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From spinning slots to the excitement of spinning the roulette wheel, this classic casino game allows you the flexibility to choose among many options to win real money from the table.


American Roulette Online Theme and Music

Visually, American Roulette casino game gives you a birds-eye view of the Roulette table in a sophisticated Casino. This is highlighted by the crisp, clean graphics, the standard Casino floor carpeting and the ever-spinning roulette wheel. The betting numbers appear in squares are standard of Roulette rules, from 1 to 36 while there also appears on the table ‘00’, ‘0’, ‘1st 12’ ‘2nd 12’, ‘3rd 12’, 3 boxes of ‘2:1’, and in order on the bottom ‘1-18’ ,‘Even’, ‘Red’, ‘Black’, ‘Odd’ and ’19-36’. The background music for American Roulette online game is upbeat, somewhat swanky, and will put you in a good mood when placing your bets. You will be in an even better mood if your number is picked. The sound effects also match the gameplay, with the noise of the ball rotating around the roulette reels and bouncing to a slot. Then the Roulette dealer announces, “The winning number is…” and if you win a circle hovers and pulses over the lucky number.


American Roulette Online Provider

NetEnt is the Casino game developer behind American Roulette online. Online casino UK players will likely recognize their other titles such as the visually immersive ‘Lights slot game’, ‘Piggy Riches slot game’, and ‘Blood Suckers II’. Each of these online slots can be played at and, combined with American Roulette, reflect the wide-ranging talent of NetEnt to create casino games from dissimilar themes but all with engaging gameplay.


American Roulette Online Basic Gameplay

For those unfamiliar with Roulette, the gameplay is very straightforward. You place a betting chip on a number or square your gut tells you is going to win. Each game in the spinning wheel has an equal chance that the ball will land there. With American Roulette online, you simply need to toggle the betting chips and then click on the square to place your wager. Don’t worry, there’s an ‘Undo bet’ if you change your mind. However, once you press ‘Spin’ your bet is locked on the table. There is also an option to double your bet on a certain number. Hovering your cursor over each square also reveals the minimum and maximum bet allowed for that number. You can also select the ‘racetrack button’ and choose the how many surround neighbours surrounding your number you’d like to also bet on. This increases the conveniences of placing bets and also the odds of winning real money.

American Roulette Online Betting and AutoPlay

Betting in American Roulette online has a very flexible range from £1.00 to £5,000. This is written on the table, just underneath the Roulette wheel. The betting chips themselves range from £1 to £500. The AutoPlay button lets you spin continuously on your wagers from 10 to 1000 rounds, which also giving the option to stop AutoPlay under certain conditions.

American Roulette Online on Mobile

American Roulette is fully compatible as a mobile casino game so you can spin the Roulette wheel to win actual money anywhere you go.