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Blackjack pro online casino game is virtually similar to NetEnt’s ‘BlackJack’, also here on Online Slots, but with a separate table appearance. The straightforward card game has you facing off to beat the dealer’s hand by getting closest to 21, without busting/going over, or landing BlackJack 21 for an instant win.

Blackjack Pro Screenshot 2021

Blackjack Pro Online Casino UK

Similar to NetEnt’s ‘BlackJack’, you have grabbed a chair at a classy casino. Light background music from the swanky piano players sets this ambiance among the shuffling sounds of cards at your table. The table itself is in the classic lawn-green colour, with the dealer in front of you with his cards to the left and betting chip tray in the middle. Slightly to the left is a sign with min and max bets and, when hovered over, reveals more payouts. To the left of that is also a collection area for discarded cards from old hands, just like on an actual casino table, so you can get a visual sense of how many hands you’ve played. Once you bet from your chips in the lower right, before you appear buttons to double your bet after a hand is dealt, hit, or hold. There is also an unique option, in BlackJack pro online, to bet on Jacks and you’ll see the circles to do this just above the standard card rectangle where you place your usual bet.

Blackjack Pro Provider

As with Blackjack online, Swedish casino game developer NetEnt also created the version Blackjack pro casino card game. NetEnt titles can be seen many places on with online slot games like ‘Lights’, ‘Piggy Riches’, ‘Blood Suckers II’, and ‘Beach’, along with another casino classic ‘American Roulette.’ NetEnt is accredited with creating innovative and fun gameplay while also developing visually immersive beautiful environments.

Blackjack Pro Basic Gameplay

The gameplay of Blackjack pro is straightforward as a usual game of Blackjack. You place your bets in one of three spaces on the table, the cards are dealt with one of the dealer’s cards hidden face down, and then you decide whether to hit to raise your value closer to 21 or hold to remain with the value you were dealt. If you are dealt an ace, value 11, and a face card or 10 then you have an instant blackjack win of 3 to 1. Another push or tie with the dealer returns your bet for that hand. An insurance bet, where you guess if the dealer has blackjack, pays 2 to 1. The Dealer must remain or hold if they have a value of 17 and hit or draw another card for their hand if at 16. Blackjack pro online card game has an additional feature, however, called the ‘Double Jack Payout’. This involves a bet on 2 jacks of spades paying out 100 to 1, pay of jacks 23 to 1, and first is Jack (single Jack) 10 to 1. This gives you even more chances to win real money. You can place this bet for a dealt hand in the circle with the ‘spade J’ symbol.

Blackjack Betting and Speed

Betting in Blackjack pro has a decent betting chip range from 5 to 10 but you can double your bet or wager on 3 separate hands at once. The games speed can also be adjusted to fast or slow depending on preference.

Blackjack Pro on Mobile

As with Blackjack, Blackjack pro online can be played as a mobile casino game so you can place your betting chips to win real money anywhere you go.

Blackjack Pro 2021 

Blackjack is a classic casino game that is not only fun, but very rewarding and relatively easy to understand. The basic principle is to beat the dealer by having your cards of a higher added value or, if you are lucky, scoring the coveted 21 for a massive blackjack prize. This is reflected in Blackjack pro online by developer NetEnt where players can sit at a lifelike virtual table with nice green felt and play hands against the dealer. What makes this online game even more exciting is the additional special features, such as ‘Double Jack Payout’ which can increases the already generous payout for up to 100 to 1 on your initial bet by wagering that a jack card will appear. Players of online casino UK can enjoy Blackjack Pro online at, where the dealer never sleeps and neither do the many thrilling chances to win real money. As with the original Blackjack online by NetEnt, the upgraded Blackjack Pro online has a very high overall Return to Player of over 99%. What this reflects is the general nature of the table game of Blackjack itself as you have better chances of major winnings that can occur occasionally as opposed to a series of small prizes that happen more often. 

Blackjack Pro online was released soon after the original version in 2015. At the time of writing in 2021, this begs the question of what new or fresh features and offers have changed in that time. Most players of online casino games will be very familiar with not only NetEnt titles (in both table games as well as online slots), but with the developer themselves. NetEnt has won many awards and accolades for consistently releasing innovative titles from the very early days (being considered a pioneer in the Industry). One factor that has let them achieve this praise is the amazing visuals of their titles as well as the features and fresh upgrades. In terms of Blackjack Pro online, the game itself is already life like – yet NetEnt takes this to the next level by offering ‘live’ gameplay. This means that players can play alongside others in a simulated table game. This also consists of real dealers that can communicate with you as you play, which is incredible innovative and especially so given the current environment where more people stay inside the safety and comfort of their home. Perhaps, this is best described in their own words as NetEnt states on their website “A Live Casino is an innovative fusion between a real casino or offline studio with a connection to a gambling platform that broadcasts this great experience to any of your devices.” NetEnt has also tweaked their gameplay in allowing players to set a certain speed in Blackjack Pro online so the cards are dealt out faster by the dealer. This is a nice new feature sure to be appreciated. There is a chair open for any one at Rose Slots, so get comfy and play some hands of a classic table game for amazing payout opportunities.