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Casino Hold’em online table game is a version of the classic Texas Hold’em only this time it’s you versus the dealer rather than other players.

The objective is straightforward, if you get a better hand than the dealer you win. Rose Slots has reserved a chair for you at the table so time to face-off the dealer for the chance of general payouts.

Casino Hold’em Casino table game

Casino Hold’em Online Theme and Music

Visually, Casino Hold’em online appears as if you’d just sat down at a casino’s table. Maybe the dealer gave you a smirk and side-glare that egged you to take him on in a battle of cards. The table’s colour is a beautifully shaded lawn green, just as you see in Casinos. To your left are all your betting chips neatly arranged while in front of you are your action buttons on what you can do. Across from you is the invisible dealer in front of his betting chips tray. To the left is a sign saying the betting min is £2 and max £100. To the right is where the cards get dealt onto the table. There is also writing telling you the odds for an Ante bet. On the actual table are details on AA Bet listing the odds of each deal. You’ll also see round circles for AA, Ante, and Call, for where you can place your types of bets. After each showdown, a voice announces says whether you or the dealer have won and also asks for your ante. The background music has an upbeat, yet mellow jazzy rhythm and you hear the sound of the cards as they are dealt out. Now that we have a layout on the table, we can discuss the actual gameplay of Casino Hold’em online game.

Casino Hold’em  online casino

Casino Hold’em Online Basic Gameplay

The instructions for Casino Hold’em can be quickly learned and, once you do, this online casino table game becomes very engaging and offers many chances to win real money. You start by making an ante or bet by pushing the Deal button. Once this is done your current bet is frozen on the table. You can also place an AA bet on the table by clicking the AA circle which allows you to multiply your bet up to 25x if you land a pair AA you can multiple your bet up to 25x. Your goal is to have a higher value hand than the dealer. The dealer is required to have a pair of 4’s or better to continue. You are dealt 2 cards while the dealer has his two-hidden online slots facing down and 3 others revealed called the Flop. From this you can decide whether to call and continue by anteing up or fold and end the game and lose your ante. If you double your bet to continue, the dealer adds two more cards to the flop. The flop and each hand compare to find pairing and whose cards are stronger.

Casino Hold’em 3

This create 3 scenarios. First, the dealer does not get his pair, is disqualified, and you win. Second, even after the dealer qualifies your hand is stronger and thus double your ante bet. The dealer’s hand is stronger, and you lose twice your ante.

Betting for Casino Hold’em table game ranges from £2.00 to £100.

Casino Hold’em Online Table Game Provider

Innovative Casino game developer Playtech are the creators behind Casino Hold’em online. Playtech has a creative hand in a diverse array of casino games, from table games to online slots. They have also recently bought out the popular casino producer Eyecon, so they are a company in constant growth.

Casino Hold’em on Mobile

Take the Casino Hold’em online table game wherever you go as Playtech has made play fully compatible as a mobile casino game.