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Wild Worlds is a five reels, cluster paylines online slots game by NetEnt. Wild Worlds has Wilds, Collapsing Wins, Scatter Symbols, and Free Spins features, and an RTP of 96.47%. Wild Worlds is available to players right here at Rose Slots, along with more than 600 other leading online slots.

Wild Worlds slot UK

Wild Worlds Online Slot UK

This isn't the first time we're going to commend NetEnt for making a completely unique and original online slots game, but it might be the most creative slot they've come up with yet - and considering their range of past releases, that's saying a lot. Released in April 2019, Wild Worlds is nothing short of a work of crazy genius. Several parts of this slot have been inspired by video games - and it even feels more like a video game than it does an online slots game when you get to the bonus features. This is sure to be a big hit if you like your online slots to be brave and modern with their vision.

Wild Worlds is more than just a title for this slot - it’s an accurate description of what you’ll find inside it. Gameplay takes place on more than one planet, and everything that’s happening on those planets is pretty wild! This is a cartoonish, futuristic slot which takes place against a backdrop of nightmarish monsters attacking a team of heroic chickens. Everything is superbly well-drawn and well-animated, like an interactive cartoon.

Wild Worlds Developer - NetEnt

We thought we’d seen NetEnt get a little weird with some of their creations in the past, but Wild Worlds takes things to a whole new level. The strangeness of Spinsane Online Slot and the serene outer-space vibe of the always-popular Starburst UK Slot seem positively pedestrian compared to this. It’s a triumph of creative thinking, and one of the most memorable online slots you’ll play this year.

It's taken decades of development for NetEnt to make it this far. The Swedes were among the pioneers of online slots when the internet first made such a thing possible back in the late 1990s. As a result, NetEnt was running with the format long before many other providers had managed to put their boots on. Hundreds of people now work for the company in offices all over the world, and their slots have become so popular that they've been translated into over twenty languages. Anywhere you find mobile slots; you'll find NetEnt.

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When you first load this slot, you'll find that the background is an office of the future, where three giant chickens sit dutifully at their desks. The 5x5 layout of the rows and reels would normally dominate the screen, but here they've been compressed in the right-hand-side to allow you a constant view of what's going on in the office. Observe the windows carefully - monstrous behemoths are lurking out there. There are no traditional paylines in Wild Worlds at all - instead, you'll get paid whenever symbol land on the reels in clusters. They can be counted left to right, right to left, and top to bottom.

The three symbols of the least value are colored gems. Above them are the free faces of the chickens, each of which is known as a 'hero symbol,' and is vital to the bonus features. The best-paying base-game symbol is called 'High Win,' and is a 'W' on a dark background. You'll see another 'W' symbol as play progresses; that's the golden 'W' wild symbol, and can stand in for every symbol except for the scatter, helping out with wins as it does so. A little bonus wheel is the scatter symbol, and provides a hint as to how the bonus features of Wild Worlds work. Let's check them out.

Wild Worlds Slot Features

We’ll start off simple here. The most familiar of the bonus features in Wild Worlds is Collapsing Wins, which you might have come across in several other slots both from NetEnt and from other providers. Whenever you’ve found a winning combination, each symbol that makes up part of that symbol will explode after the win has been counted. New symbols appear to replace the exploded ones, and these new symbols can create further wins once they’ve hit the reels. If they do, you’ll get more explosions, and more new symbols. This carries on until it’s no longer possible to win again.

If you make a winning combination of three or more 'hero' symbols, every other matching hero symbol on the reels will turn into a wild. This is called Hero Wilds, and should mean that your small win is backed up by extra wins happening elsewhere on the reels, and a nice series of collapsing wins to follow them up with. Not every spin you take on Wild Worlds will be a winner, but even if you spin and lose, one of the chickens might come to help you out. They'll magically destroy every symbol in view (except for scatter symbols and one randomly-chosen symbol), and replace them with new ones. It's basically one free spin with the odds of triggering a bonus feature or a win tipped marginally in your favor, and it's called the Destroy Feature.  

The real focus of this online slots game is to be found in its Free Spins round. This is where things get really crazy. Landing three of the bonus-wheel scatter symbols triggers the round, and offers you one spin of a special bonus wheel. You’ll always get eight free spins - the wheel is just deciding which wild world you’ll be transported to. Think of them like the levels in an old-school video game. Every wild world you enter will be full of angry alien monsters, who have an energy meter above their heads. Each win you land during your free spins allows the chickens to attack the monsters. A win using hero symbols will charge the 'hero meter' of the related chicken, and brings them closer to unleashing their devastating special move. Destroying each monster wins you a big prize. Destroy all of them and an even-bigger 'boss monster' turns up; it will be difficult to beat, but the cash prize for doing so is enormous!

Each of the wild worlds has a different special feature, all of which is related to the way the wild symbol work. In the Dark Forest, every wild involved in a winning combination explodes into more wilds, peppering extra wild symbols on the positions around itself. In the Fire Lands, four more wild symbols are added to the reels after each spin. Ice World is a cold place, and so wild symbols freeze on the reels and remain in place for an extra spin. The bonus features in Wild Worlds are so immersive than we sometimes felt like we're playing Final Fantasy VII instead of an online slots game, and so it was a pleasant reminder that we were still playing slots when we won money. We do not doubt at all that it will simply be too unorthodox for some players, but if you want something totally original, you've just found it.

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