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Wild Warriors is a UK online slot game by Playson with a 95.47% RTP. Wild Warriors has Free Spins with colossal symbols.

Wild Warriors Screenshot 2021

Wild Warriors Online Slot UK

The backdrop to the reels of Wild Warriors online slots depicts a misty army camp in a misty rocky mountain setting. Red flags can be seen perched on a rock and there is a sense of being in the remote and rough wilderness. Higher value symbols include the warrior women: a blonde with a sword, a red-haired archer, a brunette spear thrower, and a black-haired warrior with sharp daggers; and there is a black panther. There is also a Wild logo and a shield Scatter symbol. Lower value symbols are represented by standard playing cards A, K, Q, and J. The bright and colourful graphics of Wild Warriors slot immerse you into the fierce wilderness environment and this is accentuated with slight animations upon wins – such as when the symbols light-up in flames. The tense and dramatic background music further enhances the battle feeling with the beat of war drums and the occasional signaling horn. Grab your spear, your sword, your courage, and march to the front lines at Rose Slots where each spin of Wild Warriors online brings you closer to the victory of many ways for potentially major payouts.

Wild Warriors Bonus Round 1

Wild Warriors Online Slot Gameplay

If sharp weapons or a Viking lifestyle does not suit you, that’s alright as gameplay for Wild Warrior online slot is fun, straightforward, and engaging. However with 5 reels, 3 wager rows, and 30 fixed paylines, the whole neighbourhood might be hearing your battle cry. The Wild fights off the reels all other symbols, except the Shield Scatter, to award wins. The Wild can also land as stacked on any spin. If 5 Wilds appear on any spin, you will taste victory with an exciting 3,000 coin win. This is followed by 9 Scatter Shields awarding 180 coins. Betting in Wild Warriors slot flexibly ranges from 30p to £90. If the enemy hoards are charging and you have to blow the warning horn, set the AutoPlay for 5 to 999 continuous spins and non-stop combat. There is also a QuickSpin feature for faster gameplay. During teatime intermission in the battle you can enjoy Wild Warriors online as it is completely formatted as an online slot as well as on other devices like tablet and desktop. With high paying symbols and a generous bonus feature, the theoretical RTP is estimated at 95.47%.

Wild Warriors Bonus Round 2

Wild Warriors Slot Bonus Features

If a minimum of 7 Scatter Shield stand guard on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will launch the Bonus Round. 7, 8, or 9 Scatters awards 8, 12, or 25 Free Spins respectively. Even more exciting is that during the Free Spins, the female warriors go into action mode and appear as Colossal symbols– taking up blocks of either 2x2 or 3x3 anywhere on the reels. This allows for many more chances to form winning combinations.

Wild Warriors Bonus Feature

Wild Warriors Slot Developer

Letting you unleash your inner Viking in Wild Warriors slot is online casino games designer Playson. Based in Malta, Playson has been releasing unique titles that showcase immersive visuals, exciting gameplay, and generous bonuses. Players of online casino UK can discover a wide-range of their other innovative creations at RoseSlots.com such as ‘Fruits and Jokers: 40 lines’, ‘Book of Gold: Double Chance’.

Wild Warriors Slot Review

This action-and-adventure themed game features a cast of fierce female warriors, ready to do battle with the reels in an online slot developed by Playson. The game happens on a 5x3 layout of reels and rows, featuring 30 fixed paylines, free spins and expanding wilds, and RTP at 94.60%. We’re pleased to be able to offer it to players here at roseslots.com.

This game may never have seen the light of day if it weren't for the events of the past ten years in society. There was a time when the idea that mighty female warriors as the theme of a slot game would have been laughed at. The role of women in society has changed and is still evolving, and thankfully most people are ready to accept that a strong woman can do anything a strong man is capable of. Slot games were once considered to be the preserve of men too; so it's fitting that here on Rose Slots, where we welcome and celebrate female players, we're also able to offer Wild Warriors from Playson.

There are a couple of places that the developer might have looked for inspiration for this game. As a starting point, the way the women are dressed reminds us of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess', a show that did a great job of breaking down gender barriers over 20 years ago. Some of you might be a little too young to remember it now, but we can assure you it was great! Medieval themes in entertainment generally have been popularised by the smash hit ‘Game of Thrones', which occasionally feels like everyone in the world watches it. The most powerful characters in that world are female too. Playson launched Wild Warriors in 2018, and we think it was very well timed.

In terms of scenery, Wild Warriors is set in an obviously dangerous world. The landscape looks harsh and dark, giving you a creeping sensation of danger around every corner. Lucky for you, the game’s cast of four female barbarians are on hand to protect you from the wilderness, and steer you away from what looks like it may be the fringes of a large battlefield. Turning our attention to the reels, all the lowest values are covered by playing card symbols J, Q, K and A. There's a black panther (considered lucky in some cultures) above them, and then we move onto the female warriors. They don't appear to have names, but as they all have a different hair colour, they're easy to identify. As seems to be the case with any entertainment product, the blonde woman is worth more than all the rest.

The wild symbol in Wild Warriors is the logo of the game itself, which substitutes for everything apart from the scatter, therefore making winning combinations for you when possible. The scatter is a warrior’s shield, which also opens the door to the game’s bonuses. We’ll look at them in more detail now.

Wild Warriors Bonuses

There's only one ‘real' bonus feature on offer in Wild Warriors. This is a game that's big on style and atmosphere, and focuses on solid gameplay as opposed to presenting an endless number of side games. One well-done bonus feature is all that any good online slot needs, and we feel like Playson has given us one in this game. Specifically, the bonus feature is a Free Spins round. The rule of thumb with slot games is that any three or more of a special symbol will trigger a bonus, so you’ll probably be surprised to hear that Wild Warrior wants you to land seven shields before it gives you access to the bonus. It’s isn’t as unlikely as you might think though; there aren’t all that many standard symbols in the game, and there are plenty of scatters on the reels, so it’s no harder here than it is in any other slot game.

You get eight free spins in return for seven shields, twelve for eight, and a massive 25 if you land nine bonus symbols on the same spin. However many free spins you receive, the game does a little more to maximise your chances of finding a win while the round is active. A Colossal Symbol, of either a 2x2 or 3x3 size and featuring one of the game’s women, appears on the reels and stays there until you run out of free spins. If luck is on your side, that should give you a nice series of wins.

About Playson

Playson is still in the first flush of youth compared to most major slot developers. They opened their doors in Malta in 2012 and hit the ground running. In the short time they've been operational, they've expanded to the point where they employ hundreds of people and have permanent offices in many of the world's major nations. The most significant development in their history came in 2015 when they were granted a license enabling them to operate in the UK. As one of the world's biggest gaming markets, the UK is a desirable location to any online slot manufacturer, and no developer can be considered to be a big deal until they operate within the area.

They already have more than forty playable slots online, which is more than some developers have been able to create in double the time Playson have been active. They're a busy company, and consistently produce new slots for the market. It would be no surprise to see that figure go north of fifty within the next year. Among their roster of slots are well-known titles such as Legend of Cleopatra, Lucky Staxx and, of course, Wild Warriors. Making online slots is their main reason-to-be, but they are active in other dimensions of the casino world, too. They make and build cabinets for roulette and blackjack, and supply them to traditional land-based casinos. In the past, they've been known to collaborate with other online slot developers to produce slot games, but as they continue to grow larger, they may no longer feel the need to do so.

On their own website, Playson briefly discuss the features of the game, saying:-

"This 3x5 video slot with 30 lines tells the story of bold lady warriors. It features Wild symbols, which land in stacks and substitute all symbols. Scatter symbols also land in stacks. Seven or more of them on the reels trigger the Free Spins mode with Colossal symbols as big portraits of female warriors."

Playson aren't big on words! They work on the theory that online slot players decide what they like and don't like by playing games, and so they'd rather you just went straight into it and found out for yourself whether it's to your taste. We'd say that while this isn't the most sophisticated slot game in the world, nor the most attractive; it's a well-executed and straightforward game that's easy to pick up and play, and has the potential to be generous with payouts. For the majority of players, that's all we really want.

Playson Games Similar To Wild Warriors

Playson doesn't have a sequel or directly related game to Wild Warriors in their catalogue. That's not all that surprising; the original was only released in November 2018, and so they'll wait a while longer before they even consider adding a second game using the same theme. Playson tend not to be big on making sequels anyway; their past output suggests that they're far more interested in creating fresh and original slots. That doesn't mean they've never dabbled with combat themed games before though; in fact, they've done it more than once.

Viking Gods Thor and Loki: When it comes to epic combat tales, you’d have to go a long way to beat Norse mythology; it’s positively full of it! Viking Gods online slot takes a slightly less gritty approach to both its look and its style when compared to Wild Warriors, but it still has both feet firmly planted in the ‘fantasy combat’ genre, and so it’s a fair comparison to the game. It’s a smaller scale slot game, with only 15 fixed paylines, but the RTP is high at 96.88%, and Wild Warriors players will feel right at home with the expanding wild feature that Thor makes available within the bonus features.

Spellcraft: The female characters in Wild Warriors have achieved their status through conquest. The female characters in Spellcraft don't need to get their hands dirty to achieve theirs; they have magical powers. While everything you were told as a child might mean naturally want to stay as far away from witches as possible, the ladies of Spellcraft just want to help. In fact, one of them is even capable of conjuring a sixth reel to add to the game's initial five; a reel stacked with bonuses that can really make a difference when it comes to winnings. This is quite a complex game, and those who enjoy Wild Warriors for its comparatively simple charms may not be enamoured with it; bit if you don't mind a few layers of complexity it can be good fun, with an RTP of 96.4%.

Online Slots Similar To Wild Warriors

If you’re on the lookout for a slot game that features a strong female lead, then you’re in the right place. We have a number of such titles on offer, and they come with a wide variety of structures and features. There should be something on Rose Slots to suit every taste, so feel free to browse our catalogue and pick what you like! Agent Jane Blonde: The name's Blonde. Jane Blonde. Microgaming has created a female James Bond character long before anyone finally did so in the movies, and here she is in her own cartoon world. Microgaming developed this slot, which is a few years old now, but it does capture a strong and powerful woman doing everything that the world's most famous secret agent does; arguably with more style. Agent Jane Blonde contains a couple of bonus features that complement the base game, an attractive visual style, nine fixed paylines and RTP at 96.10%.

Fae Legend Warrior: If you want to find a strong, character-driven game that's made with a lot of heart, you never have to look any further than Eyecon. They do it all the time. The leading lady of Fae Legend Warrior would probably qualify to serve on the same team as the Wild Warriors; she's every bit as fierce. The game she calls her own is a fairly traditional offering, played on a 5x3 reel and row layout, 25 fixed paylines, prize-pick and free spins bonuses, and 95.3% RTP. It's definitely more of a basic slot game than Wild Warriors is, but it's not without charm, and it's definitely worth a spin.

Wild Jane: Wild Jane must be tougher than all the Wild Warriors put together; she stands alone at the helm of this pirate-themed online slot, and she looks terrifying in the process! Leander Games came up with this title, which is based around the adventures of Jane and her all-female crew as they roam the high seas, looking for treasure. One of the games bonus features includes expanding wilds, which will be familiar to any Wild Warriors player, as will the free spins round. RTP in Wild Jane is 96.59%.

Sirens Serenade: This is very familiar territory when you've played Wild Warriors. Dark and scary scenery, a tense atmosphere, and women who look like they'd skin you as quickly as they'd say hello. Saucify are the developers of Siren's Serenade, in which dangerous ladies lure unsuspecting men to their doom! The play takes place on a 5x3 layout, with 25 fixed paylines, expanding wilds among the bonuses, and the rate of RTP at 94.99%.

Wild Warriors On Mobile

Any game released as recently as 2018 should work perfectly on a mobile device; there’s no good reason for it not to. Mobile gaming has been around for a while, and so any respectable developer should be making sure that their new creations are just as playable on a hand-held device as they are on a laptop or desktop. For the main part, Playson has done a very good job with Wild Warriors. If you tilt your phone or tablet onto its side, the game works the same way as it does on a computer. No graphical quality is lost, no sound effects go missing, and the buttons are positioned intelligently; easy to find, without getting in the way of the reels. You won't notice a difference between this and playing the slot on your laptop or desktop, other than the fact you're not using your mouse or keyboard to spin the reels.

Things don’t work quite as well if you’re holding your phone the right way up. The entire playing area is squashed into the upper portion of your screen; with the buttons occupying all of the lower half. The buttons don’t require that much room to operate, and the reels would definitely benefit from the extra space. The game is still playable like this, but it’s not as easy or enjoyable as it is when your phone is tilted to the side. It might sound like a small or trivial concern, but nobody really enjoys being forced to do anything, and depending on your device, playing with the screen tilted in either direction might affect how much you enjoy the slot game. We're mostly satisfied with playing Wild Warriors on a smartphone; so long as you tilt your phone over, you don't come across any problems. We've seen other developers do better with adapting games for devices held the right way up, though, and so we can't give Playson our full seal of approval until they reach the same standard. There are a couple of examples of slot developers who've mastered the process; Eyecon and Pragmatic Play being companies who do exceptionally well, and so Playson have plenty of places to look for inspiration if they so desire.

Wild Warriors In The News

There's no guarantee that you'll get attention from the industry press when you release a new slot game. Many are released every month, and while some will be picked up and have a spotlight placed upon them, others will be missed and left to fare for themselves. Wild Warriors was released comparatively late in the year; a time when festive games are being released, and some in the media are starting to wind down. It's an awkward time of year for trying to catch the eye, and so far most news outlets haven't picked up on the game. There's still time yet though; the game is still new enough for someone out there to notice it and show it some of the love it deserves. There was however one website that picked up on the game; the website online-casinos.co.uk, which acts as a directory service for casino websites, as well as reviewing and offering thoughts on the latest games. They ran an article that covered a number of late 2018 releases at the same time, and commented that a game like Wild Warriors, with its strong female leads, was both welcome and well overdue.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Wild Warriors

You already know we're keen admirers of Wild Warriors. Rose Slots is a website that's open to all, but we're especially aware that we have a lot of female players, and we like to make sure those players are well catered to. In the past, too many online slots have been created for the male gaze, and it's nice to have a slot game that features women as something more than just eye candy! It's a shame that the press hasn't picked up on the game, but at the same time, it's now got the status of a hidden gem. If you know and love this game, it's like having a secret that nobody else knows about. Wild Warriors isn't the most sophisticated online slot in the world, but it's simple, well executed, and more than fair in terms of what it offers as bonus features and payouts. If you're ready to take arms and head out into the battlefield with the rest of the warriors, then we'd love you to make roseslots.com that battlefield, and play the game with us!  

The first reason you should consider Rose Slots as your ‘go to' destination for playing online slots is our huge slot catalogue. We have over six hundred for you to choose from, representing a mixture of every kind of slot game imaginable. We have slots for traditionalists, slots for people who like the excitement and variety of multiple bonus features, and slots for people who are looking for something in between. Simply put, we have online slots to suit every player and every mood. We’re always happy to welcome new players, too.

Every time you do pay in, we go the extra mile to keep you smiling as you spin. Deposits of £20 or above could win you even more free spins, meaning you get to play for longer, and your chances of winning go up! We know there are endless other online slot websites out there on the internet, and so we appreciate every player who joins us. Whether you've never played with us before, or you play with us all the time, we offer great incentives, one of the most extensive ranges of online slots anywhere on the internet, and a big focus on spin. We're a company who caters to players, and if we can do it for you, we will! Sign up to roseslots.com today and challenge us to be as good as we say we are.

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