reels and other symbols drop into the empty space from above. Essentially this acts as a re-spin, except the other non-win symbols are locked, and you can enjoy many wins on only a single wager. Even better is the fact that any win that involves the lower value symbols (i.e. A, K, Q, J, and 10) will remove the symbol(s) from the reels so that the tumbling reel has more higher value symbols and therefore a better chance at a greater reward. This ‘Removed’ meter can be seen beside the reels, resembling a totem pole. When 8 of the blue hawk spreads its wings on the reels, you will be certainly soaring with a 3,000 coin win on your initial bet. 8 of the purple panther prowling on anywhere on the reels will grant you an equally ‘paw’some reward of 2,250 coins on your total wager. With tumbling reels and also a lightning Bonus feature that also removes low paying symbols, there is a relatively good chance achieving major payouts on any given spin.

Totem Lightning Power Reels Bonus Round 2

However, you do not have to make a big wager in Totem Lightning Power Reels slot in order to have a big win – given the many re-spins you can be awarded on a single bet. This may partly explain the somewhat narrow betting range of 20p to £20. If you need to take some time to comb your horse or buffalo, conveniently set the AutoPlay for 10 to 100 continuous spins. As ‘lightning’ is inherent in the slot and in the slot’s name, it seems natural that there is also a lightning speed slider for turbo gameplay that quickens each spin. While galloping from one tribe to the next, or dodging a group of yeehawing gun toting Cowboys, you can even play Totem Lightning Power Reels online as it is fully designed and compatible as a mobile slot as well as on other devices like tablet and desktop. With the tumbling reels, a generous lightning feature, and low paying symbols being removed whenever won, the theoretical RTP is estimated at 96.21%.

Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Bonus features

You may want to visit the tribal shaman and perform a ritualistic rain dance, as in Totem Lightning Power Reels online slot, storm clouds in the sky is a good omen. This is because of the Lightning Strike Feature that can appear at random on any given spin in the main game. The Lightning Strike more than compensates for the lack of the traditional slot feature of Scatters awarding Free Spins as you can essentially enjoy a series of re-spins with only high paying symbols. Lightning will strike the reels and zap off all the lower value symbols, to award winning combinations of high value and hence greater payouts. To give a sense of the power this lightning holds, you could feel the electricity of up to 7,777x your total wager when the bolts strike. Now that alone will have you yelling to the sky to ‘make it rain’.

Totem Lightning Power Reels Bonus Feature

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