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Yin & Yang is a 6 reels, 5 paylines online slots game by Leander Games. Yin & Yang has Wild, Scatter symbols, and Free Spins features, and an RTP of 95.3%. If you’re looking for somewhere to play Yin & Yang, you’re in the best place right here at Rose Slots, where you also have access to our library of more than 600 other great online slots.

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Yin & Yang Online Slot UK

If we told you that Yin & Yang by Leander Games was a traditional, Oriental-themed online slots game with a 3x3 set of reels and rows, we'd only be telling you half the story. We mean that literally. Yin & Yang does have a 3x3 layout, but it doesn't just have one of them; it has two. They operate independently of each other, but they also combine to bring you some fun and entertainment when it comes to the bonus features. As you can probably tell straight away, this is an original and unorthodox mobile slots game. It plays with the conventions of slots, and it enjoys doing it!

Yin & Yang Bonus Round 1

Let's start off with the theme. As is heavily implied by the name (and then confirmed by the background music and all of the visuals), our setting is the Far East. The graphics of Yin & Yang are spectacular, with the background behind the semi-transparent reels capturing a beautiful Oriental garden just as the sun begins to set. The sky is a brilliant purple, and there's a calming pool of water in the background. This is a place we'd like to visit on vacation if we could. Between the two sets of reels, you'll notice the black and white Yin & Yang symbol, seemingly glowing with mystical energy. There's a reason for that, as you'll find out during the bonus features.

Yin & Yang Developer - Leander Games

When you play online slots with Rose Slots, you get access to the greatest online slots from around the world, made by online slots developers who operate in many different countries! Yin & Yang is the world of Leander Games, who can be found in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. They’ve been working on online slots since 2008, but we’ve only had access to their creations outside of their home country for a fraction of that time.

Yin & Yang is about as weird and experimental as we’ve seen Leander get so far. They’re better known for the swashbuckling pirate-themed slot Wild Jane, although they showed us a hint of their experimental side when they released the weather-themed Force of Nature UK Slot. If you like the animals-and-nature theme, you’ll probably admire what they’ve done with Africa Goes Wild Online Slot, and they also offer Candy Burst for those of you who have a sweet tooth for slots. With all the different theme they entertain, the one constant that you get from Leander is beautiful graphics. Leander’s creations always turn our heads; all they need to do after that is give us a great game to play. So far, they’re always managed it!

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Yin & Yang Bonus Round 2

On the reels (both sets of them), you’ll find that the lowest valued symbols are represented by 10 up to A, but instead of being represented as playing cards, they’re Mahjong tiles. It’s a clever thematic twist which means they don’t detract from the theme as much as they normally do. Above them, everything is drawn from the mystical world of the game; we have some golden coins, a lotus flower, a red book with a golden symbol drawn on the front, and a blue circle with a red Chinese dragon in front of it. There is also a bonus symbol - and of course, it's the Yin & Yang symbol! Landing a matching number of the symbols on each set of reels is how you gain access to the bonus features of this highly unusual slot. The same symbol can also function as a wild, and so we should move on to the bonus features to explain how it works.

Yin & Yang Slot Features

We’ve just given away a little bit about how one of the bonus features works, and so we’ll come back to that in a moment. Before we do, we want to talk about the reel modifiers which come with this slot. There’s no way to trigger any of them - they all happen completely at random - but they can emerge at any time in the shape of a dragon, rising from the glowing pot above the central Yin & Yang symbol at any time.

Yin & Yang Bonus Feature

If the dragon grants you Fire Wilds, the Yin & Yang symbol will fire a random number of wild symbols (which differentiate from the bonus symbol by having 'WILD' printed on them) at each of the reel sets, hopefully creating wins by doing so. Lucky Spin sees the dragon fire out high-value symbols onto both sets of reels, and then holds them in place for a re-spin to see if extra wins are possible. Bonus Chance means that the dragon will fire out the Yin & Yang symbol as a bonus instead of a wild, in the hope of triggering the free spins feature for you. The last of the reel modifiers is the Joined Reels Spin, which joins both sets of reels together into one large 6x3 set for a single spin. When you have a matching number of bonus Yin & Yang symbols on both sets of reels, you'll win a free spins round. The round is determined by the number of symbols in view. Regardless of which round you win, the reels are joined together for the duration of your free spins.

For one bonus symbol on each side, you get Bronze Free Spins; five spins, during which there will be two sticky wild symbols on the reels for the duration. Two bonus symbols get you Silver Free Spins; six spins, with four sticky wilds. Three symbols get you the maximum Gold Free Spins award, which is seven spins with six sticky wilds. It’s possible to trigger free spins again while the round is active if a matching number of bonus symbols turns up on opposite halves on the reels. Yin & Yang is definitely unorthodox. It feels like there should be more winning lines than there are; having only five when the reels are joined during free spins seems low. The fact that the bonus symbols and the wild symbols basically look the same takes a little getting used to, too. This isn’t a lot you’ll necessarily understand as soon as you start playing it, but if you stick with it, it can be a rewarding one.

Yin & Yang

With Yin & Yang, Leander Games and BB Games succeeded in creating an Oriental online slot game that broke the mould and blew UK online slot spinners away with the ingenuity it contained. Usually, slots such as Yin & Yang aren’t designed to appeal to Western markets, but the dual set of 3 x 3 reels and clever bonus features which transform a simple game into an incredibly generous one quickly won over UK players – especially at Rose Slots.  The only hindrance to the popularity of Yin & Yang is the low betting range which means that high rollers will feel seriously limited here. However, anyone who usually sticks to the 10p - £5 betting range should seriously consider giving this title a spin. 

Yin & Yang Reviews & Awards 

Leander Games and BB Games may not have won any awards for Yin & Yang, but they did manage to win over plenty of the most prominent online slot critics.  The independent reviewer, Newslotgames.net, found plenty of enthusiasm for the title, this is how they summed up their spinning experience: 

“Leander Games has certainly done everything in their power to make Yin Yang a special release, as this slot machine has a unique look, one which relies on two sets of reels, an Asian theme and excellent graphics. The effect is a very interesting one.”

Slotswise.com shared their online slot wisdom and informed slot spinners; 

“Even though it seems simple, the layout is ornate and rather pretty and the reel action delivers everything a decent slot game does - a thrilling ride, potential winnings and a form of entertainment that takes a modest range of bets.”